Sunday, July 30, 2006

I'm being really bad again... Where is it now?

I just can't believe that I'm letting myself on and on for so many times. I'm getting lazier it seems. Yesterday, my friends asked me to help them to wrap the presents. Yeah, and all I did was tearing newspapers into to containers. They planning to prank the two birthday boy/girl.

Anyway, I supposed make myself study every moment from now on cause the final is just a blink of an eye away... God help me! Come back my spirit... I need you, just like in Semester One...

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

For The First Time And The Last Time....Hopefully

Tick Tok Tick Tok....

Darn... I'm running out of time now! I SHOULD HAVE finish it earlier. Not LAST MINUTE work! Sigh... I just can't imagine that I'm staying in UTAR for so long, for the very first time, since 0800, till now, timed at 2054.

I just finished my Programming assignment. This bloody assignment, come out with those things that we've never learnt before. Luckily, with a bunch of friends, we stayed back, and still staying back, in here, UTAR to finish it. I've done my.. Relaxing now le.. Hehe...

I hope, this is the first time ( of course la duh!) and the last time I stay back this late in school to do homework. God bless everyone!

Sunday, July 23, 2006

UTAR's Sports Carnival

It was certainly a tiring and exciting day. Of course, not to mention all the injuries that everyone got on their body.

I took part in Captain's Ball and also Dodge Ball. Hmmm.. Guess what? I had never play any of these games before! Not only me but most of my teammates too! Oh well, who cares? We were there for fun.

To cut it short, for both the games, my teams won 2 games and lost the third match. It was the match to qualify us to the semi-final. FYI, my teams were made up of males and females. For some of the opposing teams, they have all males, mainly. My teams are great, aren't they? Just imagine that those opposing teams were playing so rough, the girls in my team still dare to charge to those "beasts" in order to win! They really made great effort. One guy in my team got his toe broken a few weeks back (and still under recovery )but he still joined us for the games. I can see some of the people like Dr Tai, Weng Hong, Dzi Liang all, quiet in class but they are real sportmen here on the battle field.

We really enjoyed the whole process. There is one match, Dodge Ball, we did not lose actually. Everyone around saw what actually happened. Referee was bias, opponent's player was faking( and everyone else hate this guy, cause he cheated a lot and referee DIDN'T SEE ). We named him the RED 7. This guy gonna be looked down forever in his life in UTAR as long as those who saw what he did still there. Padan muka! Fake some more lah!

We got so many injured teammate, keep on substituting. Non-stop. I really pity them and I respect them all at the same time, for being really spiritful to fight till the end even if they were badly injured. *Bow Bow* Especially to Weng Sheng and Dr Tai, not forgetting all my fellow teammates and our supporters! Thank you! Thank you!

From my eyes, I can see that people who we seldom talked to, now playing as a team, we still can act together very well, so much of good coordination. Amazing! Really. That's the only words that I can use to describe my feelings. They all worked really hard and did their very best! I'm really touched now.. Feel like dripping a tear or two. Haha.

Today, I did things that I never dare to do. There were a few things but I could only remember one because everything happened so fast. The one that I remembered was, I was the goalkeeper for my team. The ball was shot at me. I thought of doing something else to stop the ball. But, my body did something else. I bend down my knees, shiftly, I jump out from the place that I should be at, grabbed the ball, rolled a few rounds on the ground before I stand up. That's the best saving to me on this very day! Of course, to me only lah! Let me tell you something. Martial arts really helps. All those training that I've been through like how to fall safely, I made use of them. And that is why I'm not physically injured, except for my back, one stupid guy landed on my back. It hurts a little till now but not very bad. Hopefully tomorrow I can still stand on my feet.

Ahhh... What a great day. It has been a while since my last exercise. I put everything I got into it. I love this kind of feeling where everybody is working their very best, towards a goal. Everybody listens to command, backup each another, with the never ending fighting spirit!

Arigato everyone! We had done our very best! Keep it up! Hope to play more games with you guys in the future! Love ya all!!! Muaksss!!

