Saturday, May 31, 2008

FEStival's Rehearsal Sneak Perview

Yeap! It's FEStival out there and today is one of our rehearsal. My job is to coordinate and as a photographer. Yay! Hereby, I'm sharing with you some of the sneak preview of our UTAR's FEStival.


The Emcees

These chicks can really dance!

See how concentrate they are?

She can sing damn well!

Meet Astro Talent Quest 2005's Viki!

She also can sing damn well!

"The Rehearsal"

Meet the models

I only know her name, Elle

And, Tinakaran

And she's damn thin! I'm guessing 38kg

I wish my vocal is half of his



And my President, Michelle

"Are you going to give me the BigMac or not?"
"You sure you want it? I put something in there..."

I love my electronic guitar

Well, that's all for now. If you guys can come over, do drop by at UTAR FES on next Wednesday (04/06/08) starting 12pm to 6pm. Tickets are sold at RM11 whereby RM1 from it will be given to charity. A LG handphone is also to be won. Cruises will be here too on that day. It'll be a lot of fun!

p/s: OMG! Today Streamyx siao! Normally it'll take me at least 30 ~ 60 minutes to upload this amount of photo but today, it's like only 15 minutes. AMAZING!

Friday, May 30, 2008

I Had A Dream

I had a dream. I dreamt that, I took a plane, with one person and I left here. I couldn't remember if it was a guy or a girl. However, it was a beautiful dream.

I think I smiled in my dream.

Thursday, May 29, 2008


Howdy, partners!

Yeap! It has been a long long while and I'm very sorry for the inconvenience caused within these few weeks. My PC's having some complication and hence, I sent it to the doctor but doctor would like it to be admitted. So, no choice. It just got back yesterday evening! See how prompt am I trying to fulfill your appetite? LOL!

I took some pictures in the past few weeks but hasn't got the time to post them up. So hereby, I present you a few of the best ones in this batch:

Taken in The Curve

Taken in The Curve too. One of the best I think

Taken in Botanic

Oh! Meet one of my pet pigeon in Setapak

Sky in Botanic

Sky in Botanic

Orientation May 2008

Love me can?

I got beans!

Lagoon Trip

Lagoon Trip

When I was about to snap, it turns its back!

I like this pic too. Damn yeng!

I like this one too! Ho Chiak!

Hereby also, bringing you a bad news of mine, which can be also a good news, which is, I did not make it through this semester. "Candidacy to terminate" was the phrase used by UTAR. Well, many things had been taken into consideration here and there, now and then. I've made up my mind to work now first, and possibly part time studying in time to come.

I know many people will try to persuade me to continue, but there are too many things to be said here, of which many people might not be able to understand how is it like to be in my shoes. Don't worry. I'm ok. I'm fine. I'm going to work soon enough, after I've settle things.

The Road Not Taken

p/s: MyKy & Sam, you like the gals? LOL! I have a photoshooting session with a model this Sunday, hopefully I can get nice picture out of it. Else, too bad! So you both better pray more!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Proud To Be Malaysian

Recently, many things had happened world wide. Food shortage, as well as the most recent earthquake in SiChuan, China.

Still, I can see that many people, and sadly enough to say, but no offense, are the girls who waste a lot of rice due to one comman reason - Diet. Of course, for guys as well, because of this one single stupid reason, and you waste half of the rice that you were given. Why don't you just ask for a smaller portion when you took the rice?

Many of us don't know how to appreciate food. 40% of people who died in Myanmar recently are mostly children, due to shortage of food while, we Malaysian, happily wasting as much as food as we could. 朱门酒肉臭,路有冻死骨。(Meaning: The rich have spoiled food, while the road has dead thin bodies) People would choose to waste food their way, instead of donating them to the needy. It's ironic, but, it's the fact that's revolving around us nowadays. Just watch around you. And see how many of them finish every thing in their plates. (English - Mandarin)

Next, let's go down to China. It is just over a night, and the death toll raises from 8000 up to at least of 19,000(English - Mandarin). I do hope that many of you are aware of this and possibly, try your best to help to educate people around you to be aware of world issues that will somehow, and soon, relate to us ourselves.

For example, fuel price is rising drastically in the US while Malaysian government still happily and proudly saying that, "We still can dig for another 22 years", which, is indicating that, the fuel price will create another greater height in time to come. Also, TNB's spokesperson stating that, "We will have to increase the electrical bill soon, before we hit the deficit". They just keep on being so proud and thinking of themselves.

I don't know what will happen in the future, but I'm sure of one thing. If all the nation's leader aren't doing anything right now, especially Malaysia's leaders, perhaps we can see WW III in 10 years time. They are just too proud to be Malaysian who are staying outside the Reign of Fire and free from petrol and food shortage problems.

