Saturday, June 28, 2008

Photoshoot @ KLO

Disclaimer: Look for the "Danger" sign.

Went to Old Kuala Lumpur Train Station to take some pictures. Since I arrived a bit too early and I got nothing to do, my tripod became my model.

The Tripod

We have Tsubasa and Lyn tagging along

So, did you get to guess what/who's the main chracters today?


Yeap! It's the Full Metal Alchemist (FMA)! We have 2 photographers around so the other girl, Elly(I think, her name) and have seperate photoshooting. I snap majority of Hitokiri-san but also a bit here and there of others.

It is my first hand experience on Cosplay using a DSLR, as DSLR is very very sensitive to lights and movements. I have a few problems actually. I always know that the photographer will have to communicate with the models but, Elly thought me something different today.

"First, you must have them communicate among yourself, then the environment, and lastly, the photographer.", said Elly.

True enough, I have a bad time communicating with the environment too, hence, causing me hard to compose pictures. Sometimes I have images in my brain but the outcome isn't what I'm trying to snap.

Nevertheless, I still manage to snap some nice shots. I think. Haha! Pictures will be seen by you soon had been modified a little bit here and there, or maybe none at all. As you can know, my Photoshop sucks. So, like that la~

Hitokiri as Roy(is it?! I don't know T_T)

Oh ya, we have See Wah tagging along too

Hitokiri doing her thing

I like it when her skirt/blouse/cloth flew/flap up when she walks

A yeng-but-not-too-yeng-pose due to my skill


And Hitokiri

Now, refer to the top of the post again. What it says? Huh-huh! People with easily-provoked-heart shouldn't be seeing it. The next image is just for ILLUSTRATION PURPOSE ONLY. Get that?!

Here goes

Some intimate thingy


This is what happened when girls fighting for camwhore

Let's end our FMA photoshoot with this. Yeng~~


Riku_sien said... damn fast you upload..haha..

anyway, thanks a million for being a great photographer today. It was really fun playing around in front of your camera lense....

Don't worry, next time no more yaoi ness time will be STRAIGHT pairings...haha...

It was a really fun photoshoot outing and i'm so sorry for being a blurcase when you asked me about the place...haha..

love the shots you took..!! XD XD
thanks again!!

buttercup said...

haha! My shots ok ok only la~ haha... I'll work hard more! yosh!

tsubasafan90 said...

tsubasafan here~ 8D *know as Tsu by hito* ahahaha~ i wan the very wrong pose!!! 8D

buttercup said...

haha! I remember you. hehe! Yeah I'll burn into CD and pass to Hito ya!

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