Thursday, May 10, 2007

Last One For May

20 more minutes and I'll be off from Setapak, heading to the camp. Mother Earth woke me up today with her windy hand and whisper in my ears, even before my alarm rings.

Have a nice day people.

Till then. Ja ne.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Call Of Duty.... 2

Peeps at my house at 12am till 7am

Don't worry. Just trying to play a fool. But that knife is a real thing

Down to 10 hours and 30 minutes now. I somehow feeling nervous, again, since the last time when I attended my NS training.

This is not something as simple as NS anymore. It's something real. Something that will tests my mentality, physical, enthusiam, endurance and perservarance. Should have listen to dad better. "Always do exercise no matter you have the time or not", which I had always take for granted.

10 hours and 25 minutes from now, I shall have my mental and physical tested. Bringing myself to a state that I'll never know what is it, how it will be.

I somehow, suddenly feel that, I'm attending to a training, which I'll be sent to a ground zero in no time. Just like the game Call of Duty.

One month. It's not long, and it's not short. Imagine having green-coloured curry as part of your daily meals for one month, I think for sure I'll be thinner much fitter, hopefully.

Another 10 hours and 20 minutes, I'll be leaving my hostel in Setapak, and move to Kem Jalan Ampang ( which I don't know where is it ) and have my 720 hours spent there.

It feels like, I'm leaving forever. Why? I don't know why. Maybe there's something that I'm worry about and are not able to let go that easily? Maybe not. I'm just being scaredery cat.

Well peeps, it's a little, temporary, bid farewell. I hope I'll have time to drop down some of the happenings in camp, and hopefully can get to take some pictures ( from seniors ) to show you guys what is it about. Read my blog, another 7 weeks from now. I think the new post should be up by then.

10 hours and 15 minutes from now, I shall begin my next phase of life, Call of Duty 2.

p/s: Please contact me through my Digi, but only messages. Maxis is currently sleeping at home.

Monday, May 07, 2007

What A Rule On An Island

Went to Pulau Indah today. There are a few rules to be obeyed, when you see a red light at the traffic light and/or in a traffic condition.

  1. If there's no other vehicles coming in your direction. Do not stop. Those semis are driving at 100~130kmph and they'll kiss your ass.
  2. Do not drive slower than 100kmph. People on the road don't like that. Badly.
  3. Do not tend to do sudden break, or emergency break. Again, the semis would kiss your ass again.
  4. If you are tailgating a tortoise/donkey/slowpoke/lembu, please do not follow at the back. People on the road, don't like it.
  5. If you think driver at the front purposely drive slowly and don't make way, worry not, slow down a little, and let a semi overtake you and problem solved.
  6. You might ask, how if got people coming your way but there's a semi behind you tailgating? Simple, close your eyes and just hit the paddle. Unless you are having a Ford (build it tough), else, just do what I say.

Rarely there are policemen in Pulau Indah. Therefore, don't drive slower than 100kmph, and don't stop when you see a red light. That's the precaution steps when you visit Pulau Indah. And this is no joke! I'm serious!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

Tick Tock,Tick Tock. A Few More Days...

Just some other 48 hours, I'll be off, from the Net. Leaving all these fantasies, moving to a unknown ground, but a place that I've longed for.

Be a Wataniah, to learn, to lose, to gain, to fight, to defend.

Learning new weapons, war tactics, losing weight, gaining stamina, fight and strive for survival, and to defend my mentality from hell.

Of course, a good RM680 too! However, I've do some shopping today for the things that I need in camp. It costs me a nice RM 487.93, and 2 spectacles, one for sport one for normal wear, costing me another RM 400.

So expensive. There goes all my salaries, when I haven even get to see it yet! Credited from my dad. Sigh! Never mind. Luckily no interests charged.

I spent a huge amount of RM 887.93 out of the RM 680 that I'm ABOUT TO EARN. Dangerous of credit cards. Beware peeps!

Till then.

p/s: I'll not bring my 012 phone, and only bringing my Nokia 8250 which the speaker already spoilt. So, just message me at my 016 ya! Hopefully I get to reply.

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Games Are Good For Your Health

Read this in Yahoo! yesterday. There's a few reasons why, GAMING IS GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH. Unbelieveable? Read on:

  1. They can improve your eye sight.
  2. They can help you focus.
  3. They can help you lose weight.
  4. They can help you understand classic literature.
  5. They can literally save your life.
And that just added another 5 reasons why I need to get a good PC for gaming academic purposes this coming semester.

Sing: Only you... Struc tu re... Biochem... Oh on ly you.....Dr Woo, I shall challenge your paper!

Stupid Playful Sleeping Bug

It is a semi-hot-and-cold night, and I couldn't fall asleep. Having Public Relations paper in 6 hours' time but, nervous never I felt.

BUT, why did I fell into insomnia out of a sudden?

I want to sleep. Surely panda already, in a few hours time.

Sleeping bug must have gone out for Wednesday night fever. Darn it!

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Never Thought Of This!

This one is funny too. にほんのけいさつVS Draft Vader!
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