Sunday, August 31, 2008

Photoshooting @ Botanic

It was actually a very last minute decision in conjunction of a long stretch of Merdeka. Happy Merdeka Malaysia! So, I've called up a few person and wooot! Here we go.

My models are namely Cherry, Yvone and Gorilla.

Took this early in the morning

Cherry and Yvone

Cherry and Yvone





These are the models: Cherry, Yvone and Gorilla Kwan







Botanic Jump!

Acting cool

The Handsome and The Beauties



This pose damn hard to do. I had to switch all my weight to only my left leg

This one almost fell down too

Bruce Gorilla Kwan

He can always find a way to kill boredom

F = International Language

F = Fighting

He found another toy

Stayfree, Stay Gorilla

Well, that's all for today. Hehe. Consider ok rite? Hopefully I can improve further in time to come! Yosh!!!

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gathering @ Kayu


So, rush back to Klang right after work to meet up with friends at Kayu, Bukit Tinggi.

"Ane, besarlah tisu kamu itu"

Ah Beng



Haven't seen him in years. Damn good exponent in Taekwondo. You might just see him in Olympics one day.

Vinesh the VIP that day


Alvinder the lawyer-to-be


Ee Von: "Saya cute tak?"

"Apasal gatal pulak nih?"

"Eh, ada kutu ke?"
Don't get angry ya Ee Von, peace~

Mei Ching and Li Ern

Posers Sim Mei, Sindhu and Gaya

Ee Von, Esther and Sim Mei

The group shot

So, that's the end of yesterday's gathering. Good luck to those who are still studying, Happy Merdeka and Happy Exam-ing.

Coming up next: Photoshoot with model tomorrow, if weather allows. Stay tuned.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008


"Eh? Where are them?"

I went back into my room and checked again. "Impossible, I never bring them to my room..."

Again, I tried to find everywhere which is possible, but they are not in sight. Out of no choice, I took out my damn blardy old shoes and wore them.

"F**ker! Like this also got people wanna steal."

Out of no choice, I prepare to go to work with my old broken shoes. I met my neighbour and told her what had happened.

"Ha? I saw a pair of shoes at the stairs there wo... I thought got people suicide tim...", there's a large window without glass at the place my shoes were placed.

Without hesitating, I went and searched. It was my shoes!!! Just imagine, what kind of assholes steals people's shoes during midnight, just to wear and try it, and left it there?

I can only think of 3 reasons:
  1. That person (possibly guards) wanted to buy a pair of new shoes during midnight but in the end, he TRIED and realised that it doesn't fit him. So he left it there without returning it to the shoe rack which is gated!! (How the hell this person took it man?!!)
  2. There are a few damn naughty kids around here.
  3. Sleep walk? I don't think so.

Malaysia just have too much of assholes around and waiting to be kicked in their asses. If I ever catch who it is, that person is doomed.

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Really hate people who are not punctual. Fucking wasting people time to do things effectively. And made me late for my appointment too!

Seriously people, I really HATE PEOPLE WHO FUCK WITH MY TIME. Don't you guys ever do that to me as that is the last thing you should do to me.

Here's something for all the people who like to fuck with my time:

Courtesy from Sam


And today I went to Low Yat, guess who I met? It's SmashpOp!!! Woot! He is much taller than I imagined. And his voice is also different from what I have expected. I think girls will fall for him if they meet him in person.

Friday, August 22, 2008

5-Day Business Trip

As you know, I went to Kuantan for a 5-day business trip. In this post, I kind of jumping here and there for the time frame. But who cares? As long as got luis rite?

So, let's move on.

This is the view from my room in Kuantan

Saw this rabbit at the symposium. Compare it to the name card at the side, you'll know how big it is

This is how the interior look of the conference room in Hyatt Regency

VIP Stage


Do you take notes?

I somehow found that the carpet there is interesting

Ate this at the seaside. NOT NICE.

Spot the difference

Well you see, if you haven't see a sea in your life, Telok Cempedak is definitely the place for you to go. Again, if it's not your first time seeing a sea, Telok Cempedak is ok ok only lor~. In addition to that, if you had seen nicer beach/sea or whatever, Telok Cempedak definitely is not the place for you.

Why? Keep on seeing the pictures. I will guide you through the "process".

Sisters' fun

I still love sandy beach

And, this is why. Not only one, but damn a lot of them

Beyond the bars

Once, it was my kind of fun. I forgot how it feels like now...

Will you still be coming back?

Lonely beach. Would you like to walk side by side with me? (Strictly for leng luis only, please call for interview)

"The Forgotten"

This makes me feel like I'm in a deep deep forest in China

No sunset in Kuantan T_T, and no time for sun rise either

Do you still remember?

Ok, that's all for now for my Kuantan trip. I failed to take one picture whereby, in a stadium in Kuantan, there's still a big sign that reads "Merdeka Ke-50". I might have won RM50 if I get to snap it. Dang!
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