Monday, December 25, 2006

I'll Do My Best, K?

As you know, my mom asked me to go back to Penang and visit my grandparents. I did have that intention, even without she telling me. I've planned very long ago but I also have the other thing in my hand, the new house.

"When can I start shifting my stuffs in?"

"Next week shouldn't be a problem."

*The "next week"*

"I've got a meeting to attend this week. We can't shift your things there this week already. We'll do it next week."

*another week*

"The meeting has been postponed. Guess we'll do it next week."


Mom, it is not my fault, neither what I want, that happened. I'm not also blaming that person who was forced to postpone my schedule. It is for his/her good as well. In order to make him/her grow and live better. I'm helpless. How can I get a ticket to Penang at these time? How can I go back to Penang while someone is keep on dragging on my time? I've even planned ahead that I'll rush back from my orientation and go to Penang, and rush back again to Klang the coming fortnight, providing that there's no extra activities from University in that two days.

I'm human. I'm warm-blooded. I'm not a cold-hearted guy. I know it is hard for you to see that I've promised you for weeks but I still here, in Klang. I'm powerless.

I'll do my best k?

People, I argued with my mom today, which happen extremely rare.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Stupid Halo & Goddess Han Chae Young

It was Horng Tat's birthday that day. We went to Halo Cafe to celebrate. Guess what? It is expensive like hell! Let me give you a piece of advice, never go there.

Halo Cafe : Please come to eat in our restaurant. We guarantee you that you'll burn a hole in your pocket!!!

Let's forget about that. Introducing to you, Han Chae Young. She's pretty la! Haha! Accidentally saw her on 8TV on Sassy Girl Chun-Hyang and attracted by her. LOLz!

She's gorgeous, isn't she?

When I typed her name on the Internet, I also found out that "she" has a friendster account whereby, there's no Korean friend in it. Not only that, there's not even a pic that is taken by herself. All are downloaded from other sites. Hate that stupid faker!

Never mind. Here's some of her biodata:

Name: Han Chae Young

Origin country : South Korea

DOB: 13th September 1980(Not very far from my age right? I wonder if.....)

Hmmmm.... How I wish I really get to find her Friendster account huh?

Santa Claus: "Dream on, ButTeRcUp!"


Sigh... Is my requirement too high or what?!!

Saturday, December 16, 2006


The Bottom Line

Someone is going through some heavy issues and needs your patience and support.

In Detail

Someone in your life is going through some heavy issues that you might not be aware of. This person's recent odd behavior could be leaking into your relationship and subtly -- almost subliminally -- affecting it in a very negative way. Let this person know that you are concerned, and give her or him space to realize the impact this behavior could be having -- don't be hasty with demands to shape up. Your patience and support are needed right now.

Above is quoted from the Friendster Horoscope for my zodiac. Is this kidding me or what? I know I am guilty but this is making me feeling real bad. He is always like that and I just can't stand him sometimes.

I know through out all these while, you might have spent hundred thousands or million on me but, I am a human, we are humans. We just need you to listen to what we have to say and CONSIDER them, not just hearing them. How I wish I could talk to you properly... God bless us.

Friday, December 15, 2006

I Failed? You Must Be Kidding Me!

BuTteRcUp received a letter from his respective University, UTAR. It was written at the back of the envelope "Department of Admission and Credit Evaluation".

It was already opened and read by his parents. He took out all the letters and stuffs in the envelope. There are time table for next year's orientation, bla bla bla.

He then picked up the student bill and read thoroughly how much he'll need to pay in the next coming semester. Hmmm... RM 5121 for the first sem huh? "Ok..." He read further.

"Since you failed to complete the Foundation Programme, all fees paid for the above Bachelor Honours Degree course will be refunded."



It can't be! First of all, ButTeRcUp told himself not to fail anymore papers in the future. Secondly, UTAR normally takes about two weeks to mark and post the student's result on the web and it was only 4 days after he sat for his last paper. How can that BE?

He read again, with the heart pounding at 255 beats per minute.

"Should you fail to complete the Foundation Programme, all fees paid for the above Bachelor Honours Degree courses will be refunded."

"... ..."

p/s: Since I'm not at home, my mails always read by my parents. I just wonder, I AM JUST WONDERING, if, IF, any girls, who MIGHT just send me a love letter then how???

Sunday, December 10, 2006

Very Packed Two Days

Finally I get to blog from my home, using Streamyx, not the tortoise connection at my hostel. Hehe! Well, due to busy and tight schedule, there were so much things that I wanted to post about but I've already forgotten about all that! *sigh*

Here's some pictures from the last session which I supposed to post on :

Trio In A Bed

My spec.. It suddenly loosen when I was taking pictures with my roommates,and a day before my last paper! Luckily I got to fixed it in time

Never mind. I was at home on Friday. Wai Loon and I went to center and do some boxing after so long, with our brand new gloves. I managed to pawn Wai Loon with First Blood (YAY!) but still, he got me quite a lot of jabs into my cute round face. Here's some pictures wwe camwhoring after the sparring sessions:

Two meat balls posing... We know that we are fat but, we hope to post something different in 6 months to come.

Fuiyoh... got some muscles wo...

Wai Loon with his black gloves

ButTeRcUp with his red gloves

And I get to put my dogs' pictures on my blog already! Hehe!

There, meet Xuan Xuan, female

Here's the gentleman, Long Long

I realised that although I have one month holiday, I don't think I have the time to emjoy it. I seems to be packed and stuffed and crampped with tight schedules and some duties. I really hope to catch up with you guys out there ya! Keep in touch!

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Countdown... Bye PJ

Yep! It’s my last night here. I started blogging from this very room, and I’ll write the last blog from this room. I wish to dedicate this to my roommates, JC and Wei Kuan, economy rice stall tauke, Andy, Millenium Court’s Assistant Manager, Shirlyn, and those people who I met in PJ. Thanks for making me grow. And I felt sorry to my San Shou Master, Alex, as I might not be able to meet him again in near future. But worry not, I’ll practice what I’ve learnt.

Last Wednesday and yesterday, I’ve taught 2 groups of people nunchaku. I’ve taught them all the techniques that I know. I’m kind of happy because, there are 2, out of 5 students(I know la not many people), are kind of talented. I hope they will pass down the knowledge to the next “generation” (this is due to my Master in UTAR didn’t really reveal much for students there and he showed me only a few techniques as well). For the both of them, Lai Kuan and Yen Yin, gambade! I know you both can do it and make my dream come true. As for Yin Yu, Xin Chi and Foong Yi, worry not. All you people need is some imagination and some practice will do.

After tomorrow, I’ll be moving into a new phase of my life. Out of pre-u life, and towards a real uni life. I somehow, started to feel the tense in myself, especially I can imagine the work load in Year 3 with 2 Final-Year-Projects to be done on time. Well, I’m ButTeRcUp rite? It shouldn’t be a problem for me.

