Sunday, October 05, 2008

Long Weekend

Had a very very long weekend during this Raya Festival. Went back to Penang(actually Perak at my grandma's house), then Batu Ferringi (something like that) Penang, and Pulau Ketam in Selangor.

Taken some pictures. Not many but hope you enjoy it ya!

Broken Scar

"When you wanna free me?"
Chained because naughty

If Wen & Althena reading this, this picture got lomo feel or not? I think not. Haha!

Mom & Dad in Batu Ferringi Beach

Parachute against the sunset

Snapped these boys riding on a horse back. Seriously, I almost forgot how huge a horse is, until I have a zero-distance contact with horse again

Now, that's roughly pictures in Penang and Batu Ferringi. Next, let's move on to Crab Island!

Awaken soaking wet

I think this one is consider good enough already. Haha. My lense not macro enough T_T

Front to back: Father's sister, Mom, Sis, Dad

Dad even ran into the cockpit (is it what they call in the ship as well?) to snap picture

Someone left their commitment here and it stays as long as the pillar stays

People always say, police in Pulau Ketam always very efficient. Any place in Pulau Ketam, 5 minutes

This is why they are so fast. Their patrol car

Found some really really old soccer game toy


This is what you will be seeing when you see through the wooden floor of the houses there


Carlsberg seems to be the local favourite drink

Fried lala. Very very nice!

Although the colour doesn't looks appealing, it's really tasty too!

Same thing goes to the fish

OOooo~ and the tofu~ muacks~

Due to hot weather, mom bought this

My sister being "forced" to wear this

We heard that there's a Maybank here. We seek it out. One ATM, full operating 24/7, no "Out of Order" like what we usually have here

Nazi the Parody
When I was shooting this, a group of aunties and uncles step closer to see what I was taking =.=

Curi itu memalukan, tau?
Dad, brother and I went to a fish farm in the middle of the sea/river bank to see how people do their farming there

Dad always enjoy the scenery and the wind


I love sky!


Jun Xue said...

Whoa! I like the sky! Aih... you just made me miss the sea T__T.

hahah your dad seems to be very sporting!

buttercup said...

haha.. come back then we go bitch ok?! opps.. i mean, beach. hahaha!

yeah he is.

Jun Xue said...

AHHhaha yea! Let's go to the perhentian islands! but that depends on when i'll be going back though.. hmmh mhmmmmm

Donovan Lee said...

hey, wanna ask u.. what are the attractions in ketam? i forgot ady. so long didnt go. lol. if stay overnite, worth it ar? u know of the rates? thx! =)

buttercup said...

perhentian or sipadan! Yosh!! Before that go Mt. KK! hahaha!

ooo~ the attraction is simple, seafood. that's all. haha! err, the rates range is kinda big. i think one nite is about 40 ~ hundred plus, depending on the room n suite u chose.

iamwen said...

Lomo is not about editing, is just the style of taking picture for me. When you have chance to join the lomo gang, i think you will know what i mean. by the way the sky shot with parachute is nice! keep it up.

iamwen said...

btw, if you are using photoshop CS3, there is a option in Curve function, you can select the option of cross process to see the lomo feel. ha~

Jun Xue said...

I don't mind either! whoa Mt. KK.. that's adventurous.. wha.. dunno got time or not if i go back in CNY.. ohh at that time we can't go to the beaches right? then might as well Mt. KK then! Go train your stamina! LOL (brainwashed by wai loon subtly)

gypsy-on-the-move said...

Oooooo! I Love ALL the shots eh!

buttercup said...

thanks~ yeah yeah. I might be buying one lomo cam also but not sure la~ hahaha!

Mt. KK!! Must earn money besides than training! And bring your camera along! haha!

thanks~~ haha..

Wai Loon Kwan said...

hahhahhahaa. i thought lomo is 'mother'....

wah, i also reallly liked that last shot... very... errr.... nice.

haiya, kenny, that day i angry because you made me rmb how you decline me EVERYTIME ah.. actually i dont mind wan la...

cute family.. ^^

buttercup said...


LOL! LOUMOU is mother la! hahahaha!

ooo~ regarding that, don't worry. Like i said, just ask EARLIER! MUCH EARLIER can d. haha!

Esther said...

can i tag along?! but i got no stamina la :( lol
my sis also went with her friends to pulau ketam for snapshots during the raya break.
the "love" pillar damn cute la.
lomo shots are the awesome-est!

buttercup said...


come come tag along! hahaha! all you need to do is provide us food. Haha.. if your ankle got twisted, worry not, we can leave you there till we reached the peak, camp for 1 day, then come down again and we'll pick you up again.

hahahahahahaaah! joking la. we where got so bad one? HAhah.

EH eh eh eh! you doing lomo also?!??! since when?

Esther said...

wtf. means u guys are very nice la izzit? so if i twisted my ankle/tired then y'all will piggy back me?! heheh

no la.. i'm not doing any lomo. i just look at pictures. lol

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