Monday, October 27, 2008

Vampire Knights @ Heritage

Just yesterday only I went to The Heritage Station Hotel Kuala Lumpur to have this Vampire Knights photoshooting. Thank you very much to Mr Gan from Heritage for lending us a room for make up and shooting around his hotel at no cost, T&C applied.

One of the light shot in the hotel room, purposely under-exposed it. Nice?

I would say that the hotel really is a heritage of time to us. Many many British influence is pretty much visible in there, as well as that old vintage lift, of which I'm kinda sure that many many many many of you have not used it before. You had to open and close the door yourself before the lift started to move. Can imagine that? Haha.

After Mr Gan show us around the places, the girls went and get ready while me and another photographer, Velho is preparing our gears.

The girls getting ready

"Let me help you with your hair. Mini maini mani hom!"

I think the timeline of the story might be a bit jumple up, but never mind, hope you enjoy the pictures.

This is one of the scene where Yuki fell, and Kaname came to help

Looking at each other

Yuki was shocked

Kaname fetched a chocolate threw by Zero

Kaname's leaving

I forgot which scene is this

And Yuki watching from the back

Zero holding Kaname's hand

Kaname watching helplessly... their relationship


Kaname & Zero

Zero with "his" gun

Are you ready?


Kaname posing

It feels more like commercial shooting pulak, to me


Kaname & Yuki

Kaname & Zero

Group shooting (L to R):
See Wah, Relyss, Hitokiri, Velho, Riko, (I don't know her name), Me

Hitokiri shot this

I MUST admit that it is getting harder and harder to photoshoot people/potraits after the more one learns. Out of about 350 shots I got, these are the few that I think is at-least-presentable. Other shots really not that nice. Hitokiri to Riko to Relyss-chan, gomen nasai~

I must learn more. More.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Disclaimer: You might as well find this post very boring. If you do feel so, kindl navigate to other links for this time and come back again tomorrow night or Monday night.

Well, actually nothing much to say today. Just posting for fun. You might find some of the things here very very abstract. You might find some is totally a mess. I just want to post something today. Hahahahahah!

p/s: Watched Bangkok Dangerous, rate it 5/10 and The Coffin (if compared to The Eye) I rate it 2/10. Not scary also. Booooh~

Thursday, October 23, 2008


Yeap. I had resigned. Nope, not that, but resigned as a translator. It's really taxing for me. Initially when I took up that job, I was thinking to kill some of my time. But it killed more than what it should be. Much more. Inclusive of my sleeping time, at times.

Never mind about that. I think I made a new friend today. Meet Amy (link 1 - link 2).

How do I get to know her? I was in the lift. The door opened. And suddenly a very very familiar face came into my eye. Well, I believe this is what the photographers' ability to recognise their subject good enough, in this case, the model.

I poked her softly at her shoulder and asked,

"Excuse me, are you the model who attended the Sony Alpha Workshop last week?"

At first, she got a shocked like WTH-why-you-poke-me-Who-are-you kind of look. Then she came to it.

"Oh ya. Yes. You're the Alpha user ar?".


We then exchanged number and got her msn to send her her pictures. And something you might not notice while reading this post.

Hmmm, what is it le? She lives just at my area =.= ... What a small world.


Now after resign, I can spend more time with my wife and Photoshop.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Next Level

Just only pushed my Photoshop to another level! Yeah!

New Header

Yeap, I think that I should start changing the header every month. Haha. Let's start off with this ok?

Monday, October 20, 2008


Now, let me share with you the last picture from Sony Alpha Workshop yesterday.

Picture credits to John Shum
Can spot me or not?

Now, some people really thought that this girl is actually naked. Perhaps, it's time for me to clear your doubts.

This one is what she looks like after edit

And this one is before edit. No edits at all. Saw her clothes there or not?!?!

Ok. Clear now?

p/s: If my customer no lou dim me, by tomorrow morning I will be able to secure a at-least-RM40K business. Wish me luck!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sony Alpha Basic Workshop October 2008

Attended Sony Alpha BASIC Workshop after buying the camera for almost six months. Although about 50% of stuffs I had self-discovered, I still managed to learn a lot today.

