Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Not My Type Of Game

As expected. Why watch? Unless you wanna see Malaysia's team being bullied(of which, it's a good entertainment too~)
Ja ne~
p/s: Blogging from work. Shhhh~

Monday, July 28, 2008

Cosplay @ Taylor's College

Finally, I got to post all the pictures I want into my blog! Thanks to Streamyx, always the smartest choice(out of no choice). Went to Taylor's College for Cosplay photo shooting. Before going to there, we stopped by Hitokiri's house for some shooting.

This is the bread that is used as a prop

Will you ever come back to me?

I'm still waiting

First time taking this kind of angle. Hitokiri-san and Riko-san sure can pose a lot

Then, Hitokiri drove us down to a lake in Sunway. The lighting there was okay, still photo-shootable. Haha!

Seperation of the Vampire Knights

Last hug...

Will we be able to meet again?

After that, we went down to Little Taiwan to have lunch.The food there not really that nice actually. It was ok lar~

Took this cute little lion on the way

Hello? Who wants to sit here dude? FYI, the railing kinda low

While waiting for the girls to change, I shot some of these.

5 bucks! No money no talk!

Harry Potter was there too! And Cho Chang on the most right

Just look at the collection of action figures

This one her hair damn yeng!

Saber from Fate Stay Night (Nope I never watched this)

I don't know who is this SailormoonGirl

I like this picture most! Hopefully I can reach a level like this one day, taking REAL HUMAN BEINGS

This action figure is very nice

Went out for a short break and borrowed Hitokiri's Tonfas to played with

We have Chaos Commander there with Arnold's thingy

See Wah with her bread. Can't remember her character's name

Just look at her tattoos

One of the big bunch of cosplayers

Don't-know-who with See Wah

Well, basically it's all about that for that day. Damn it. It's 0034 hours already. Sacrificed my sleep just to do this when the connection is good. Always good at ungodly hours. #$%^#%#^##%^!!! Streamyx punya pasal!

Friday, July 25, 2008

One Day Trip To Kuantan

Took this dunno how many moons ago. Creative rite?

Ok. Like you know, I have been working for some time already. Today is ngam ngam 3 weeks full. Let me show you one of the latest pipettor in the world. Haven't seen it before? See here.

Ovation from Vistalab

Ok! Initially I wanted to write about the whole journey to Kuantan yesterday but I was too tired and dropped dead on bed yesterday right after the birthday celebration. So, I just cut it short ya.

My job yesterday was basically driver and secretary. But it's damn nice! Very good experience. And the last time I've been to Kuantan, was during my Standard 6. And after 10 years, I'm back there, but driving myself! Hehe! Spectacular scenery on the whole journey. Totally different from what you usually see on the North-South Cacat-ed Highway.

We left our company about 0745 hours and reached International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM/UIA), Kuantan at 1100 hours. To be frank, I realised that, those highly educated Malays, like Prof. Ridzwan (Dean of Kulliyah of Science, IIUM), and many few others are really very very humble, polite, down-to-earth and funny!! Compared to many many of the Chinese PhDs, Malay PhDs really never I could have imagined. And FYI, they are really pros in their field. They know what they are doing. Smart bunch of people!

"Eh you kat sana! Cakap English!!"

And seriously, I am very very amazed with the fundings (from OIC) they have. With those fundings, they have damn well established labs.

Every microscope have their own cabinet

And UTAR's Microbiology lab is only 1/4 of their Microbiology lab

Bday Celebration For Jagung

Yeap! It's a good day and so, we decided to celebrate Sook Feng aka Jagung's Birthday. Actually I rushed from Kuantan and back to KL to celebrate. See how good am I? Haha! Let's start with the food!!

Bihun by Li Yin. Must say nice to eat ok?! Haha! It's nice actually. I ate 3 plates!

And many more

Like usual, our cups are decorated. Taken by Voon Yun

Specially for my friends from Indonesia

Trying to be like Monkey King

Then the guys poses


The gals.. Lelong lelong!

Jagung the Bday Gal

Happy Birthday in Advance o~ Taken by Lady Ghost

I don't know why but I like to capture her with her mouth open. If you noticed, in previous posts I have a few of her pics with her mouth opened too!

She so happy got Chiyar Lock the leng cai to open champagne with her

Last shot before we left

p/s: Cosplay photoshoot in Taylor's tomorrow!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Head So Pain!

Out of a sudden, boss said: "Plan changed. Now you go to Klang yourself and find those hospitals."


And off I go. Was stucked in terrible traffic jam for 1.5 hours. Now having terrible headache.

This job is actually fun when you meet people and to the talking. But, definitely not the jam. !##$@$@%@%!!!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008


Happy Birthday to my roommate, Dr Tai

See that, he's trying to stop us from eating that cake

Forced to dance with Teddy Bears

Right after my work last Friday, I rushed back to join my friends for a BBQ party at the seaside -- Port Klang.

It's really a port

We have Cacing and Kambing setting up the fire

While Tomm Kruise Cow do the "supervision"

Hey man, give Shazeer and Vinesh a big clap for setting up that stove!

Rise of the Spirits Within

Flower of Life

We have these, also chickens, otak-otak, various drinks

Lucky Cacing surrounded with girls

Group shot but the 3 machos at the back aren't ready.

This is a memorable gathering, after so long. Good luck mates!
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