I can’t wait to go back tomorrow, but, everything in PJ, will still be in my heart. I’ll bring you all along when I leave here ya! Muacks~~

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

22 More Hours

View from my room. Going to miss this. Hopefully in my gf's place also got same view.

It was unexpectedly easy. I just wished that I did not read the questions wrongly. If I am sure that everything I wrote was what I wanted, then it shouldn't be a problem.

Days ago I already started to prepare for this paper --- Management Studies. It is a tough one for me because of the terms used and too many theories to remember. Minutes after minutes, hours after hours, I kept on revising, just for that. There are times where I felt so frustrated just by memorising those stupid names and theories. Now, I'm relieved. Everything has gone so well, so far. All I need to do now is to concentrate on my last paper, HTML aka Web Page Design. It shouldn't be a problem for me, I hope.

Hardwork pays off!

Count count and see, I realised that I'll be here only for another 2 more days. Not fully 48 hours though. It is kind of sad to leave my comfort zone where I'll have to adapt to new environment again. Yes, I am versertile. But still, I'm that kind of people who actually likes to stay in my comfort zone unless I feel threats or needs to venture outside. *Sigh*

Well, never mind about all that. It is a waste as one of my roommate, Wei Kuan was sicked, else, we are eating KFC. We went to eat porridge out of no choice. Later on when we went back to room, we took some pictures. Some are really stupid and some are funny but I am still unable to post those yet because I have not receive the pictures from them, yet. I'll do so when I got them k? Here are some that are not that errr.... attractive? Haha! Those are just for my memories k?

Wei Kuan, taking pictures of his new nunchaku which I helped him to get from my sir in UTAR.

Opps! Someone is getting naked! Half-naked ler...

JC and Wei Kuan were kind of stunned when I showed them videos of anatomy, by a German anatomist.

Dang!!! My specs! But luckily my roommate got screw driver for me to fix it back. Phew!

I'm going to miss you guys ya!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Stupid Exam!

WTF! WTF! WTF! Can you imagine that I re-write my essay thrice???? It consumed so much of my time during the paper! It is the worst essay writing I've ever encountered! Darn. But, thank God that I'm still being able to finished it on time. There's another 2 papers left, but, the real killing papers.

Yes, ButTeRcUp will do his best to score ya! Haha! Chaoz...

Sunday, December 03, 2006

Leaving Soon...

I didn’t really realize, it until today. I didn’t notice at all that, tomorrow is my final-3-alternative-days-war with Lord Finals already. Time flies. A nine weeks of studies just ended like that. Silently.

There’s so much for me to express. PJ, my room, my roommates, my coursemates, people, friends that I’ve made in here. I’m going to leave them by this coming Saturday. Amazingly fast.

Is this how am I going to end everything here? I grew a little here. I learnt a little about love. I learnt how to be more sociable, by a little. People here made me change, not forgetting my family who are 30-minutes away from me. Growing, getting older, more mature, more burden, more everything seems to be a part of my life, perhaps, our lives.

I feel weak, at times. Not being able to do anything to help the rest and sometimes, not being able to control myself from doing something that I shouldn’t have done. Lately, I think I’ve gained weight. I put all blames on tension. LOLz… I just keep on eating when I feel tense. This is not right isn’t it?

Well, let’s hope that right after this war, everything is back to normal. I just want to be me. Thanks everyone for being there.

Love ya’ all.

Thursday, November 30, 2006

Final Week In Being Legal

Initially, I planned to have my stay in PJ illegally(in my hostel, not paying for the December rental) for extra one week. But then, after I talked to the manager today, I realised that it's kinda risky so I changed my mind. They offer a package whereby, residents can pay up to how many days they are staying, as long as it is before 15th of the desired month. I'm going to stay until 8th December only so it is not a problem.

So, I unpacked EVERYTHING that I've already packed(to give a fake assumption to them that Ialready left the room). Yes, EVERYTHING! Never mind about ButTerCuP being unethical. People do become like that sometimes right? But still, in the end I went back to the right path again.Here's something that I wanna share with you guys - my room:

This is my locker

Saw the blue luggage? It's mine

This is my table after unpacking everything. Back to normal

Yeap! That's my bed

View from my room, Nice isn't it?

View from my window to the groud floor

Yes, this is ButTeRcUp in his room, camwhoring

I don't think I'll have much time to blog in days to come due to the final. Well, I can do it. God bless me! Gambade everyone!

Monday, November 27, 2006


I'm back finally. My laptop can last me for another 3 years already, hopefully. These few days were really hectic and tiring as I had to serve my girlfriend, buy her clothes, buy her accessories and so on. I'm really tired and yesterday, I left my room at 0815 and I was back at my room at 2230. Just imagine how much time I've spent there.

Oh ya! My landlord is a Malay guy, but, he is English educated kind of people. He is very kind, very considerate and the most important of all, he is kind enough to buy us stuffs(when ever we need, but not too much lar of course!). Seeing him being like this, there is a big chance where most of us, or all of us, will stay there for 3 years until our course is finished.

Saw another thing yesterday. My girlfriend, she messed with those people who did not wear proper attire into her! And all of them who did not follow the dress codes are the Malays(not the landlord)! F***ing idiots! Can't they understand what is written on the notice board? A**holes. But thank God, the kidneys in my girlfriend is strong enough to clean out those b*****ds' mess.

My grandfather has fell sick. Something is wrong with his knee. So is my grandma. They both staying so far from us and yet, both of them are not well, and still trying to make a living for themselves. If only I could, I will fetch them here, and let them enjoy the staying here. They should not be suffering anymore. God bless them. And, this coming holiday, I might, and mostly will, go to Penang, to help them out a little, which might explain my disappearance in December.

Final is just one week ahead. Although it's only 3 subjects, still they are not easy. Gambade people!

Four Things That You Might Wanna Read About Me

Was tagged by Ee Von!

4 Things many don't know.
I'm not really as good/obedient as I'm seen as.
* I've confesses once, but failed.
* (Fill in the blank)
(Fill in the blank)

4 Movies I could watch over and over again.
* Matrix Trilogy
* LORT Trilogy
* Kung Fu Hustle
* Rush Hour(s)

4 Places I've lived.(As I remembered...)
* First house back in Bukit Mertajam(Penang)
* Then in Taman Berkerly(Klang)
* Moved to Klang Villa(Port Klang)
* Bandar Botanic(you-know-where)

4 TV Shows I love.
* House
* CSI:Miami
* CSI:New York

4 Places I've been on vacation.
Bangkok (F3)
* Singapore (dunno when)
* Genting Highlands
* East Coast of Malaysia beach and islands visit with my father's collegues.

