Monday, March 31, 2008


Something was wrong in my final exam's timetable so I called up and asked.

"You have not yet register for that particular paper", was their reply.

It's like, "WTF?!?!!", aren't you supposed to do that already goddamit?! If I'm not entitled to take the paper, which means I can only take next semester, I can hardly see why I should waste my time for another year sitting here.

I might be opting to do something else already. They'd better give me a good news tomorrow.

Wishing A D60?

Should I buy this?

Or rather I would say, should I buy or not? How if it's only a temporary chicken shit?


Not.. Enough... Sleep...

Well, went to the Pasar Malam in Sri Rampai for the first time lat Thursday. The Pasar Malam is just so so only lor.. compared to where I've been to when I was younger.

I like this tree

Sunset in Sri Rampai

A few hours earlier back in Melati Utama...

Fire!!!! Not!

Yes, it's the repellent again


Pictures below was taken 7 something in the morning. The day that I only slept about 2.5 hours. Don't ask why but it's just darn tiring. But I enjoy the morning in Bandar Botanic, the place where my home is.

I like this one, just that the right hand side a bit too "blank" already

This one not bad also

Till the next Independence Day

Thursday, March 27, 2008

After The PMS

Well, I still have a bit of PMS but it's much much lesser than yesterday. One thing that makes me really happy today is that, I get to see that blue blue sky again.

I participated this picture in Sin Chew but yea, it's a lousy one. CAUSE I took it myself!

If it is a path, I would like to walk till the end of it.

Put this one is TheStar. Hopefully I'm RM50 richer.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Won't You Take Me By The Hand, Take Me Somewhere New...

Yeah, PMS damn sucks wei!


Once In A Blue Moon

It just out of a sudden. It just burst out like that.

I'm emo.

I've got PMS today.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Saw a few damn funny vids from RojakDaily. Enjoy.

Well, I think luckily we learn History in school also rite?

Gals, you can't blame guys to be hamsap-ed when you're the cause

Oh by the way, I think Stickgal not bad too. Very interesting blog too!

Finally, For The First Time

Yeap! Finally for the first time after dunno how many years, I've finally sit down, invited my brain to study together with me for one and a half hour.

It's a record-breaking record for me ya know? Well, it's a good start anyway. I don't know how long those stuffs will be in my brain, but I know it is there, as long as I'm still conscious about myself. Just that, I need a better mechanism to store it, re-use it, and store it back again.

I need some management here in my brain.

"Ooooi blain! You heard that rite?! Manage yourself dude!"


When you are about to walk into the exam hall, and you know that you have not studied enough, you are down to two choices:

1) Do it yourself;
2) Try to cheat

Well certainly, if you choose the first choice, obviously ITE*. If you choose the second choice, congratulations, you have a 50% chance of surviving.

In this 50% chance of surviving, you have another 2 choices:

a) Sit beside a smartass and copy EVERYTHING he/she wrote;
b) Sit beside a dumbass and DON'T COPY ANYTHING he/she wrote

Well said. Now, choose!

- Quoted from people of UTAR -

*ITE = It's the end

Sunday, March 23, 2008

No Gaming

The picture says it all

Until final is over. Once in a while I think still can gua. Haha! I had this pic as my wallpaper for now.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


Had not been doing tags for ages! Got this from Ee Von.

Instructions: Remove one question from below, add in one of your own(personal), to make a total of 20. Tag 10 people in your list in the end of this post. Notify them.

1. At what age do you wish to be married?
Well, frankly speaking, I don't know. I don't even have a girlfriend yet! Keep this one till I get a girlfriend first.

2. If you were to be stranded on a deserted island, who are the 3 blog buddies you'd take and why?
Jun Xue the Mechanical Engineering student(rite?) so he can engineered something and get us out from there. Wai Loon the Gorill@(also the Mechanical student, rite?) who can pick coconuts from coconut trees as our food. Ee Von!! So that she can play her violin for us when we're tired! See I so good grant you the wish to train up your talent! Muahahah!

