Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Missing Pieces

Yeap! After owning my Sony Alpha, I somehow, ALMOST forgot the existance of my SE that actually brought me into my photography world. To be exact, my dad bring me in by buying me that phone in the end of 2006.

Still taking photos with it, and it's alive and kickin'. Just that, the frequency has declined steeply.

Lay Theng trying to snap and pose with my wife

And I also feel a bit nervour when I drove up that stupid ramp. It's so high, and felt so insecure. I just couldn't imagine if someone actually drove off the ramp...


Samuel said...

kenny!!!! give me your camera..... bwahahahahaha

buttercup said...

buahahahahah! cannot! hahahahaha! actaully can also one... it's just err... i give u discount. 2.9k can d.

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