4 Of my favourite food.
* Pizza
* Cheesy stuffs like cheese cakes(hoping that Ee Von is reading this)
* Roti (anything)
* Home cooking

4 Places I would rather be.
At home
* At school
* Back in Bukit Mertajam where I can always climb trees
* Training center to release what ever anger that I have

4 Favourite songs.
* You're Beautiful - James Blunt
* Because of You - Kelly Clarkson
* Speechless - The Veronicas
* Untitled - Simple Plan(Can I add more on this?)

4 Others I wanna tag.
* Rachel Au-Yong
* Jerome
* Kin Wai
* ShinD

Monday, November 20, 2006

Don't Die Just Yet, Hang In There!!!

Remember one of my blog which I posted months ago about my laptop's CMOS? Yeah, now, my whole laptop is already in the ICU, preparing for emergency surgery. Its heart has not stopped yet, but, one of the main organ, the lung (I called it here), has stopped functioning. And this means, I might can't go online for quite some time. T.T

All I can hope is that, the doctor in charge will get to revive its lung, or at least, get a replacement for it so that it can still stay with me for some more time, let's say, for at least another 3 and a half years? It is good enough for me.

All I can do is to pray, for the replacement lung... *sniff*

Thursday, November 16, 2006

RM 3600

Did I told you that I "got" RM 3600 from Tan Sri, UTAR's president? Let me check....

Oh, I didn't.

Well, never mind on that. Let me tell you the story now. 2 days ago, I had a dream. I dreamt that, my group presented our proposal to Tan Sri. After listening, she just left us a word "Good!" and she left. My group members and I were shocked! Ray and I ran out to meet Tan Sri for a clearer explanation. Her driver came by, and pass to us RM 3600.

"This is what you all deserved", the driver said.

Ray and I were speechless. Soon, I asked Ray, "Shall we donate these money to the needy?"

"No!!!", as he awaken from his blurry state.

Well, you see, that's basically about the dream. Not very special or interesting right? Never mind. The following day itself, I told this dream to my members. They were laughing, "So funny la, how come she give us money? RM3600 some more! !!!" saying in disbelief.

48 hours passed by. It's our presentation time.

"Remember, we already have the RM3600 in hand, be confident!", and we started our presentation. People listen tentatively, bombarded us with lots of questions, but still, we stand firmly on the ground, answering all the questions. Applaus after applaus, never a group has gotten that honour so far. We are the FRIST!!! You can see the hidung tinggi look on our face. My nose was so high.

Now, all I can say to my teammates is, "Thank you, we've done our best and we deserved the fame. I'm proud of you all! Good jobs done!"

.........................................As ButTerCup walks away, he smiled in his heart...

Death Note

A few hours ago, I pawned someone in DotA. Then my roommate asked me if I wanted to watch Death Note, the animated series. I agreed.

Was watching half way and suddenly, he say, "Eh, wanna watch the cinema version ar?"

OMG!!! That's what I wanted to watch all this while!!! What a great day plus great opportunity!

Well now, why do I like this show? It is really something very "Sherlock Homes", probably, more than that. The main character, Kira, can assassinate people by just writing one's name, and remember his/her face. It will take 40 seconds to be effective and if there is no reason on how that particular person is going to die, they will all consider dead by heart attack (something like that).

Kira could also plan out the timing and causes of death of one person. In this show, he planned out everything in advance where he even take into account that he will be under surveillance. It is just like playing the ultimate chess in the world where everything is foreseen and planned out.

I like another guy in that show, L. He is very intelligent and very high in IQ. He helped out the police forces to find out who Kira really is but he failed in the end because Kira foreseen everything.

Hmmmm... I know that my description here isn't good enough. But, I hereby, strongly recommend everyone who read this, WATCH DEATH NOTE!!!! If you didn't watch it, you'll regret it!

Oh ya... before I forget, let me remind you. Those people who are afraid of ghost, better prepare yourself when you saw the Death God. He is scary, even to me! So, just imagine those poeple who just can't stand a normal ghost look.

I'll wait for Death Note 2... It is surely a box-office hit I believe! Haha!

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hide And Seek

After not sleeping for approximately more than 30 hours, I’ve finally done with my FIRST presentation. One more to go.

Well, today after the presentation, it was raining cats and dogs. The few of us who are staying at the same place got no chance/ways/transports to go back to where we stay so we stay in PG block(UTAR’s classroom). It was so bored and dull because we got nothing to do.

We sang a few songs and suddenly, “Let’s play hide and seek lo…” Everyone suddenly felt “motivated” and stay awake. “1…,2…,3…. ….,19,….20” I counted. Once I turned to the back, I caught the first person!!! He was running here and there, trying to find place to hide but failed. LOLz! It took me about 1 minute to find everyone.

Again again!”, and there you go, 8 persons, on average, 19.5 years old are playing hide and seek in college’s compound and, all our movement are being watched by the guards sitting not far away.

We hide here and there, under the table, use chairs and stacked on our bodies, etc. It was so much fun. Then, our 4 pointer’s turn to do the maths. I knew that she don’t dare to go to the Gents so I pulled everyone I can into it. There were only 2 cubicles in the toilet so, 3 guys took the first cubicle while I and the other 2 girls took the second cubicle.

Guess what? We was inside there for an amazing time of 16 minutes and she couldn’t find us until we can’t stand with the heat in the toilet, then only we surrender. It was so much fun back then! Felt like I’m young again! I can’t even recall when is the last time I played hide and seek. Fond memories huh? Well, everything was brought back to life today. Hehe!

*yawn*… Time to piggy already. I can’t stand it anymore… Too tired and I gotta catch the 0730 bus tomorrow. Nite peeps!

Monday, November 13, 2006

Brought To You Live At 0515 Hours

I remember, last semester, I posted a blog, saying that I won't stay overnight to do my assignments anymore.

Reality proved me wrong. Why? Simple.

Myself! Laziness! Lack of initiative! Lack of hardworking-ness!!!

Sigh, again, again,and again. I'm always like this, didn't I? Never mind. Let bygone be bygone. We shall look forward into the future right? Hopefully in FES time I won't repeat the same thing again. HOPEFULLY. Or I should say, unavoidable? Haha... Anyway, I'm now in my room, with my roommate, Wei Kuan sleeping nicely in his bed, together with, Ray and Chun Wah, rushing on our assignments. Life's like this isn't it?

Well, gotta go... Till then.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Ending Already?

As you can see, my final is just around the corner. Assignments due date on next week Monday and Thursday. I've got a lot of things to rush but it seems that I'm not really working much on them. Am I leading my people to the correct path? Am I still doing the right things?

I don't dare to hope much on myself. I just hope that next Thursday will come so that I can study properly, worry-free.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ah! My Goddess!