They also hired two models for us to shoot at. When the shooting sessions starts, 90% of the people went mad. They grabbed their newly bought camera and started to shoot at those people like hungry wolves trying to feed on cute little lamb. *Please see pictures below*

Sony also said that, we will have to submit one of our best, unedited picture to them to judge. And if we wins, we get to select one of the product from Sony Style. I don't know what is the thing that they are giving out for us to choose from, but, I think it's worth a try. So I tried to squeezed myself through the wolves. However, I failed. These are the best I can get.

Trying to shoot her in depression, but angle problem. (She's actually in pain when she pose until here, I don't know why she is in pain, but she keep on doing it. Very professional spirit!)

This is the one that I sent, unedited. Hope it makes me win something

Edited. Can see the difference ka?

Those pics just now are all zoom-ed. Just look at the crowds. How to shoot?

Those who don't get to go to the front, like this lor~

Me pulak shooting from the back at the photographers

I remembered during the class, a 50-plus-year-old uncle said to another participant: "Eh, you newly buy one ar? What kind of mode you like to use ar? Auto or Manual?"

B answered: "I'm still new, so I used Program mode lor~"

Uncle said proudly and pro-ly: "Oh. I like to shoot using manual"

After the shooting session, the class continues. That uncle asked: "Eh, can I know rite, in just now that session ar, what mode should I use?"

Now, if I had been taught well by my friends, all the pro will choose to use a Manual mode. Wait a minute, I thought that uncle was a pro? Bah, forget it.

Some people can't make their way to the front, they change subject

Some even depressed...
No, I was joking only. He was actually shooting buildings across the street

Now, 90% of the wolvespeople were still shooting at the moment. The 5% are girls, another 5% are guys like me. Cannot get to shoot ma go back sit lo~

I hope it's not a wrong move that I started my Alpha Journey. I just like it.

Quoted from one girl, I can't remember her name. "I don't talk about how much I love photography. I show my photos."

Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Day Trip to Batu Caves & National Museum

God was good enough for not letting the sky rain today and yeah, I went to Batu Caves with Wei Chun. Before that, my initial plan was actually to wake up at 0500 to get ready and out by 0600, reaching Batu Caves by 0630 and catch the sunrise.

BUT, thanks to my Dota-craze neighbour who's a noob using don't know what hero, he f*cking shouting in the midnight! It's not the first time he do that. Previously I said nothing, but not today. I screwed him thrice, then only he shutted his gap and never shouting again in godly hours of 0330!! So you know what time I woke up rite?

And I actually forgotten that it WAS a Saturday, and traffic at 0550 is not as jammed up as I used to go at 0750. Wei Chun and I reached there about 0600. So sorry to make him wake up so early, and got him standing there to wait for the grill of Batu Caves to open so that we can climb the ladders.

In the mean time, I was trying out my flash gun. It's never easy to use. Let's say no more and proceed to some of the pictures taken.

Sunrise *no flash*

When we are just finished our first round, this uncle in white already finishing his second round. Damn geng ok?

After that, Wei Chun and I went back to Wangsa Maju to have breakfast.

This is the kind of breakfast I had been dreaming of in Setapak. Always have no time in the morning to enjoy this kind of luxury

After breakfast, we went back to clean up and dressed up again. This time, we're heading to the National Museum. Entrance ticket is RM2 for adult (if you had done your History good enough to pass, forget about going there; unless you're bringing your children, then it's ok), and RM1 for kiddies.

We passed by one construction site and I suddenly noticed something. With my inborn/innate/coroner's instinct/reaction, I immediately get Wei Chun to call the cops and I snap the next picture with my Sony Alpha with flash gun.

Someone was killed.... about 10,000 years ago
(Please don't ever believe this ok?)

Interior design of the Museum


*Nippon-go = Japanese* Japanese - Malay - English Dictionary, at that time

And I love this shot best. Nice lighting

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