Monday, June 30, 2008


Yay!! Thanks to Nuffnang, I'm selected to watch Hancock for free next Monday!!! I got 2 free tickets!

But sorry to my family members, I think it's too far and not that convenient for you to come. So, open for the floor. Screening is at 2130 hours, 7th July 2008(Monday), Cathay Cineplexes, The Curve. Anyone?

p/s: I actually don't know how to get back to KL at such hours. As in, after the show.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

AND1 Street Challenge @ AEON Bukit Tinggi

My brother just recently took up this sport and he participated in this competition with another 2 of his friends. It's a good opportunities for youngsters to come here and show off their talent, as well as to see how high the sky they can touch.

It was my brother(Henry)'s first time joining this kind of competition. So I think it's a kind of good exposure and chance for him to learn more. There are many competitors arrived early at the courts. But of course, you see, majority are MALAYSIAN, so, there are still people who likes to be late.

However, let it begins!

AND1 - Street Challenge @ AEON Bukit Tinggi

Can we win this?


My Brother(L) with his team

After getting goodies from AND1

Well, one thing I would like to say about the sponsorship by Milo. Yeah, it is good, but not good enough. They sponsored Milo to the players ONLY. We photographers run here run there, want to buy from them also they say "Takrak Jual".Actually I just want to get a free cold Milo to drink after running here and there. So ma fan have to go into JJ and buy. If they can improve this maybe it's good also la~

Let's do it!





In the end, his team didn't win the match. Only lost about 3 points. However, I believe that he has learnt a lot from this match. Must keep on ganbatte ya brother!

I think this is the best shot I took today! Haha!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photoshoot @ KLO

Disclaimer: Look for the "Danger" sign.

Went to Old Kuala Lumpur Train Station to take some pictures. Since I arrived a bit too early and I got nothing to do, my tripod became my model.

The Tripod

We have Tsubasa and Lyn tagging along

So, did you get to guess what/who's the main chracters today?


Yeap! It's the Full Metal Alchemist (FMA)! We have 2 photographers around so the other girl, Elly(I think, her name) and have seperate photoshooting. I snap majority of Hitokiri-san but also a bit here and there of others.

It is my first hand experience on Cosplay using a DSLR, as DSLR is very very sensitive to lights and movements. I have a few problems actually. I always know that the photographer will have to communicate with the models but, Elly thought me something different today.

"First, you must have them communicate among yourself, then the environment, and lastly, the photographer.", said Elly.

True enough, I have a bad time communicating with the environment too, hence, causing me hard to compose pictures. Sometimes I have images in my brain but the outcome isn't what I'm trying to snap.

Nevertheless, I still manage to snap some nice shots. I think. Haha! Pictures will be seen by you soon had been modified a little bit here and there, or maybe none at all. As you can know, my Photoshop sucks. So, like that la~

Hitokiri as Roy(is it?! I don't know T_T)

Oh ya, we have See Wah tagging along too

Hitokiri doing her thing

I like it when her skirt/blouse/cloth flew/flap up when she walks

A yeng-but-not-too-yeng-pose due to my skill


And Hitokiri

Now, refer to the top of the post again. What it says? Huh-huh! People with easily-provoked-heart shouldn't be seeing it. The next image is just for ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY. Get that?!

Here goes

Some intimate thingy


This is what happened when girls fighting for camwhore

Let's end our FMA photoshoot with this. Yeng~~

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Palia-ment's Dumbasses

Certainly, some of the assholes in Palia-ment really paria after all. They restrict the access of journalists to do reporting. What can we expect in the future. Darurat everyday? No pass, bang bang bang to hell you go!

Politics in Malaysia is seriously terrible. Seriously, if those assholes inside there aren't going to change, I'm expecting Darurat soon during petrol hike next year April. God bless Malaysia.

For newspapers reports: Mandarin - English(1) - English (2)

p/s: Will Obama sent in troops to Malaysia by then. in the name of UN?

New Skill Acquired... 50%

I'm so sucky at Photoshop. Really! But I'm learning everything I can to take my pictures to another mile! Inspired by KahGiap with his picture below (model: Althena), I wish I can edit something like that too. It just feels like MV in making/done!!! Jealousnye....

Got the MV feel or not?!!! Damn nice ok?!

So, I tried to learn. The very big problem is, I don't know how to photoshop! T_T... And below is my masterpiece, with cacat-ed wavvy border line, if you see it close enough.

And thanks to Hitokiri, 100% acquired!

Dota Till Sien Liao

Really. One day DotA aso many times... really can become Pudge the Retard. So, I took some time and do these photo editing. Only a few things I can say about it.

1) That day damn bad lighting.
2) My photoshop skill sucks damn bad.


I'm trying to play with shutter speed and I got this. The water is nice but foreground and background's colour not good at all


I want you beside me and see this sun set... Can?

Together we stand. Together we fight.


If you don't give up, you can still fight! Shine like the Sun did!

Ah! A rare camwhore picture of mine. Successfully taken at the second attempt. Talented in camwhore too! And yeah, just cut my hair today.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Think You're Smart Enough?

Get Smart

That's right! Brought my brother and sister went for that show. It's very funny to me! Really! You guys should go watch it!

Hiro Nakamura.... Not!

They looks like a good couple there.. Jealous-nye

Anne Hathaway

Next up : The Dark Knight Returns, Wanted.

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Yeap! Owned by Wai Loon. I don't have a chance to lay my beautiful leg on him. At least not effective ones. Pawned by him gao gao. If it's a real fight I would have been somewhere between the clouds.

Well, Jun Xue, if you're reading this, you can either prepare to get some armour, or you can prepare to die. Seriously, his kicks and punches are damn powerful and damn fast. I can only see but unable to dodge.

p/s: Dad's aging. He had joint pain now at his knee. God bless.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Another Summary

Yeap! It has been a while since I last updated. Was kinda busy resting these few days and trying to follow up with StarGate. Now, let's start with the first one, Annelise's Birthday.

All the cups were written with names, or SYMBOLS THAT REPRESENTS the person. Good way. Keep the cup, make less pollution

Annelise the Bday Gal

Group shot

This one is angle's problem. For those who had seen me lately, you can estimate how small is her? HAha

A few days back, went for a small gathering. Most of the guys FFK-ed and left only Wai Loon and me, with the girls. We went to Secret Recipe for lunch and chit-chat there.

Zhau Ying

Mei Ching

Ling Wei.. Itulah pasal tak nak tengok kat camera. No clear pic of you. Haha!

Wei Chiew

Gorilla Kwan

Pei Sze

See Wah


And, Happy Father's Day!!!

Happy Father's Day

A few weeks back, I went back to Penang for wedding and birthday celebration. Before that I met up with my uncle and learn something new about photoshop. Below are considered as my first-time works. So, bear with it ya!


This one also combined 2 pictures

This one more than 6

Ok. Enough. Just see. Don't laugh at my stupidity.

And this one, could have been better but I was without my tripod. It'll be nice if I have a tripod and put it under longer exposure.

Taken during Annelise's Bday from balcony

p/s: Lost 2kg after coming back here.
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