Well people, guess what? People always say that the one who endure the most will get the most in return right? I hope it is always right. Now, just by today, I/we, finally managed to get the last person in to occupy the last single room. I'm done now! Yay! All I have to do is to hope for the best in the future...

Love is in the air.. Don't you think so? Hmmm.. sounds familiar? Hehe... There must a reason why I say it out.... Something that I think I owed everyone. A few good sexy pictures of my darling.

Enjoy ya... :-D

She's messing with other guys lar!!!

See how sexy is she

See how beautiful is she

She took this picture during evening

Hehe... Hope you enjoy watching how nice she is and jealous at me ya! LOLz...

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I Need A Break... ...

Again, that stupid MC's connection made me can't blog for 3 days in a row! Well now, that's not the case. Here is something that I would like to share about.

First of all, thanks to Richard Rachel, we get to stay in the penthouse fully-accomodate. "Thanks a lot Richard Rachel!" I really appreciate a lot for your commitment and made us get to stay there worry-free.

It was then. Now, 3 persons had decided to move out from our group --- which I think is something nice. These 3 persons, sorry to say, is a little tough for us to handle as there are too many things that they concerned, are actually out of this world. It is like,

"Wah.. 17 floor ar? If something happened inside the lift?"

"Ok, what we can do is, we'll try to get people accompany you when you go out but IF, we are busy, then you try not to go out can?"

"Ok... But then ho, how if someone break in leh? Can't you all make it any safer?"

(they was suggesting somewhere else, which are worse)

"Isn't it the same if you stay outside? Anything might happen also."

"But then I still think that it is not that safe."


WTF?! Can you imagine that? Sorry to say again, but, sometimes people are being ridiculous.

Fine... They moved out. Then, today, there rise the TOILET issue. Ok, Master Bedroom's toilet can only be used by the residents in Master Bedroom. As you can see, people are raised from different background and educated differently. On one side, they don't want to share the toilet (as they paid more); on the other side, they dun wish to share the toilet with guys...


Sigh... Never mind. Both parties are wrong up to a certain extend. Even I'm to be blamed. I didn't not planned everything properly, and the Penthouse, was a sudden surprise. I'm glad that we all got that room, but, I also foresee some problems. Yet, I hope that God prove me wrong. I saw a picture, ONCE in my head, a peaceful and harmony family right in front of my eyes. I still have a strong faith in it. I hope they will be no more major conflicts that will be carried out in the future in the 3 years of my life staying there, hopefully.

May God bless those who live in the penthouse, with grace and harmony, friendly and tolerance, as well as, helpful and being trustworthy to everyone.

I really need a break but tonnes of assignments and presentations are killing me. All I can do is to wait till the 25th, Contract Day, and the Judgement Day with Lord Finals. I'm kinda tired in PJ already. I need a new, breath-taking scenery. I really need that.

Darling, it's long way to go...

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The 3s

It has been a while, until now, tagged by Esther.

3 hobbies:
^practising/creating moves for/teaching martial arts
^watch anime(only Naruto)
^Do something challenging, but not always

3 things on my to-do list:
^2 assigments & 2 presentations
^study for finals in 3 weeks' time
^prepare to move out from here to my GF's place

3 unique traits:
^i'm almost never late
^i'm born to lead (che....) and follow as well la.. I'm a good follower ya know?
^I got hair now!

3 favourite drinks:
^Nescafe with CoffeeMate Plus half boiled egg
^plain water

3 passions:
^martial arts
^my GF
^my family

3 awesome movies: (long time din go cinema d)
^LORT Trilogy
^Matrix Trilogy
^any great movies with great fighting scenes

3 good bands:(kinda tough for me)
^Linkin Park aka Fort Minor now, I guess

3 things I'm anal about:
^why isn't there much time for me to study???!
^the current me, a little rotten
^the future housemates(hopefully things turn out positively)

3 random guys: (is this tag for gals? Oh, I'm ButTeRcUp)
^Robbie Williams
^James Blunt
^Jackie Chan

3 bad habits:
^lazy/reluctant to study/ play too much games
^my books are never old

3 painful experience:
^First time in F3
^2nd time in 2006
^*fill in the blank*

3 treasured moments:
^i'm being cared by family, all the time
^time spent with friends altogether
^kicking people's ass

3 goals before 30: (Oh god! Another 10 years to go! Can I make it?)
^A real GF that I can trust and put my life into her?
^I'm a high-ranked officer in some where.
^I'm able to give my family a stable life where my parents can really retire and I get to sponsor
my siblings in studies

3 favourite desserts:
^cakes like tiramisu, those with strong cheesy aroma (drooling d...)
^*fill in the blank*

3 people i tag:
^Amy Chuah
^Jun Xue

Have a nice day peeps!

Saturday, November 04, 2006

I Came, I See, I Conquer

Finally, after a few hectic days(for now), I can finally sit down and update my blog. More hectic days coming soon FYI.

Well now. We've finally reach a conclusion to take a penthouse. Yes, you read me right, a PENTHOUSE. 8 rooms in a house. Just like normal apartment, this unit has two storeys on its own. With my girlfriend around, hopefully life in Taman Melati won't go far too bad.

So, as expected since the first day, I knew that I'm going to become the PIC of these stuffs. Today, I've handed over the first portion of the deposit, RM500. Monthly rental is RM2500. They require us to pay a total amount of RM 9100, which is inclusive of 2 months deposit, one month rental, RM350 for tenancies agreement, RM 1250 for utility. Yeah, should be something like that.

Now, there are more problems arises as expected. Human. You know what I'm going to say so I'm not going to eleborate too much on that. Some people are too calculative while some people are just too intervert to participate in giving opinions; some are superstitious... OMG! Can you imagine that what kind of people I'm staying with? Haha! Never mind. Sounds like a challenge for me as the leader, again. I'm planning to implement rules which must be obeyed by them as some of them has already agreed with it.

So, it's a penthouse. Big. Luxurious. Spacious - Lots of space for interaction activities. My GF's hugs. So far, the problems, to them, not me, are merely food and transportation to school. I don't think I see any problem will be seen in near future. I strongly believe that things will be resort out and the solutions will be waiting for us. 3 years. Hopefully I have great memories from there...

Oh Oh!!! And leng luis in Platinum Hill. Hope my girlfriend don't mind... LOLz.


Assignments are terrible. Less than 50% of time I have to finish off these. I don't know if my team are capable on doing that but, I trust them. I know that we can do it. We'll stand high among others as well! That's true, but, recently, I'm really exhausted from both sides' tensions. And therefore, I need to rest now.

Sweet dreams peeps... ZzzZzZzzZzzzZ

Monday, October 30, 2006

Love Is In The Air.... Don't You Think So?