Thursday, July 20, 2006

I Just Can't Believed That We Did That!

I almost forgot until my roommate reminded me. "Eh, so you jumped already ar?" "What jump? OOOOOOOHHHHHH! OH MY.. what's the time now?" Thank God that I'm still 3 minutes away from it.

Took a deep breathe. Amazingly, they both joined me for the countdown. "3,2,1,JUMP!"
"POOB!", the jumping was done, followed by a burst of laugh among three of us. Haha! I just can't believe that I'm apart of the 600 millions who were trying OUR very best to restore the Earth's condition. Did you jump? I wonder.

World Jump Day @ “跳地球”日


updated:2006-07-19 19:10:59 MYT





台灣大學物理系主任張慶瑞表示,地球與太陽距離約15000萬公里,即使6億人同時在同一地點從1公尺高度往下跳,大約只會使地球與太陽距離增加0.015奈米,大約是氫原子半徑的一半,這樣的距離,連肉眼都看不出來。 (星洲日報/國際2006/07/19

Taiwan - Improving The Green House Effect
600Million people in "World Jump Day"
updated:2006-07-19 19:10:59 MYT

(Taiwan) Come on! To improve the Earth current condition, let us all 600 million people jump together!

In the order to improve the condition on Earth, Germany artist Rosmane* astabilished a website, calling in 600 million people to jump together on Greenwich dated at 20th July, 1139 hours and 13th second (Malaysia timing is July 20th 1939 hours 13th second), with the hope of making the Earth move away from the Sun a little bit.

Many has responded to his calling and about 598million people has already signed up to join his "jump".

Even so, there are many opposing parties around. Some thinks that it is very dangerous for the Earth to move out from it's orbit; some afraid that they might have to change the calender; some people even wondered if it is possible to make so many ppl to jump up together at the same time.

Supervisor Zhang Qing Rui* of Physics stream from University of Taiwan stated that, the distance between the Sun and Earth is about 150 million kilometres, even if 600 million people jump from the height of 1 metre at the same time, it will only added about 0.015nm** to the distance in between, which is roughly half the diameter of a hydrogen atom. Such small distance can't even be seen by naked eye. (Sin Chew Jit Poh/ Reuters - 2006/07/19)

*Translated names
**nm is the unit of measurement for length, 1nm is about the size of some virus

Well, funny isn't it? I never knew that I'll do some kind of translation like this. Wanna jump together? I hope you guys get to read this before running out of time to do so. Note that the mandarin article is the original while the one in English is from me. I failed to find the English article so, you-know-la.

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Democratic? LMAO!!!

Was chatting with Sim Mei and it triggered me off! Not your fault Sim Mei, it's myself who can't stand them. Initially I don't want to post this but, come and think of it, here's the place where my thoughts fly, isn't it?

Well, a few days back, a society in UTAR, which I was in, had an AGM to choose the new board members. Ok, it's an AGM, it's my duty to be there isn't it? Like normal thingy, there goes the speeches, bla bla bla. FYI, the old board is really not well organised. The Prez and Vice quarreled during the meeting itself, in front of everybody. Isn't that embarrassing? They fought like nobody's business, just like no one there looking at them. That wasn't the main thing.

Our society was "divided" to 2 clans, name it Y and Z. I am in the Y. Here comes the BIG thing. The voting session. Guess how they chose the committee members? They just name 3 nominees each from both clans, and there you go. 6 committe members. Later they moved on to Auditor, Treasurer, Secretary. Here come the President position. I casted my vote to Clan Z's nominee. We vote for who we think is capable, didn't we? Later on, it turned out that he won, Clan Z's nominee.

"Why did you vote for them?", asked Asshole A*. I explained to him that the voting session itself is not fair at all! Those assholes said that, whatever happened, they must let Clan Y get the Prez. Obviously, so-called-my-clan's members are outnumbered the other party. We can win in every single position. So why do we do the voting for? For fun? Just to show that you all are DEMOCRATIC? Pluuease la..