3. Where is the place that you want to go the most?
For now, it'll be Mt Kinabalu. I want to take pictures there!!

4. If you can have 1 dream come true, what would it be?
There'll be no politics. It kills more than it serves.

5. Do you believe you can survive without money?
Yes! I have skills. I can exchange them for foods.

6. What are you afraid to lose the most?
People whom I love.

7. If you win $ 1 Million, what would you do?
First of all will be my dSLR, then save those money for investment purposes.

8. If you meet someone that you love, would you confess to him/her?
Yes I would.

9. List out 3 good points of the person who tagged you.
Open-minded, funny, and pretty? LOL!

10. What requirement you wish from your other half?
Understanding enough and love my family too!

11. What kind of person you hate the most?
Malaysian-timing-kind-of-people. They do it as if it's their grandfather's time.

12. If you are given the chance to go back to the past and make a difference, will you?
If I were to go back, I'll not change myself but the Empress of China, ChiXi. She made so many people died and killed.

13. What is your most embarrasing moment in your entire life?
Back then, I was teaching Taekwondo in school and in front of class. I was demonstrating kicks and out of a sudden, it cracked. Old pants anyway.

14. What do you think is the most important thing in your life?
Family comes first.

15. If there's ever a war(or things that are similar) happening in your place, are you going to move to a safer place, or fight?
Fight. When the country is gone, we will soon vanished too. I would rather fight to death then tortured to death.

16. If you have the chance, which part of your character you would like to change?
Patience. I like a bomb. I can hold it most of the time but when someone set the timing wrongly, it blows.

17. Who is the person that you can share all your problems with?
Hmmm.. secret? LOL! So you can't get to dig my secrets! Muahahah!

18. What's your weakest point?
Study wise - Lack of determination
Life wise - Lack of hardwork

19. What's the thing that you're most proud of?
I am who I am. And I'm doing what I want.

20. What is the one thing you regret most?
For taking people for granted. I should have appreciate every single of them better.

Now the lucky bloggers are: Jun Xue, Wai Loon, Soo Shan, Rachel, Jane Yeoh, Samuel, Su Sien, Andrew, Mei Sze, Albert.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Saving Mother Earth

Dear Mother Earth,

For you, I would like to do this. It's for all of us here, and the next generation. Stand strong Mom.

It's for that hour Mom, to remind other people how important you are. It's counting down to that hour.

Dear All,

You may take your effort to join in too.

Your's sincerely,

In A Room Without Electricity

What do you get when a guy, together with 13 girls and one hot lecturer, in a room that has no electricity?

It's lots of screaming. Thanks to ghost stories... from the girls themselves!

Sunday, March 16, 2008


You've gotta bear with me a little recently. I just couldn't resist it. It's too tempting for me to take the pictures of skies here.

This one looks like taken from a California beach

The Rite Of Spring

So, a few housemates and I went to this Malaysia Philharmonic Orchestra entitled Stravinsky's Rite of Spring in KLCC. This is the first time I'm listening to ochestra and I was expecting myself to enjoy every single bit of it.

This ochestra was lead by Thierry Fischer as the conductor and Andreas Haefliger as the pianist. And frankly speaking, I don't know why do they need a conductor when they can play all of the instruments themselves when in the end, the conductor got all the credits. Hahaha! Mind you, it's my lame stupid naive opinion so bear with me as I'm pretty a noob in this kind of events, especially when it comes to music.

As you can see from the above picture, it is actually illegal to take pictures inside but for the sake of YOU, I risked myself!!! the settings are just like what you have seen in the movies.

And amazingly, the seats are almost 95% full and I estimated their revenue per show are about RM 40k ~ RM 60k. Yes, it is THAT much. Let's continue to the music.

The first music played was the Overture: Roman Carnival (Op.9) by Hector Berlioz which lasts for 9 minutes. Because it was the first time, I think it's rather what is being played in those Titanic kind of movies. And I was like O_o as I still can't blend into the music.