There so much I want to tell you guys out there. First of all, my HEAVENOFBROKENENGLISH was unable to be viewed for a long time, and it's finally come back to "live". I hereby, would like to thank panther, who cared to reply me in Blogger Help Group, and also Sim Mei, BZ, and Jun Xue(I think, LOL) for listening to me crapping about MY stupid blog. And also, to JX, they might cancelled the whole demo from UTAR TKD. Dunno why. But never mind. Here's the main discussion --- confession of mine down here!

Now, I am about to tell you guys that, I'm in love. This time, a real love. I don't wish to lose her at all. I hope not to lose her anyhow, anyway. I'm working my very best now, to get her. She is the most beautiful girl I ever saw. She is so class-sy, so elegant, so beautiful, so amazing, so everything. She has stole my heart. I'm in love with her now. I really will do my best, to get her to my side, and stay with her, for the next three years. I would like to jump into her, where she can hug me entirely, endlessly. We can play whole day long, as long as I'm free and I have the stamina.

I would, invite people to come and have a good and thorough look at her, let them feel the jealousy which I'm so proud of. I never want to miss this chance, the chance that I can hardly get in my life. Maybe it's once, the only once, in my life-time. If I really get the chance to be with her, I'll never feel regret in my life. There are too much for me to tell you guys, how much I love her. I might really cry if I fail to get her. Please everyone, pray for me. You guys don't want to see a couple, just break up like that, aren't you?

Not to let you all disappointed, I hereby enclosed her pictures and please enjoy her as your "eye-candy".

See... My Darling. Just feel like jumping into her.

Can you imagine how class-sy is she?

Just see how elegant is she. I'm so loved...

Haha... Ok now. Her name is Platinum Hill, in Taman Melati. That day when 10 of us went out to find our new accommodation in Setapak, we have different ideas and opinions on many different houses and apartments, but once we all saw her, that's it. None of us DISAGREE not to stay there. NONE. Maybe you didn't get a good glance at her here on the pictures, but, I assure you, when you are there, standing in her, you'll know why I fall in love with her. The atmosphere is just irresistable.

All I have to do now is to, get to find the owners faster. Get a good cheap rate (which is around RM 1300, hopefully can get RM 1100, for a 1300sq.ft. condo) and bump into her real soon. May me dream come true.


Monday, October 23, 2006

I Am Bruce Lee!!!

A few days ago, I was asked by my President to perform a solo nunchaku (双节棍, the one that Bruce Lee used) in UTAR on the 4th Nov. It is really rushing to me as it is a last-minute thingy.

I did practice hard everyday but, I doesn't seem to be confident enough. Train alone, think of movements and skills on my own. It is not a simple task. Without people who knows, or at least knows a little, giving me guidance and opinion, I felt like blindfolded.

To make it worse, I'm sick now. Tomorrow morning at ten, there'll be a meeting regarding my group's assignments. Hope it will turn out well.

All I can do now is to hope that, my performance that day will be perfect without a mistake. And, hopefully, jika dirahmati Tuhan(menjelang Hari Raya), I can upload some pics or videos about that day. Haha!

Finally, although it's a bit late, Happy DeepaRaya!!!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Falling Apart

My group seems to be falling apart. We did not choose each other but we just merge like that. It seems to be a big mistake in my life, collaborating with people that I once thought were committed.

During the meeting today, they doesn't seems to be concentrating. NOT AT ALL. I am very dissapointed. They did not prioritise things properly. Putting unnecessary things ahead of the others.

Now, I am really confused and upset, not knowing how to improve the condition. Deadlines are not far ahead and we got two main assignments to compile and to work on. I really wonder how things will go. It's no longer like last time, people knowing what working together is. They just mind their own business. Even during the meeting, they can even called to other people and discussed on stuffs that are not related at all like computers.

WTF is all this? I just don't understand. Yeah, maybe I'm being selfish for not letting them to discuss all that but, I believed and assumed that, they are mature enough to think of that. All I can do now is to, hope and believe in them that, they will wake up real SOON.

People change. Pathetic.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

It Has Come!!!

Finally. Something that I've expected, predicted, has finally happened. I don't know why am I writing this but, I just feel weird when I'm writing all this.

She, has finally go for him (from what I heard, which I think is quite true d), and he really put a lot of effort in getting her. He deserves it. All I can say is, all the best, and don't be like "the-one*" can already. Wish you both happy always. God bless!

*Someone, who was a "main-lelaki"; her ex-.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Close To Death...

I supposed to blog this yesterday but thanks to the LOUSY connection of MC, I can't even log in. Anyway, here's what I want to blog about yesterday:

Today, I am honoured to have the chance to train with San Shou NATIONAL FIGHTER. You know? NATIONAL FIGHTER. He's a little smaller than me (we called him Musang) in the sense of size but, he is powerful and strong. His kicking speed, is God-Like kicking speed!!!

Before I train with him, I saw him fighting with the other guy. They were "fighting" as if they never fought before. Suddenly, he "disappeared" from his view. The next thing happened was, his opponent was down on the floor. Can you just imagine that? And guess what? According to the Master, Musang's speed, was the slowest when he went to compete in China. WOW!!!

Then, it was my turn to train with him. Before that, when I trained with other guys, I was fine. They can't really toss me and I get to toss them. But once I started to train with Musang, *gone case*. First, I didn't get to toss him at all, secondly, he tossed me a total of 3 times in just less than 2 minutes. If he really toss me like he did in his tournament, I'm dead for sure!!!

But it is really great learning from Musang. If he never give chance, I might be lying in UH now. LOL...

Till then.

Saturday, October 14, 2006

I'm With You

A lot of people seems to be in great depression. Well, life's like this isn't it? Without depression, our lives will become colourless.

One, was heart-broken; one, is undergoing studies problem and stress; one, was and is being controlled by parents in his/her relationship; one, is facing great challenge in UK; etc.

Me, seems to be still so relaxing, but, deep in my heart, the nerves has started to shaken as days gone by. 7 weeks to go and it's Finale for me, as the Lord Finals strikes back.

Well, my dear peeps who are "suffering" from their very own depressions and downs, do not worry, as I'm here with you, sharing your joys and sad moments together. Always remember, BuTtErCUp is always here, for/with you.

Let us all pray together, that we have a great future ahead. We shall and we will, one day, achieve our dreams. God bless!

Friday, October 13, 2006


Well, it is proven that I am very ATTRACTIVE. Yesterday after I left, the rest only got a few more extra.. Then today I went back to my position, many people joined in!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Know why? Because, today I got to ATTRACT around ten person? And among them got a few LENG LUIS. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

See, I'm not only persuasive but I'm ATTRACTIVE as well. They were all seduced by ME, by MY ATTRACTION.


My apology to all. Please forgive my narcissism of myself.

What a day! LOL! From now onwards, Taekwondo Club in UTAR got more LENG LUIS already lo!!!

Thanks to... Come all follow me shout it out loud :

" Thanks Kenny the Great!"