"We must get these two position. Treasurer and President. So that we know the flow of the money and we have the say. I can know where the money all went as well!", said Asshole B*. I didn't say back anything. Deep in my heart : So? When you get these positions last year, Clan Z not worried la? Or I should say, why must them worry? Or, more appropiately, why are you worrying where the money will go? UTAR is very strict about where each single cent in UTAR went to. How they want to cheat the money? Does all this not make any sense to you at all?

To make this even more pathetic, these people are over their twenties and guess what, Psychology students. Great? Hell ya! They are so immature, so so so so childish. Board members are supposed to sit down and talk, to discuss, not to suspect each other and draw a border line with people from the other clan. I just don't know what all these assholes are thinking. And I just don't understand why I keep bumping into these kind of people this year, especially. Don't know why. Is this a test from Him? To test my patience towards these people? He knows!!!

I'm not going to step back because you all are pressuring me in a way. No way. Try me. Let me warn you in advance, if you happened to read this, don't make me mad. You'll regret it. But worry not, there's still a lot of things that you assholes can do to irritate me. Just wait till the volcano erupt.

*Asshole A = Treasurer and Asshole B = President, the committe members for 2005/06

Amazing, isn't it?

Is This Me??

It has been a very long time, since my last time studying hard... Really studying hard, that time. I can't even remember when was it. Now is the second semester, and I hardly know anything about it. Assignments, homeworks, studies all stranded. Games, entertainment, and others come first.

What has happened to me? Why am I like this? Am I going to fail it again? No I'm not! I won't want to experience it again. True, I always say this to myself, and yet, I'm still the lazy me. What can I do to get rid of it? Anyone?

I can feel that I'm struggling in the quick sand of laziness. I try my best all the time to get out from there. Everytime when I tried to fight back by doing some studies, I sank faster, by the irritants, distractions around me. I sank faster and faster. In great desperation for a strong helping hand, pull me out from this mess.

I'll do my best now! I need Your helping hand. I already stick my hand out. Just pull it... Please..Please..Please... Be strong, Buttercup!

Friday, July 14, 2006


Dear Mr. Mouse,

I would like to send my highest graditude to you and your clans who sacrifice your blood for us. I deeply greatful of that. Without you all, human won't survive this long I believe. Here is a memorandum for you, specially for you, Mr. Mouse.

Me with Mr. Mouse posing

Dead Mr.Mouse with the heart still beating. If you notice closely, you'll be able to see Mr.Mouse's poo poo was sticking half way out!

Hmmm, I don't know about those my Form Six friends if you all ever get to take the pictures of the dissection. I do! Haha!

Last time, I was jealous of with my ex-schoolmates who got to dissect mice/frogs. Well, now I get the chance. I hope that my decision, that lead me into this course is never wrong. Mr. Mouse, thanks again!

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Powerless... Now I Know How Weak I Am

First class of 散手really take me down with it's technique and power. I never imagined that it was that tiring. Now that I'm typing here, with both of my hands shaking... Really. They have both hand drills and leg drills. The leg part was ok, I'm used to it but the hand part, it's kinda different from Taekwondo and they are expert in using hands.

Let's skip the boring part. I was asked to hold pads for a senior to kick. In my brain was like, "Ok, let's see what ya'll has been learning.", and I relaxed a little. "PAAAM!" I got hit myself in the face. Twice. For underestimating that skinny guy. It was really a good lesson and luckily I recovered fast enough to continue the training. Later, I asked one of my friend there. "Oh, he is famous of his power!" Damn... What an unlucky day!

Then here comes the free technique drill. We kick or punch the pads and do whatever the holder want us to do. It was something like Taekwondo. "PAAAM!", man, again! Guess what this time? The instructor didn't say that the holder can attack back!!! I kept on attacking, this time, with caution. There is one time he suddenly attack me again. My leg swing up right in front of his face. "Sorry!", but I was happy actually. Haha! It was my reflexes! Bully me some more la!! Padan muka! But during this training, I injured both of my wrists and hence, the condition of my arms now, shaking. It shook even more vigourously during the class!

