Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Palia-ment's Dumbasses

Certainly, some of the assholes in Palia-ment really paria after all. They restrict the access of journalists to do reporting. What can we expect in the future. Darurat everyday? No pass, bang bang bang to hell you go!

Politics in Malaysia is seriously terrible. Seriously, if those assholes inside there aren't going to change, I'm expecting Darurat soon during petrol hike next year April. God bless Malaysia.

For newspapers reports: Mandarin - English(1) - English (2)

p/s: Will Obama sent in troops to Malaysia by then. in the name of UN?

1 comment:

MyKy said...

Aih.... i'm like giving up on Bolehland ady..
Felt like no point to argue anymore

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