Thursday, October 12, 2006

My Identity... *Sniff!

Yesterday was a short briefing on how to handle the booth for our Taekwondo Recruitment Drive. At the end of the session, the PIC said this :"Please wear your uniform when you are on duty."


"Please wear your uniform when you are on duty."

Dang!! What is this man? But I won't deny that this is a good idea to attract *passerbys' attentions. It is just that... ... My IDENTITY as a black belt holder will be "unearth" d!!! Jior!

Anyway... Today and tomorrow are the recruiting day. Today, in the one hour plus I duty, I managed to attract 3 people, using my attraction and passion, on my own! LOL! Hope that tomorrow I'll get to attract more people in.

*Got such word???

Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Unexpected... Really unexpected. I thought that the "finale" will be the easiest "match" I'll be in but, the truth proved me wrong. It seems that third semester, with only three subjects, is killing at the same time.

It is just... ...TOUGH. Oh well, I can do it rite? No problem. Aim for 4.0 this semester. I hope I can get it. Wish me all the best ya! Muacks!

Sunday, October 08, 2006

A Message From Lam Soo Kean

I saw on Friendster's post where Soo Kean left us all who knows her a message. Have a look at it.

"In loving memory of the ever-youthful
Rosline Suki-san;..

These words can;t sum it all but;..

When I die, I want to be remembered as
who made a difference in the lives of people
closest to me. I hope to be remembered as
someone who inspires the people around
me. I
want to leave my legacy of contributing to
society behind upon my last breath. A
caring wife,
passionate about her children and their
someone who possess great and
aura. I want to be described as a woman
emotionally strong within and is truly
sincere in her
speech and deeds, a daughter of obedience
sense of mother-like, an everlasting, loving
who;s supportive and passionate.

I want to die SMILING! Smiling honorably

Soo Kean, although I didn't know you well, your death somehow brings me a kind of sadness. God bless you!

Something Different

Today morning was my San Shou grading and it's really kinda different from Taekwondo's. Here, they did the pattern singly(inclusive of pole aka stick, dagger and so on), not like Taekwondo, one shot 16 person. They also have something called peer-arranged(something like that) where it is a arranged sparring. Their sparring also scary. Really full body contact. Even if you are 4 or 5 years old kid, there's no pray pray. Fight means fight. If you did not perform well, you FAIL!

And here is something really special, to move up to black belt, you gotta name the pattern that they ask you to perform, perform with pole, and also, FIGHT THE LION WITH POLE. You know LION? The lion in the Lion Dance? Yeap! But this lion is green in colour and there are people who are playing the drums, and other instruments. It's really eye-opening to me, at least.

I would say I didn't perform well enough. A little too fast. Also, I forgotten one step in my Pattern 2. I really wonder how much it'll pull my marks down. Here's another difference. They'll post your marks up in the center and there are positions for it. Highest mark means NUMBER 1, and lowest is last of course, and you'll have a greater chance to fail.

The sparring session was very interesting too. Those fighters, no matter guys or girls, guys vs girls, baby vs elephant, they all fought really well. And one thing I would like to bring the attention of Taekwondo members outside, note that our higher section kicking is really dangerous fighting against them. Once they grab your leg, it's K.O.. Seriously, no pray pray... Unless you are really fast, else, never try to execute higher section kickings.

Well, the result will be released one week from now. God bless me!

Friday, October 06, 2006

The Return Of Buttercup

Summary of my holiday :

1) Met some friends, had lunch, dinner and so on together. Not bad!
2) Did helped out at home.
3) In total, I fried 8 eggs.
4) I've learnt new things in Tai Chi and San Shou.
5) Study :None
6) Waste time : Distinction in wasting time.
7) Ultimate goal in this holiday, DotA, and I did play a lot of games around.

Yesterday night, my dad told me how to cook soup. So I prepared everything before I went to bed. I woke up at 5 am to cook it and guess what? The main material I prepared wrongly and all my effort just went off.. T_T

You might ask, "Why do you have to wake up so early in the morning just to cook the soup?" Well, here's the answer:

1st: I got a date with Kam, Tiong Soon and Cow(TomM-KrUise, you-know-who) at 8am.
2nd: Botanic can hardly have any access to public transport, especially when it is around 7 in
the morning.

So, what kind of business the 4 of us were doing that time? Simple, DotA. Initially, we only planned for 5 hours. Later, we add-on and made it a TEN-HOURS-DOTA-MARATHON. Yes you read me right.. Of course, there were little breaks in the intervals... And now that plus on with that stupid haze from our "friendly-neighbourhood", Indonesia, my eyes are now sore and pain... And, that lead to one conclusion, I'm sleeping now! Chaoz!

Sunday, October 01, 2006


Almost a week plus if I'm not mistaken that I MIA... Thanks to the PC at home kena virus and I can't go online!!! Luckily I didn't terminte the Internet service in my hostel... Or else, I'll have to pay another 50 to 80 bucks to re-open the line again.

These few days were not bad... DotA a lot, of course, fed a lot to other people... I'm still noob. AND, these few weeks are really tiring... Especially during training, intensive type... Grading next Sunday and it's scary!!!! And I heard that their sparring(in San Shou), the more aggresive you are, the higher marks you'll get. O_o||| Can you imagine that? I got one senior who K.O-ed his opponent in one punch and one kick. That's all. K.O.

Well, thank God that my time for sparring event is still at least 8 months away. I still got time to train.

Jun Xue! Be strong ya! Remember, our motivation is, to kick Soulreaver's ass... That's our ultimate goal! LoL. Mins, if you happen to read this, don't worry k? Use your Tai Chi and whack us all!

Till then, signing off.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Fun Weekends

Well... At last, finally, a little training for my DotA yesterday. Was on pa (or par?) with Ngiam. Will search for the next match to settle it. But later on when Jun Kit came, I and Ngiam kena God-like from him.. Darn* Went to school also to meet up with teachers... And also some juniors.. Everyone seems to be good and well. I missed out on the new very-"bad"-"rude"-ridiculous Headmistress of my school. Wonder how she looks like.

Oh well.. never mind. Later on, during night time, there was a small gathering in 1 Station (something like that). To my surprise, there are so many people that I know were there also. So many of them. Yeah, got new updates from our friends there. Not bad after all... Later on, I went back to PJ, where I AM now, to prepare for my training on Sunday.

My grading is really near! 8th Oct(Alert...Alert... Faster go do your training!).. Although my Master say I'm doing fine, there's still some sort of uncertainties in me. 2 weeks ahead and I really need a lot of training, stamina type especially to bring me to a higher level. Read Sim Mei's blog and "heard" she might change to medic huh? Great.. Anyway, if you happen to read this Amy, do your best! Don't worry ok? You know you got no problem in maintaining ur CGPA, studies... So, pick the route that you think is right for you ok?