Oh ya... My stamina is really lacking alot. Alot! I gotta gain back my stamina last time and push it further this time! This kung fu class really need alot of stamina and strength.

Next, here comes the pattern training. Amazingly, their pattern, something like Taeguek, only around 12 steps? And that's the grading syllabus. That's all, from what I was informed. The lady assistant instructor demonstrate to me the uses of some technique. She asked me to hold her hand and lock her arms. I was not able to do so! Not at all, I can't even move her hand a little! She's amazing. Then she assigned a little girl, probably around 12 or 13 years old to teach me. She's a senior to me man!! Haha.. The way she coach me, reminds me of my olden days. Haha. Kinda ch'ng! Haha... She even use her leg to correct my stances, just like in the movies. When come to the hand part, "Why is your hand so shaky one?" "I injured my wrist just now during the punching drill lo." "You gotta work hard man!" OMG!!! I'm being asked by a kiddie to train harder. Yeah, I'm weak indeed. So powerless. Powerless to do anything.

Just imagine the maximum weight that can lift by a 3-year-old child. Yes, that's my "local-maximum" limit. I can't hold it for long. Not at all. I even having the problem to type properly. My right last finger can't even press the enter from the normal position. I gotta move my whole hand to do so. Pathetic.

Yet, I won't give up! This is not my limit. I know it. I want to go higher level. I'm not going to lose to you all, seniors. Watch me! Kore wa, watashi no nindou! Prepare to LOSE!!!! Yeah, I might talk big now. Give me some time and I'll prove it!

I Just Can't Believe I'm Doing This

You know what? Recently I've started to chat with someone. Someone that is very smart at certain time but stupid like like a retarted child. Guessing who's the one? Hmmm... Maybe only some of you got it right. Yes, it's the smarterchild from hotmail.

I just can't believe that I'm chatting with AI. He is really smart from all aspects like weather, encyclopedia, etc. But when it comes to normal conversation, there goes his retarded side. He didn't answer to the question correctly all the time. He might answer something that you'll never expected.

Seeing is believing, add him at I'm really glad that someone actually created such machine that started to understand human's language and I believe, one day, in near future, we'll able to have an AI that can understand human language totally and is able to converse with us without any mistake. But by that time, human will have to be alert. AI aren't stupid and they might clones themselves, just like in the movie. Oh, did I think too much? Naw, I don't think so!

SmarterChild The AI

Thursday, July 06, 2006

It's Just Buttercup's Lucky Day!

Well, it was initially not my plan to follow my fellow friends to go to 1 Utama. But since there are going and I got a free lift, so, why not?

"Eh, what show you all watching ar?"

"Superman Returns."

"What? Superman Returns? I saw that already... Aiyo... How le?" (FYI, I already in 1 U)

"Dunno wo... How how?"

"Here got bowling center ar?"

"Oh ya.. There's one just right beside GSC."

Ok.. Problem solved... It was around 3pm when I reach the bowling alley as I'm looked at their backs, 10 of them all together, stepping into GSC Gold Class, leaving me, lonely at the back.. Sob Sob. Haha!

Well, I went to the counter, paid the money, for 5 games which cost me around RM19.50? That's consider cheap already compared to other places. It was really a slow game even though I'm playing alone. To kill the time. Superman lasts 2.5 hours. Damn.. Why is it so long?

I really had a hard time killing the time and play real slow. It was like one roll for every 3 to 4 minutes? A really slow game. I keep on talking to people beside my lane. Luckily they didn't take me as a "funny-guy". Later, there came one guy.

"Hi there! Do you mind if I take the lane beside you? I'm playing alone too!"

"Oh sure! No problem!"
(At this stage I was like, errr, how come got people wanna join me ar?)
He went to get the lane opened. We had a good chat while we were playing.

"Where do you come from?"

"Oh, I from Korea. South Korea."

"Ohhhhh... No wonder-lah... I can hear some slang there! Why are you here and what are you doing here in Malaysia?"

