Sunday, November 30, 2008

Thean Yow & Ai Wah's Wedding - 29th November 2008

Okies! Luckily still get to post this in time. Went to a wedding dinner again yesterday at Restoran Palm Grove, Klang. Enjoy the pics ya!

This flower girl has a pair of beautiful eyes

Saw that one in blue?

...and this one

Haha. Thought finish already rite? Not yet. See the rest of the pictures at my Facebook, or another blog.

p/s: Girls, don't worry. I'm trying very hard to find leng chais at wedding dinner. If I have I will snap. Plus, I don't really like camwhoring at wedding dinner, so, see la if you all are lucky enough in my next wedding dinner. Haha!

Re: Loon is pissed off

Disclaimer: This post is supposed to be a comment for this particular entry. But since it's so loooooooong, I decided to post it here too, as a reminder for me. Read this first if you're interested, then follow by the post below. Happy reading.

Ah ha! I had been waiting for this post for damn long. Seriously damn long. Was checking and checking from time to time and now onli i get to see this!

Now, first of all! WTF I need to check into dictionary for a few words like "duel", "frivolous" and "befuddled". New words learnt!

Ok. I appreciate it very much that my identity was enclosed! LOL! I think i know what's the problem now. Haha. We see things a little bit differently.

*errr, i'm not gonna put up fight here, just my opinion*

There is a saying, "How you do something, is how you do everything" and I put it up for me. Say, if you have a friend who's late once, twice, do you think he/she will be early on the 3rd? Will you be guessing that he/she will definitely late? Well, people with positive mind and thinking will say, "Hopefully that he/she comes early this time" while impatient people like me will say "Screw him/her la~, knn always late!"

So, I don't hope that the little things I did now, such as breaking promises becomes a habit without me knowing it. It will be bad I think, if I just keep it a bad one.

So, back to the point, ie, from your point of view. I certainly can see how angry you are. "WTF man?! People damn farking long never see you but you still don't want to come out and meet?! What the fuck GG, DotA?! Go fly kite la." I might be saying the same thing too if I'm in your shoes.

Just little FYI, my parents need to book me too =.=.... It's not that I'm damn arrogant and things like that, but I never want to be late, and I never want to mess up things last minute. If you want me to do something, or travel, you must at least let me know much much earlier and not last minute. My parents aren't excluded in this.

Bah! However, yeah, the fighting bond must go on. Don't kill me can already. I'm ready to take you down too in fight. Haha! Come ketot, tag along when you come back! I'm going to take a very long break in end of December.

Don't know if you're still keeping or not, but it's always at my phone. Dedicated to Gorilla Kwan and JX(although you're not in it!)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Jalan-jalan Cari Makan: Dim Sum @ Ipoh

Continuing post from my Ipoh trip, today I'm gonna eat alot and making many of you hungry!

People always say, if you wanna eat dim sum, go Ipoh! Why? Because dim sum in Ipoh is the best ma! Haha! Let's start drooling! Err.. I mean, you start drooling!

L to R: Aunt, Jane, Uncle, Stephanie

Egg Tart

See MyKy, I still remember you le!

Pork with Chicken floss

Fried prawn


Can't remember what is this, but I just know it's damn nice also

Sotong ball I think

Chicken with herbs

Pork with herbs

Prawn Siu Mai

Ha Gao

Forgot what is this also

Fish balls

Fried meat. Damn nice too!

Some sort of fried dumplings

Zhu Cheong Fan

Stuffed Vege


Sharing something with you. Nope, Nokia ain't paying me anything. But I feel that it's funny + fake but still funny. Credits to Ray.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wedding In Ipoh

I went back to Ipoh last week to learn some Photoshop skills. I did not expect that I'd be the photographer again. =.=

My uncle's camera broke down so out of a sudden again, I'm the photographer. So, here are some shots. Just see see ya.

He trying to fit into the coat

"Aiyah, need to sing ar?"

Lovely couple

End of wedding

Hahahaha! Ok. I didn't post much of the pics this time. But I want to share something with you all. See these pictures below.

See the middle guy and the girl? The guy is 192cm I think, and the girl is 176cm. They are brother and sister.

No kidding. He's 192cm in height

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Reporting In

Reporting in from Ipoh!

Yeap. Many many things happened. I'm darn tired. I'm sick. I wish that I'm at home now so that I can sleep like nobody's business.

Will blog more when I have time. As for the mean time, below is one of the techniques I learnt.

Ja ne.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Peter & Siew Li's Wedding - 16th November 2008

As you know(maybe, maybe not), last Sunday I went and became the wedding photographer for a couple, namely Peter & Siew Li. Congratulations to them both!

I got this job unexpectedly from my colleague. He recommended me to them. Hopefully I did not let them down. Gaahaha!

I had covered a wedding before but, it wasn't as tiring as this time. Perhaps, it's because the first one, I helped out my cousin sister and hence, I had no tension. Secondly, I'm not paid, I had no tension.