Oh one more thing. I really don't know if Malaysia's government servants use their asses to think or their brains? Or maybe their brains grew at somewhere it doesn't belonged to. They still have time to quarrel over stupid silly stuffs while ignoring the so-called-22-years-of-digging. Many things' prices can hit the sky when transportation's expenses shoot up. Oh no! Here comes the ISA!

God bless Earth.

p/s: I thought in Stargate, aliens from Mars said that we are ready to become the 5th Race in the universe, but it seems to me, NOT.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day

Yesterday bought tickets for Iron Man and watched with my family. It has been a very very long time since I last watched movie with my family, especially when my parents rarely(almost never) watch movie in cinema.

I thought that my dad would be sleeping and I thought that my mom will be a bit blur about that show. Amazingly, my dad enjoyed that show very much and he didn't took a nap in cinema(which I initially expecting that he'll do). My mom, too, enjoyed the show very much and she was happy like a little girl who got her first barbie doll.

I'm happy that they are happy. I am.

p/s: Perhaps I should start doing something to redeem what I've done all these while. *Sigh*

Thursday, May 08, 2008


Tagged by EeVon.

List out the top 5 presents you wish for(In no particular rank) :
  1. A 18-300mm lense
  2. A Flash for my DSLR
  3. A good freelancing opportunity
  4. A PDA?
  5. World Peace with enough of rice

Let's see... the manual says.."Praise the tagger who tagged the taggee."

  1. Hmm.... She's beautiful
  2. She's open-minded
  3. She's smart
  4. She's the first girl to ever said "Fuck you" to me in Form 1
  5. She likes to camwhore(and which makes her a good candidate for my model! Haha!)

Most memorable things he/she has give/done for you:

Like I'd said, "Fuck You!!!!!!"

If he/she becomes your lover, you will:

Wow! Tough one. Hmmm, errr.... I can't imagine that!!

If he/she becomes your enemy, the reason will be:

I think I'd be the problem more. Haha!

Pass the quiz to 5 people that you wish to know how they feel about you

  1. Samuel
  2. ShinD
  3. Rachel Au-Yong
  4. Wai Loon
  5. Soo Shan

Who is no.3 havin relationship with?


Who is no.5 having relationship with?

Dunno le~

If no3 and no2 are gonna be together, will it be a good thing?

Hmmm.. I can get to see some lesbians around.

What about no4 and no5?

Hmmm.. maybe.

What is no3 studying?

Err... Economy?

When was the last time you chatted with no5?

Hmmm.. a few days back.

Does no4 work?

Yeah, for his dad and being a "good" student.

Will you be with no1?

Oh ya I WOULD love to~

Does no2 have any siblings?

Yeah I supposed.

How did you get to know no2 and no 4?

Both are highschool friends.

Where does no1 live at?

Taman Sentosa? hahaha! I dunno that place's name but I know how to go @.@

Tuesday, May 06, 2008

KLCC Photoshooting

Yeap that's right! Last paper is done! Woohoo~~~ Right after the paper, I came back and grab my camera, and off I went to KLCC. And I just realised one thing today, which is that, one is prohibited from snapping photos in KLCC, especially those DSLR users. Luckily enough, I did some research before I start snapping. Else I'll be kicked out from KLCC.

I wanna buy a fish-eye-lense

I'm still waiting for you...

Love is above everything

I reached there about 1730 hours and the sun was still shining bright and high in KLCC. So I was walking around trying to find the best angle that I can snap some pictures. After a while, I went to eat Genki Sushi... Sad enough, alone again T_T. Took a picture inside there.

So, I did spend quite a long time eating, since I was alone, I ate fairly slow and trying to savour every Ringgit that I've dumped in. After I finished eating, it was about six something but the sky was still bright. And so, I took a walk into Petronas errr... can't remember what's it's name suddenly. So ngam, there was a launching by Dr. Jolly for his art gallery. So I just signed the guessbook and went in.

"Hi sir, are you from the media?"

"Errr... no."

Apparently, I started to have the professional look, even if I'm NOT HOLDING MY CAMERA! Hahaha! Suddenly felt so pround for no reason. Some of his artwork very very abstract and I find them funny but this one, I think it's worth the trip I made it there.

Hang Li Po by Dr Jolly (Don't laugh, his name is really Jolly!)

Now, what you're about to withness, is something that happened (the following 3 pictures) within 10 seconds plus minus. I just can't find a word to describe that kind of feeling when I see the sky changing from orange to grey, and from grey to black. Magnificent(Hopefully I spelt this correctly)!


Let me shine your path

About 2000 hours, I can't really tahan already and that's when I made up my mind to go back. Let me tell you guys one thing. If you haven't seen KLCC in the night from close distance, you must. I would like to rate that view as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. Can imagine how good is it? Must watch! Trust me!
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