Sunday, July 09, 2006

Powerless... Now I Know How Weak I Am

First class of 散手really take me down with it's technique and power. I never imagined that it was that tiring. Now that I'm typing here, with both of my hands shaking... Really. They have both hand drills and leg drills. The leg part was ok, I'm used to it but the hand part, it's kinda different from Taekwondo and they are expert in using hands.

Let's skip the boring part. I was asked to hold pads for a senior to kick. In my brain was like, "Ok, let's see what ya'll has been learning.", and I relaxed a little. "PAAAM!" I got hit myself in the face. Twice. For underestimating that skinny guy. It was really a good lesson and luckily I recovered fast enough to continue the training. Later, I asked one of my friend there. "Oh, he is famous of his power!" Damn... What an unlucky day!

Then here comes the free technique drill. We kick or punch the pads and do whatever the holder want us to do. It was something like Taekwondo. "PAAAM!", man, again! Guess what this time? The instructor didn't say that the holder can attack back!!! I kept on attacking, this time, with caution. There is one time he suddenly attack me again. My leg swing up right in front of his face. "Sorry!", but I was happy actually. Haha! It was my reflexes! Bully me some more la!! Padan muka! But during this training, I injured both of my wrists and hence, the condition of my arms now, shaking. It shook even more vigourously during the class!

Oh ya... My stamina is really lacking alot. Alot! I gotta gain back my stamina last time and push it further this time! This kung fu class really need alot of stamina and strength.

Next, here comes the pattern training. Amazingly, their pattern, something like Taeguek, only around 12 steps? And that's the grading syllabus. That's all, from what I was informed. The lady assistant instructor demonstrate to me the uses of some technique. She asked me to hold her hand and lock her arms. I was not able to do so! Not at all, I can't even move her hand a little! She's amazing. Then she assigned a little girl, probably around 12 or 13 years old to teach me. She's a senior to me man!! Haha.. The way she coach me, reminds me of my olden days. Haha. Kinda ch'ng! Haha... She even use her leg to correct my stances, just like in the movies. When come to the hand part, "Why is your hand so shaky one?" "I injured my wrist just now during the punching drill lo." "You gotta work hard man!" OMG!!! I'm being asked by a kiddie to train harder. Yeah, I'm weak indeed. So powerless. Powerless to do anything.

Just imagine the maximum weight that can lift by a 3-year-old child. Yes, that's my "local-maximum" limit. I can't hold it for long. Not at all. I even having the problem to type properly. My right last finger can't even press the enter from the normal position. I gotta move my whole hand to do so. Pathetic.

Yet, I won't give up! This is not my limit. I know it. I want to go higher level. I'm not going to lose to you all, seniors. Watch me! Kore wa, watashi no nindou! Prepare to LOSE!!!! Yeah, I might talk big now. Give me some time and I'll prove it!


minsoon said...

Kenny... black belt taekwando holder getting called "weak" by a 12 year old girl. YAhahaha !!

This is quite disturbing..

Kenny : "My leg swing up right in front of his face. "Sorry!", but I was happy actually. Haha!"

( 0_o) you SadistiC bastard.... what happened to learning martial arts for self-defence !!??

buttercup said...

tht was reflex la... haha.. can't help it.. he's too much.. lesson for him tht day. haha... hey.. u rarely online nowadays ya?

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