Next coming up was a 40-minute play. They played Piano Concerto No.5 in E Flat (Op.73) - "The Emperor" by Ludwig Van Beethoven. Allegro, Adagio un poco mosso and Rondo(Allegro) are included in the play. When they started playing the Adagio un poco mosso then only I starting to know the music better and float along with the tunes.

Once finished playing, people started to clap. Loudly. And it's not ordinary clappings. It's that kind of claps that you can hear very very clearly, very rigid, of those that you can heard of in the movies, too. So the conductor and pianist bowed and show their appreciation to the crowd and went to backstage. The crowd kept on clapping.

"Eh? Why they still clapping one?", I asked myself and a friend beside me. We have no answers.

The pianist came out again. The claps were much more solid and loud. He bowed, a lady come out from backstage and gave the pianist a bouquet of flowers. He thanked her, turned around and gave the flower to a violinist(do you call people who play violin violinist?!) behind him. He went in again. Claps still going on. He came out again. He bowed and thanked again, and this time, for real he didn't come out anymore.

It was then a 20 minutes interval break, which I didn't know it is supposed to be in between the ochestra. We went out and took some photos but due to bad lighting, too bad.

Then, it was the highlight of the day, 34-minute play entitled The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky. Listening to this play really reminds me a lot a lot of Disney cartoons. From the music itself, I can see images but yeah, probably I watched too much movies and too rich in imagination. This play is somehow touching, and very very nice. After 34 minutes, the crowd went siao and clapped again. The whole process of the pianist went through, had been repeated again, again, and again. I supposed it's their tradition huh.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Blue Blue Sky

Despite it's a Saturday morning, just look at the crowd. UTAR students Boleh!

Enlarge and tell me what did you see

UTAR's Sky

This is one of the very good spot for photography. Discovered this place accidentally

Strong foundation promises success

Together we stand under the blue blue sky

Mom had shown many different arts in this place

Weather today morning is just plain superb! Going for ochestra real soon. Yosh!

Friday, March 14, 2008

Sound Of Music

Yes! Tomorrow night, I'm going to turn into a upper class gentlemen that listens to a musical concert in KLCC.

Well, don't ask me who what where when why how. Because, I don't know. I'll update more tomorrow night, hopefully.

p/s: Must wear formal with coat wo....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

It Kills Them, Almost All Of Them

"Kindly send this message out, because there is a cancer patient needing B positive platlet. Please contact Mdm Soh at 03-97418538. Your help is very much appreciated, life is at stake!"

Usually, I'll just delete off this kind of messages but this one, I've been keeping it for 1 and a half day. Why? Because I'm a healthy man with B positive blood and have platlets. At last, I made the decision to call.

Immediately, it somehow kills it in me. However, I still believe that one day, someone will really needing that kind of messages to be sent out in order to save lives. I strongly urge all of you that, if you know that the message is a fake, don't send them out. It kills millions and millions of people's kindness, and maybe hundreds of lives at stake.

And seriously, if anyone from the service provider like Digi, Maxis and Celcom, please, cut this crap. It's fucking idiotic for you guys to play this kind of game. It kills more people than the money you earned.

I beg you guys.


"Nombor yang anda dail, tiada dalam perkhidmatan kami... Duuuuuuuuuuuuuuu......."

Scary Wednesday Morning

I woke up at 8. Calculated some of my ang pau money and I prepared to bank them in. So after getting everything ready, I put on my sport shoes and I walked to the Petronas at the back of my housing area to bank in the money.

On the way... I suddenly realised a kind of murderer sense. Very... very deep... very deep. I took my head up, and look at them. There were 3 of them. 2 in full green and 1 was wearing track suit.

"Something's not right.", I said to myself. I observed closely as I walked by. These guys never even blink their eyes as I passed by. The same way, I stared at them with my murderous sense and released my reiatsu.