In this case, it's totally the opposite. I had never met them. I'm paid (RM300 only; don't worry, no money to chia you cause I had already used up the money to buy equipment). It's seriously a whole lot of pressure to me. The night before I didn't get a good night sleep. I woke up almost every 50 minutes, afraid that I'll be late.

However, I am still manage to do my part throughout the whole day. With a little headache and a photographers'-worst-nightmare happened to me, I managed to get all things done. It's a damn good learning experience though. Below are some pictures I took that day. Do tell me, if you are the customer, would you like these compose? Tell me the truth ok? It's important for me ya. Arigato gozaimasu~

I like this shot

Thristy? Trust me, you won't want to drink this. Luckily that day I'm not his "brader", else.. can cirit-birit a few days. These girls are scary!

"Demon" in Disguise - check out that thing that she's holding

And see his expression you'll know if it tastes good

Peter & Siew Li with Siew Li's parents

I like this one too!



Anyone like this kind of effects?

This is one of the shots that I like too. Why? Notice an angel is inside there? She's hot! Really hot!

I purposely did not crop out them and made it like this. Ok?

For more pictures, kindly sign in to your Facebook and visit here. Wait! Don't go away first. If you had noticed, I had a new blog! I will post pictures of events that I had and will be covering there --- Snappin' Your Memories.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Pantene - You Can Shine

First of all, kindly scroll down to the end of the page, and click the "Pause" button to ignore my Avril Lavinge's Innocence.

Then, you scroll back up to here, and load this video, and cry together with me. This video made me cry so many times. T_T

It's really really so touching. T_T OMG I want to cry again!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Dota Pro

I was playing Dota on GG just now and someone actually come out with this. It's rather creative, and entertaining too.


"I still remember that you say Base is the only castle"


"All smilling and running along with teammates"


"It is best to call me when you want to BS*"

不要哭让Pit Lord带著你逃跑

"Don't cry, let Pit Lord bring you to the escape route"


"Pro in team is always the best alliance"


"Go back to base and count how many had killed is the best"

*BS - Backstab

p/s: Today Dota whole day, played more than 10 games, only 1 lost. Suddenly feel so pro. Haha!

Haha... what you think? Nice? If you can read in Mandarin it'll be even better. Arrgghh.. a bit nervous for tomorrow's wedding photoshoot. I will do my best, and I am doing my best! Yosh!!!!


Disclaimer: Very short entry!


Indeed, it's very short. Haha. I'm going to have a wedding photoshooting tomorrow. Must ganbade! Yosh!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Must See The Video!

Just a bit of sharing here. I had just spent RM 320 for my camera again, and I'm going to shoot for a wedding this coming weekend. Wish me good luck ya! Haha!

We have mat rempits on roads, and Tunku Abdul Rahman College have new course. It's the basic stuntman course. Fee, FOC. And, to your entertainment, I proudly present you, the Sohais from TARC!!!

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Biolog Phenotype MicroArray Seminar In Malaysia November 2008

Now, I should somehow, explain my disappearance for the last whole week rite? Haha. Here are some pictures might give you a better idea what I'm doing for the past whole week.

There was this Biolog Phenotype MicroArray Seminar organised by my company Focus Biotech Sdn. Bhd. for the ASEAN distributors, as well as some end users in the Royale Bintang Hotel, The Curve. Yeap, I was in The Curve for the PAST WHOLE WEEK! Can you imagine how scary is that?!

I would say that I'm working on average, starting 0730 till at least 2330 everyday. It's really tiring as the next day, as you can see, have to wake up at least an hour earlier to wash up and drive; night time bath and sleep(it is normally about 0030 by the time I go to bed).

We have people from Biolog(the States), Korea, Japan, the Philipines, Vietnam, China, Taiwan, Columbia, India, Bangladesh, Singapore, Brunei, Indonesia and of course, Malaysia. It's my first time to having to speak to so many people from so many countries, with different slang and accent, with different culture and everything. It's really an invaluable experience!

Now, let's talk less and go to the pics (many of the pics are out of focus though, still learning how to use my flash best):

We did a little experiment in MUST University and had a group shot in front of it

I somehow like this shot

Distributors listening tentatively to Cody

Oh! We also had one of the dinner at Tamarind Spring! That place is really really heaven to couples! Sad that they don't allow me to photoshoot there. But I had asked. I can bring models there, with permission. Hehe.

I feel like Harry Potter at Tamarind Spring when eating at the dining table

Lunch @ the Royale Bintang Hotel. Bird, you recognise who's this?

We also brought them on sight seeing, and above is Dr Stacy trying on a Durian Dodol. She did not finished it in the end. LOL!

One of the days, my boss and I brought Chris and look around. This shot taken in Batu Caves

We later had a coconut each to cool down. And this is the nicest coconut, with a lot of fresh coconut water and soft flesh. Yummy!

Just on the way we come down from the top of Batu Caves, a lot of monkeys appeared

They like chocolate too!

Before the day ends, we brought Chris to Petaling Street and get some cheap good Britling and Rolex

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