Friday, October 10, 2008


Again, 2 things to share today. I'll keep it short as I did not bring back my laptop.

First, boss said: "You're right. Well done."

You all get it right? Haha.

Secondly, she finally tell her name. She said it's Angel. But I don't think it's her name. We had a long long chat but I still don't know who she is.


Jun Xue said...

Angel... Angel!~~~~

LOL Ganbate.. and frankly, i'm not too sure about your boss thing.. ahha I shall ask you next time.

Samuel said...

are you sure is angel.. not devil... or maybe devil in disguise as angel...


long long chat eh...

wats with the boss thing? i don get it also.. why is it so isi tersirat wan..

buttercup said...

yeah angel. nvm la. don't want anymore. she not sporting enough to tell. =p

yeah maybe.. i'm just a little lamb. hahah.

errr.. about that one, nvm la. hahaha! for you all to see, for me to understand (cos too long to explain liao).

Chuck said...

i think tat girl like u

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