Till then, signing off...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

I'm Packed!!!

Well, it's really tiring ya know since my lat traininig here. Coma an think of it, I got a really pack schedule to follow. I gotta go for Taekwondo on Monday, Wednesday(if possible) and Saturday is a must. Then, Thursday night I got Tai Chi & Chi Gong while on Sunday I got Shan Shou in PJ... Wow... it's really pack for me now. I don't know how can I cope with it. Let's hope that God give me extra strength and stamina.. MAN! Stamina! I haven started my training on that, yet! Gone case! My Shan Shou master gonna whip me. LOL..

Well, home sweet home rite? Home is still the best, just that, I'm always the kakak once I'm back here. Although it's tiring, it's enjoyable. I just fought with my brother, as in you know, practice. Haha.. He got a little bit improvement there. Awaiting Wai Loon, and Horng Tat if possible. Saturday! Haha!

Gotta go. Enjoy you schooling days peeps!

Wait a second.... Where's my DotA training?! Man.. another slot... Sh*t... Gotta find some time for it, darn!

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


Hmmm.. It is not as sad as I thought, BUT, it's a very very nice piece! Really.. Although I'm a bit outdated... Still, I watched it! I like the moral of the story. FAMILY FIRST. I"ll do that, all the time. FAMILY FIRST.

Yeah, holiday started and it sucks. Know why? Cause I'm getting FATTER already... It seems to be.. All my effort... all these while... Where can like that?? I must control!!! The best solution is to go back to PJ.. In PJ, no food, as in no free food from parents. Only two meals a day, unlike here back in home, 4 to 5 meals per day? Why so much? Because food is all over the place!!! Sob!

And I started my "training" already today. Wanna beat Wai Loon by the next few Saturday. DotA doesn't seems to be going well also. Keep on " feedin' "... Darn... So many things to do in holiday but I really feel lazy to do anything. That's why I come back rarely also. Home is the place I relax... LOL... Yeah, I know this is a lousy blog... So sien rite? Never mind.

Since "Click" has taught me, I'll do the best for my family for now. Work hard and smart for them! I wanna excel in 3rd semester also! GAMBADE everyone!

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Don't Forget Your Umbrella Ya!

Well, it's a bid farewell for him, at least, I think. I rushed back to Klang right after my last paper... He's going to UK again, to continue his studies. Of course, that person is Jun Xue. (Kinda sorry that I couldn't make it for Lily's). Well, people come and goes again rite? We can't force people to stay, nor they can decide if they want to stay some times.

See the title of my blog? It's a phrase that his mother told him a few days continously, when he was a ketot, cute, naive little guy in class. Memories huh?

Anyway, good luck to those who are overseas and to those who are still here in Malaysia, we are good too, aren't we?

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Still Don't Want To Surrender???

Dear Lord Finals,

Considering that I've taken down Town of Programming and Fotress of Mathematics, and, I've defeated General Writing For Science, General Public Speaking and Communication, and also General Biology. Do you think that you still stand a chance to win?

Well, I'm pretty sure that you'll still putting your last hope on General Chemistry rite? Sigh, let's forget it and ask General Chemistry to surrender, will ya? I guess not also rite?

Ok, well then. General Chemistry take down will I this Saturday. Time of capture estimated at 1100 hours and Lord Finals, you'll self-declared defeated by the first minute after 1100 hours, which is 1101 hours. I'll be waiting. Till then.

Yours sincerely,

General Buttercup

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Friends To Foes

Initially, I was about to post a story. A true story where from friends, they turned into hatred. But in the mid of it, I realised that it's too long for *YOU ALL* to read so I conclude it this way.

It was because some people who are selling-fish, while the other party are trying their best to take care and be there for the other. The care-takers, were very upset and angry with fish-monger because the fish-monger forgo(not forgot) them when initially they planned out everything, prioritising the fish-monger's safety.

Well, as you can see, fish-monger seems to be didn't realise what's happening and he/she eventually sort his/her way out to a problem, forgetting the care-takers. The pain that the care-takers undergo, he/she didn't see it and never knew about it.

See, in our daily lives, we often take things for granted. Some times, when people are about to share their knowledge with us, or any other things else, we like(maybe not all of us), "Aiya, never mind la, me not interested!" Or, when people care for us, we never realise.

But, to me, at least we can do our best to care for the others. We might not even say "Hi" or anything but, it shows when things are being done. From our body language, our speech, our plans. Everything.

It's really sad, to see people from friends turn into foes. Well, life's like this isn't it?

"We never get what we want, we never want what we get. We never have what we like, we never like what we have. Still we live, still we love, this is LIFE" – Anonymous

I hope that we all are able to care for each other, even the people who just walk by around us. We might learn something from them, just in that few miliseconds. I'm still learning too. God bless everyone.

p/s: Hope that you all (those who involved in that case) can get to read this.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Semester Break Is Coming!

Felt so nice, motivated, membara-bara today, thanks to Jun Xue...

To-Do List :

1st : Kick Min Soon's ass when he come back here. (Highest priority)
2nd: DotA with Jun Xue and gang. (Hopefully, and a bid farewell, again for Jun Xue??)
3rd: Training during my semester break.
4th: Fight with Wai Loon.
5th: Learn cooking (Hopefully)
6th: Make my home good.
7th: Get ready for 3rd semester?
8th: Get ready for my San Shou grading.
9th: Find a girl friend? (never mind, lowest priority for now, let which ever her come to me. Lazy to go after you girls for now, at
at least)

Well, you see, I got so many things to do, especially the first in the list (Don't let me see you in Malaysia so early ya, unless you are well prepared). Cooking, hmmm.. making myself more eligible? LOL... Till then... Signing off.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Cool And Hot = Enough & Wake Up Call

It's not like you always be good to me constantly. Yeah, I think, my eyes are opened, finally. Thanks for making me grow, letting me learn. I've learnt a lot from the process. Different lessons compared to the last time.

NEVER TRUST ANYONE SO EASILY. Of course, the anyone means the person that you like.

Yeah, indeed, I feel like a backup battery for you as you still have hope in him, I believe. I don't wish to stay in your shadow anymore. Regardless what you've done to me, I still advise you, he's not that good. You'll regret. Really. How I wish you can see what I'm trying to address to you but you'll never know what is lying deep in my heart.

I wish that you are stronger, and please do open your eyes bigger. He's not worth your waiting. You'll regret, of course, unless he changed. I'm tired. And there goes my "new chapter of life". You not worth my waits also. I've waited long enough. Fooled enough. Played enough by you. Of all the failures I did, you are the only "failure" that make me feel like a real loser! An imbecile who's waiting for nothing. Hope I'm not that stupid anymore after this.