I looked into them much more firely. Then out of a sudden, I noticed some yellow lines on the arm of both of the men in green.

"Hmmm... that must be Lans Koperal, and that.... must be a Sarjan.", I was relieved.

"That in civilian suit must be high ranking officer. At least Leftenan Muda", I thought.

*Light bulb!!!*

Why were them staring at me? What's wrong with these people? Didn't they see a fat assleng cai from before? I walked further down. Suddenly, I saw something green moving around me. I looked again.

WTF KNNCCB @#$@#^%@$!^#^#$^!%!@#%!&^@%!%!^!!!!!! I was wearing my army T-shirt with short pants, with my foreset of leg hair, with messy-just-woke-up-from-bed-hair plus haven't-shaved-face, in army T-shirt.

I immediately walked as fast as I could, and possibly, one of my fastest walk in this one year period. Really, it's scary to think back if they suddenly halt me and ask: "Eh kau di sana, lapor!".

Then I shall reply:"Sarjan, kau lapor!. Saya 6156380, Kapten Benjamin Lee, Batallion 2, Rejimen 515! LAPOR!", then after they lapor I'll kick their asses and I'll run away. Hahaha!

It's seriously scary at that moment. If I was caught that untidy, I would have doomed. I still have about 4 years of contract with ATM. No kidding.

p/s: Well trained military people can easily notice if the T-shirt is real or fake through their years of experience. And the worst thing is, I was wearing the army T-shirt, produced by Angkatan Tentera Malaysia itself. All the designs are the same throughout Malaysia. How would I not be recognised?

Monday, March 10, 2008


What does a group of numbers mean to you? 4D? Toto? Age?

Well to me, it means MY HEALTH! For goodness sake! My numbers are closed to 0.1 tonne. It's really close and I now really hope to reduce it to about 70.

I know I can. But, I'm lacking of that determination. I'm in search of that thing that motivates me. Anyone got any idea?

And yeah, recently I have uncountable pimples on my forehead and I'm rather helpless about it. So I went to the professional and let them do the job, that costs me a hole in my pocket.

It is not as enjoyable as I was expecting to be. In the early 20 minutes, I really enjoyed it that I almost fell asleep. Then it started to hurt. It hurts more. And more. In the end, it was about a 40-minute suffering from getting rid of the pimples. Tears filled up my eyes but she can't see. Because she covered my eyes with cottons. TT_TT

Well, it seems to be a good step for my beatification process. A long long one. Especially, with the numbers. it must not start with 8 or 9 and it must not end with 3 digits, if I want to leave long enough to see year 2100.

By the way, something to add on to your general knowledge. Female praying mantis will normally eats male praying mantis after mating.

Saturday, March 08, 2008

How Is It Like To Vote?

Well, you might ask me how is it like to vote? Well, it's just that, you go to the voting center, show your IC and check your voting status, take a number, line up, take 2 piece of papers, go to the voting table, place your "x"es, put into the box and done.

Simple process.

And it seems that many many unpredictable results had been released by now. Take care guys. Be careful.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Chain Letter

You know? Sometimes I just really hate people who sent chain letters to me. Or even post them up in Friendster or Facebook or whatever it is.

"You God damn mother is gonna die is 5 minutes!", "Your fucking boyfriend will get the shit out of you in 20 days!", "You'll have 16 years of bad luck, for Aries" and what the fuck? I'm an Aries!!!

So what the hell do I care? I've beeen deleting this kind of emails since I was Form 3 when I first contacted with the Internet. I have never got any of the fucking curse fell on me and I am still me. Most importantly, I'm a better man! Much better! And I had a better life instead of 16 years of bad luck!

We are all civilised people and we study! Did your IT teacher/lecturer ask you to forward those stupid cursing emails? If they did, give me their names and I'll write immediately to our beloved PM right now as the candies are still hot and up for grab!