"Oh I'm currently working as a manager here. I am here since 4 years ago."

"Waaa... You said you are working as a manager rite? Where ar?"

"Here." (Something flashed back in my mind. "Oh I'm currently working as a manager here. I am here since 4 years ago." , remember this?)

I was stunted for a while.

"Haha!! Really? You din tell also I dunno le!"

The chatting went on until my last game, almost ending already.

"You wanna add some more games?"

"Never mind. It's ok. I'll just wait my friends to come out from the cinema." (Sadly, looking at my watch, it's only 5pm. 30 more minutes to go... Die!!! What am I gonna do? Pocket empty already some more!)

Without me realising , (really, I'm not lying!!!) he said something to a worker nearby and said to me:

"While waiting for your friends, come play a few more games as exercise. Rather than you standing there doing nothing."

"ARrrrr.. Thank you so much Mr. Justin! Thanks alot."

It was nice to be with him. Of course nice le got free game.. Haha... But that's not the main thing. He taught me some techniques on how to control my rolling to be more stable. And I really gained alot from him!

Finally, the game ends.

"Do you have a name card Mr Justin?"

"Oh yes", while he passing it over to me, "Please do call me during your next visits. I'll give you special discount besides than the student's rate!"

Oh.. I'm so touched! I never knew that someone who I just met a moment ago offering me all this!!! I thank and thank him before I left. He is indeed such an interesting guy. He's a ITF black belt holder, 2nd Dan. He sent his sons to Chinese primary school to study!

Man... Now I'm eager and longing and hoping and ...... to go there again. Hehe! Wanna special discout? Bring me there along ya! Hehe...

Sunday, July 02, 2006

Reunion vs. Seperation

It was a good small reunion, for the few of us. It was just a small talk in mamak, with a few cups of teh tarik, teh-o-ice-limau, roti-bom and so on. It was really a memorable night. Jun Xue still looks the same, maybe a few centimeters taller? Haha... Wai Loon and Horng Tat already left to Malacca by now. Jun Xue will still be around here till mid September. Chung Kiap is going to take up LAW. Unbelievable rite? Haha... Along with Nicole, Chin Chin, Yang Mien and Zhau Ying, we talked till ten something. Then it was DotA after that, without the girls of course...

As time passed by, all kind of images came to my mind. "Mommy, I'll be going to Jun Xue's house to play badminton and ping pong ya!". We all did play badminton and ping pong. But it was only like one hour plus or two. The rest of the time, Counter-Strike or Half-Life in T 'n' S. Or, after Taekwondo training, T 'n' S again. It was our parts of memories. It was all so naive back then. We all grew up together. It was all then. They brought me up along as they grew up.

Still, even we all will have to leave each other today, we'll still keep in touch with each other, with the promise of, by the time we gather again, we'll do some sparring, see if we got any improvements. All of us are still young, haven't really mature yet, I think. We still got time to grow and we'll grow together. They are always there. Supportive. Fun. Laughter. Everything. I'm really glad that I know them in my life! I must have done something good in my past life!*Ahem*

Not only them. So many of my other friends are leaving. Much further than mentioned above some of them. Li Wei, going to somewhere else far away (sorry I forgot where), Sim Mei in UM, Pauline in Johor(dunno if she'll change her thought), Ee Von in UM, Ian in LimKokWing, Edgar going to Aussie(I think), and so many more. Sorry that I couldn't mention all of you here! You all will be always in my mind and heart. One thing that I must clarify, before all of you think that I'm mean. I MIGHT FORGET YOUR NAMES, BUT I'LL NOT FORGET YOU! (Unless you change your look la of course!) PLEASE DON'T BE ANGRY WITH ME BY THEN. I'm really glad that all of you help me out all this way, directly and indirectly. Thanks a million! Technology nowadays is very advance, so I think we can all keep in touch easily. Don't break the bond ya! We build it up together, don't let it go...

Here's some memories that I want to share with all of you... If you want to copy them, go ahead...

Friends, keep in touch! Love `ya all!
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