Thursday, May 29, 2008


Howdy, partners!

Yeap! It has been a long long while and I'm very sorry for the inconvenience caused within these few weeks. My PC's having some complication and hence, I sent it to the doctor but doctor would like it to be admitted. So, no choice. It just got back yesterday evening! See how prompt am I trying to fulfill your appetite? LOL!

I took some pictures in the past few weeks but hasn't got the time to post them up. So hereby, I present you a few of the best ones in this batch:

Taken in The Curve

Taken in The Curve too. One of the best I think

Taken in Botanic

Oh! Meet one of my pet pigeon in Setapak

Sky in Botanic

Sky in Botanic

Orientation May 2008

Love me can?

I got beans!

Lagoon Trip

Lagoon Trip

When I was about to snap, it turns its back!

I like this pic too. Damn yeng!

I like this one too! Ho Chiak!

Hereby also, bringing you a bad news of mine, which can be also a good news, which is, I did not make it through this semester. "Candidacy to terminate" was the phrase used by UTAR. Well, many things had been taken into consideration here and there, now and then. I've made up my mind to work now first, and possibly part time studying in time to come.

I know many people will try to persuade me to continue, but there are too many things to be said here, of which many people might not be able to understand how is it like to be in my shoes. Don't worry. I'm ok. I'm fine. I'm going to work soon enough, after I've settle things.

The Road Not Taken

p/s: MyKy & Sam, you like the gals? LOL! I have a photoshooting session with a model this Sunday, hopefully I can get nice picture out of it. Else, too bad! So you both better pray more!


Më| §zë said...

I believe you'll make it to your dreams...

jia you!

Jun Xue said...

wuuu finally you are back.
HHmmmm.....I see I see.... well, since the choice was made, I think it's best you just stride on ahead without looking back.
I'm sure you'll be able to make it in the future. YEOSHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!

p/s WOW model.. take more pictures for me too. MUAHAHAHHA

buttercup said...

mei sze:

haha.. yeah. it's a rough road ahead. and yes, models!

Jun Xue said...

Lol good good.

Dioxins and Furans can be formed from organic precursors such as chlorophenols which may be formed in gas phase during incomplete combustion which then combine heterogeneously and catalytically with the flyash surface. You know that?

andrew said...

bcup, i hope you dont end up as a pornography photographer, hahahaha. If you do, send some to my email. lolz!

Samuel said...

haha... you better get a nice picture.. if not I think you are the one that is gonna have to pray... wakakakaka

buttercup said...

from what you say i can roughly have an idea. But if you asked me if i've studied that b4, nope!

LOL! Sure wont. If it had to be, we called it artistic nude. hahahah!

hahaha! ok ok!

p/s: Sad T_T this Sunday's session cancelled. Model's grandma just passed away. Hope she rest in peace.

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