Saturday, October 18, 2008

One Day Trip to Batu Caves & National Museum

God was good enough for not letting the sky rain today and yeah, I went to Batu Caves with Wei Chun. Before that, my initial plan was actually to wake up at 0500 to get ready and out by 0600, reaching Batu Caves by 0630 and catch the sunrise.

BUT, thanks to my Dota-craze neighbour who's a noob using don't know what hero, he f*cking shouting in the midnight! It's not the first time he do that. Previously I said nothing, but not today. I screwed him thrice, then only he shutted his gap and never shouting again in godly hours of 0330!! So you know what time I woke up rite?

And I actually forgotten that it WAS a Saturday, and traffic at 0550 is not as jammed up as I used to go at 0750. Wei Chun and I reached there about 0600. So sorry to make him wake up so early, and got him standing there to wait for the grill of Batu Caves to open so that we can climb the ladders.

In the mean time, I was trying out my flash gun. It's never easy to use. Let's say no more and proceed to some of the pictures taken.

Sunrise *no flash*

When we are just finished our first round, this uncle in white already finishing his second round. Damn geng ok?

After that, Wei Chun and I went back to Wangsa Maju to have breakfast.

This is the kind of breakfast I had been dreaming of in Setapak. Always have no time in the morning to enjoy this kind of luxury

After breakfast, we went back to clean up and dressed up again. This time, we're heading to the National Museum. Entrance ticket is RM2 for adult (if you had done your History good enough to pass, forget about going there; unless you're bringing your children, then it's ok), and RM1 for kiddies.

We passed by one construction site and I suddenly noticed something. With my inborn/innate/coroner's instinct/reaction, I immediately get Wei Chun to call the cops and I snap the next picture with my Sony Alpha with flash gun.

Someone was killed.... about 10,000 years ago
(Please don't ever believe this ok?)

Interior design of the Museum


*Nippon-go = Japanese* Japanese - Malay - English Dictionary, at that time

And I love this shot best. Nice lighting


sinkeat said...

aiks .. too bad I didnt follow today ... if not i also can get some nice shoot .. hehe ..

btw, that's the only pic u took from Batu Caves ?

buttercup said...

hahaha... yea lo wasted you can't come. I actually got a few more shots.. but i think the nicer one i put out la (although they're not really that nice T_T)

Samuel said...

haha... kenny kalah kepada Ah-pek

buttercup said...


wait la.. i will try to go back there every weekend (providing that i don't go back to klang) and train. hahaha! beat him kao kao later on.

Wai Loon Kwan said...

wah! you need to screw your friend thrice only he can shut the fuck up ah?

what type fkshit is IT man? must be very kuai lan shit wan.... damn hate this type of f8king, brainless, ignorant, inconsiderate, father mother brother sister din teach punya person. hopefully he sees this comment.

..l.. fuck you, noob ..l..

buttercup said...

haha.. not my friend, but neighbour. he really noob. damn noob. everything also hear he die one.

Samuel said...

I think by that time u can beat the Ah-pek he also retired and lazy wanna run d lo :D


buttercup said...

hahahaha.... T.T at the same time. sigh.. too fat liao.

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