Firstly, I would like to say sorry to people like Kin Wai, who's always there :"Kenny, go go go! Don't let go!". I appreciate your helps a lot but I think it's time for me to end my misery. I would also like to deliver my thanks to people like, Ley Ching, Pauline, Pei Sze, Shwu Woan, not forgetting Manpreet, for being supportive and lead me to an opening. Thanks everyone!

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Tired... I'm Tired

Well, first of all, feel like saying "Sorry" to those who are so caring and even dropped a comment for me to refer at. Why am I saying this?

Today once I woke up from my dream, this thing came into my mind : Never mind about the answer anymore. I'm a fool.

That's it and I made up my mind, not to do anything anymore. I'm really tired. Feel like a fool everytime. (Not to boast myself but) I'm thinking that, if she do have feelings towards me, then let her say it. I'm lazy, reluctant to do anything about this relationship. I never know what is in your mind. Tired of guessing.

I had got more things to worry and to do rather than just guessing what is in your mind. Since I was young, I had this in my mind. It's my last resort where, I'll contribute myself to any body/organisation, which needs me if I'm still single at certain of age. Be a bodyguard, soldier at the enemy line, or even send me to the deadliest place on Earth. Besides than my family and friends, I got nothing else to worry anymore. Rite?

You are making me very tired. I'm always hurt. See guys, this is my weakest weakness. Yeah, today it rained. The whole bunch of us want to take our dinner and it was kind of late already. No choice, but we gotta go in the rain with umbrellas. As usual, I'm always the last. I have my umbrella with me. 3 of us was there. The other girl came here and pick up the other girl, left me with her. No choice but to go with her together. I do feel thankful for getting such chance, for letting me to learn. But, so what?

I do hope that you'll release me from this torturing. I wanna live as a free man again.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006


I'm just very confusing now. Very. From one of my friend I heard, they still like each other very much and the guy still call her often. O_o "'

I don't know what am I now. You treat me so well out of a sudden. I'm really confused. Why can't you just tell me or sms me what you are thinking of? I am really really really confused. I don't know what to do. When I was informed that you and him still in touch(which I'm not very sure of) , I realised that I still like you pretty much. I don't know how far can it go.

I was thinking for days, giving her a chance also giving myself a chance isn't it? But now, out of a sudden, this one.

My rational & logic are very clear about everything, except the followings: Why you treat me so good suddenly? Is it that you are treating everyone the same or I'm the only one?

I need the answer. If I can't get the answer in these days, I think I might ask you, but not now. I might. I'm just got stucked in the middle of a seperated path. To go on with the left lane or with the right. I just don't know which to choose. I need that answer to help me to choose it.

I hope to end this kind of feeling fast, either with a happy ending, sad ending, or a new chapter of my life. Either one.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Are Those Just Illusions Or Reality??

I don't know what to do or what to feel. Are you trying to tell me anything? As days passes by, you are giving more body language as well as things that I considered as "hints". I wonder how true are them or they are merely my illusions. I really can't tell them apart!

I am kind of blur with what you had and trying to tell me. Shall I or shall I not to take up the "risk" again? There was once I lost my trust in you but, the feeling (good one) is coming back now. I know you are sad, you bearing the pain that I bore last time. I know it is pain and hurting.

I some how, some what hope that this time the feeling is true, but kinda afraid as well that you might hurt me again. Part of me feel like taking up the "risk", repeat what I asked last time, to you and part of me is really afraid to undergo the same pain again.

My dear readers, I really don't know what to do or what to say. I'm not that kind of person who easily let go a relationship but, at the same time, I'm afraid to start one as well. Help, anyone? Thanks!

*The you here refers to a her*

Saturday, September 02, 2006

UM Revisited

*Six hours ago*

"Did I forgot something? Anything that I should do tomorrow morning?"

After thinking for long, I "decided" that nothing is coming up to me in the morning, at least. Bed time!!!

* Timed at 0920*

**National Service theme song on my Nokia 8250**

On the screen, it read " MH "(someone's name).

"Fuck!!!!" This is the first word that I shouted out once I came to my consciousness. Followed by, "WTF???"

I supposed to get a car from my relative, who are studying in UM for Acturial Mathematics at 0900. I overslept. Fuuu... Buttercup can hardly late for any appointment one... There goes my impression, first impression for my relative that Buttercup is terrible!!!! She like waited me for... 20 minutes? Darn... I feel bad. I just simply do some washing and I rushed downstairs to meet her.

Now here's the nice part.

"You know how to go to Stesyen Universiti right?" she asked.

" O_o||| Errr.... I dunno wo... But you can lead me there...", Buttercup replied.

"Hmmmm ok...", sounded a little bit in disbelieve.

"......", I really don't know what to say or what to do. So, I just followed her instructions.

Here I began my HeavenOfBrokenEnglish: Chapter : UM Revisited. Revisited? Have you ever been to UM Buttercup?? Of course I did. Last year December when I was down to PJ alone to settle the documents for my accomodation now, I ended up in UM, dunno-where-am-I-state, with only petrol that can last me for another 20 minutes?? It was scary that time. As you can see, if your car run out of petrol on the road, you'll need mechanic to do something to remove the air in ur carburator and that means $$$. That time, I got no mood at all to enjoy the beautiful compound of prestigious UM.

Now is a different story. I got a guide here and I'm the driver! I drove kinda slow, compared to my normal driving speed, just to savour the ice-cream for my eyes. So beautiful. If only I had a camera. Let me ask you, how many people can ever make it in into UM? Not many right? But I "made" it! Jealous? I bet you "are". Really nice compound with all the pine trees and bla bla bla.

After some 15 minutes, we reached the station. *Sigh of relief *

"You sure you know how to go back?"

"Yeah I guess so, I'll just take the Federal Highway lo. I know there well". (Actually Iknow nothing!!!)

She left me, again, looks like, in disbelieve. Yeah true, I already stayed in PJ for so long and I hardly travel out from my hostel, unless going to UTAR or training in Seksyen 17. Those are the places I go. Pathetic. But, Buttercup is a smart one didn't I? I recognised the road that taxi driver took me back from Mid Valley long long time ago. Used back the same road and I ended up back in MC!!!

To make sure that I really remembered the road, I took a trip again, back to UM and Station Universiti. While I was in the compound of UM, I suddenly realised something that I didn't notice AT ALL. There was a traffic light, near Tunku Chancellor Hall or something like that.

"Shit!!!! Did I just passed by here just now? Did I violet the law? Did I..... Did I.."

All the questions came out. UM don't have traffic police right? I hope. I don't even know if I went through it just now if it was red. God! How can I be so careless????? I drove on. "Ok, stage UM cleared, moving towards stage Stesyen Universiti."

Finally I'm back again, safely, and without a mistake, to my hostel. Hey, who says Buttercup's memory is bad?? I'm good!!!
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