Common'! Use your blains people! Email can't curse people. Only people curse people. People can only accuse people via email but never drop a curse or something! Even Jesus don't say :"Hey, forward the mail or I don't bless you dude!". No God will said that and certainly, only stupid assholes that wanted to jammed up the net did. Stop being a jerk and don't forward those mails already! For God sake!

And seriously, not trying to offend of any readers here but I really need to say this if you forward those type of emails:


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

Yeap, once again, UTAR's students are being bombarded with non-stop tests/exams/lab tests/tests/exams/lab tests....

Today, I need to use my Bankai just to handle this stupid mid-term, which defeated me in last semester. This time, it'll be a sweet revenge. And I also wonder, is it ok if I proposed to Barisan Nasional to cut down on exams and assignments? I think they'll most probably approved it isn't it, since they are giving candies all over the Malaysia.

And to all the exams in the world:

Courtesy from Sam

Monday, March 03, 2008

Out Of Randomness

Found these videos. Enjoy. Must watch the last one especially.

Happy Birthday Jun Xue!

Sunday, March 02, 2008


Well, due to the torn pants, I supposed to get another 2 pants(CNY also I didn't buy new clothes). So I supposed it's a good excuse for me to spend some money on myself.

Went to Jusco and tried to find pants. There are some variety, but the problem is, my waist is like elephant that some of the pants can't even climb my hip. It shows something. Time to keep fit you FatAss!

Seriously, after going to all the shops, really nothing fits me. Now the question is, what I can do so that I no need to wear only underwear and go to university.

I was lucky enough to spot this:

And now, I can put my long-deserted-Taekwondo pants to use. Initially I planned to use about RM 200 plus on my pants but now, I only spent RM 35.10 and saved all the hassels.

Saturday, March 01, 2008

Bday 4 Years Once + Stranded @ Jalan Duta

Well, it's only four years once rite? We have decided to go to Wong Kok at SS2, PJ to celebrate these two's birthday. So, let's not talk more and go to Wong Kok!

Wong Kok @ PJ SS2

We just love photo shooting

Teh Ice BESAR satu! And I find Wei Chun's expression funny!

Group shot using a 1 year old SE W810i

Group shot using a 2-month-old Nokia N82

XinYi & Nicky the key persons of the day

Yummy Fruit Cake

We born on the same day of the very rare year, and today, we hold our hands together, and cut the cake

Black, left, clockwise: Chen, Bird, Woan, Anne & Bday gal, XY

I love the wall!!!

Oh ShiT! You caught me drinking Teh Ice!

That was me, half way through drinking that 1 cup of Teh Ice... Not!

Well then, after the celebration, we go back as per planning.

Chen:"Errr, stop at the next gas station to pump some gas ya.", she said to Ray.

Ray:"Oh ok."

After not too long...

The Car:"*cough cough!*"

Ray:"Errr... I think we are now running out of gas... We must find gas station immediately!" and he made a turning into Jalan Duta.

The Car:"*COUGH COUGH COUGH!*", and it shook all of us inside.

We pulled over and stopped by the roadside. Luckily enough, we have another friend, YC driving. We made calls to him and requested him to help us out by buying petrol. Due to curfew, he'll had to send a few girls back first before he can come back to us. Well actually, they had planned to feed the car some syrup but they forgotten. And, the syrup indicater is spoilt, that's why none of us realised there's no syrup until the last minute.

So, what did the 5 of us who got stranded in Jalan Duta did? We sang... in the rain. We sang Negaraku. We sang lullaby. We sang new songs. We sang the goldies. And of course. Some of us "fought".

T_T... Car no petrol...

And I got a torn pants from "fighting"

Well, it's not really that bad after actually. It's just only drinking a Teh Ice Besar, a rainy day, with a stranded car, with a bunch of people, singing in the rain, until the rain stops, got a torn pants, and until the help came. It's seriously a memorable day for the five of us. 29th February 2008.

p/s: Check out this and that. People are getting much cleverer nowadays. There are a few videos actually but I don' t know why I didn't get to upload them into YouTube. So... Too bad!!!
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