Wednesday, October 15, 2008

F58. No, Not A Fighter Jet

Welcome to your new home! Here, you'll be taken care of, as well as, you'll be put to your best performance.

Come to papa, F58.

Well, that vest that you see I'm wearing, it's actually a gift from Foto Miami(the place I bought all my camera stuffs, outside they won't give you for free yo! Credits to Ms Choy!) .


Min Soon said...

Wah why the camera so long one ?

The jacket gives that professional look... how many 'shurikens' can it hold ? xD

buttercup said...

camera so long? =.=

shiriken =.= X 100000

it's an original Sony Alpha Vest!

Min Soon said...

Oh, that long thing is a F58 flashgun...sorry I very n00b in photography I know nothing.

Does this mean that you'll be having another photo shoot of hawt girls as models ? :3

Chuck said...


buttercup said...

hahahah.... yeah i will be having, a few more, instead of just one. =p

?? haha..

Wai Loon Kwan said...

woooo.... kenny is getting similiar with kau chai tui alr... hahah.. jk.... make sure you take more leng lui pic ah... after that you introduce me to them ok? hahahaha.... jk.. after take leng lui picture alr go kao them...

buttercup said...

hahaha... then i ma have to kao many many many mnay of them? where can.. no time le.. haha..

focus 1 can liao ma. haha.

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