Monday, October 06, 2008

My Firsts

There's 2 things I want to share today!

1. Watch Human Dissection LIVE!

I was working, and I went into this Anatomy Department without me realising. I saw they were cutting something but I thought they just doing using some animal samples.

As I walked passed them, suddenly I shivered from my hair to my toe. I felt very heavy suddenly. Then, I saw a man, lying on the operation table, being dissected. It was my first time seeing human dissection up close and live. Name of dissected: John Doe.

It is really a memorable moments. Hopefully I won't have nightmare today.

2. My first disposable camera!

Thanks to WaWa, I get my own disposable camera! I still remember, the first time when I feel like buying it, was during my primary school. That time, it costs about RM 60 ~ 75. Now I got it for free! Arigato WaWa~

First Disposable Camera!


Wai Loon Kwan said...

wa lao.. keng... where is the department located ah?.. no la.. i dont want to go and see.. i just wan to know... or maybe i can trick someone to go there in future just for fun.... you din take picture with you phone meh? man.. that's so wasted....i want to see what you saw...

Wai Loon Kwan said...

wah, who is this wawa?? so pretty wan? and her photoshot is AWESOME! it mades me almost dowanna read your blog anymore... damn got feel... + she's pretty...

buttercup said...


reply to your first comment: No, we can't take photo like that. Firstly, it's not my work, unless I have a topic to deal with the work, or the body. Secondly, it's disrespect to the body if just put their pics up like that.

Reply to your second comment: Hahahahahahah! She's my coursemate, or you can say "ex-coursemate". She has got the talent there and upcoming. You can always visit her blog one. No problem.

Just that, you'll be missing a lot more leng luis that will be posting here. That's all. No worries, no biggies. Muahahahahahah!*evil grins*

Jun Xue said...

I frankly feel wai loon is getting weirder nowadays.. perhaps you're studying too hard!

And I totally agree, she's beautiful! Hey Althena, if you're reading this, you're beautiful! Hahhah perhaps I just made someone smile... or sound like a pervert.

Anyways, go train Buttercup! I'm going to start on my stamina now.. I'll be back.. 5 months later... just you wait!

Min Soon said...

That disposable camera could be modded into a Taser once the film runs out !! Very easy takes only 5 minutes ! :D

Wailoon would make a good Taser testing subject. XD

buttercup said...

LOL yeah maybe he studied too much. Oh yeah! I started skipping rope! haha! but I think i'm gonna get a new one. that one damn hard to skip liao!

yes i will be waiting to kick ya ass too! and mins, forget not!

Well, at first, i don't even have the intention to even have a look at the so called taser. But suggested by you to make wai loon the subject, it totally makes things the other way round.

I will consider. LOL!

Wai Loon Kwan said...

huh?? what's a taser?

hei kenny, get one skipping rope that can count your loops wan.... and get the plastic type wan.... i got mine for rm 17 sth...

it maybe a little expensive, but it's worth it...

Samuel said...

how come is not 'jane doe'.... haha... song lo you.. nvm kenny you will have chance to get dissected wan.. i can help u..


buttercup said...

wah got such thing meh? so high tech liao?!?!?

and taser is a kind of electrical gun tht is used to stun fugitive/bad ppl so that they don't counter attack. Very powerful gun.

haha.. cannot jane doe la. no jane there ma. got john onli. no choice lo. haha..

oh you willing to let me dissect o?

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