Thursday, June 05, 2008

4th June 2008 - FEStival

Yeap! It was the FEStival yesterday and we all could call it a success! This is the first one ever of its kind of this event being held in UTAR and we're the pioneer group! Good job everyone!

As usual, I become the KPC(Kay-po-chee) and coordinate everywhere and photo-taking. Holding a DSLR certainly gives you an advantage whereby when you said "Excuse me", people on the floor will make way and let you go to the front stage to take pictures. Ticket to a better-than-VIP's seat. I've learnt a lot today too! In controlling more funtions in my DSLR and here are some of the results(I took 400+ pictures yesterday).

The Crowd - especially during fashion show, no place to stand at all!



I think that this menu is eye cathing

Triny - she can really pose

Lay Theng, my bad skills killed the lighting

Ushers - Ashley(right) and friend

He asked:"You sure I can fit into your lense?"

One of my tutors, Karen

I like the colour and angle of this shot, model: Siok Yee

Yi Xian

Nicole & Siok Yee

Mei Sze busy-ing

Catching fish using tissue papers


Dr Yeoh - Vice President of UTAR

One of the makeup artists from Expression Master

Their gadgets

The dancers - pro

Before makeup

After makeup

Guest performer

Seeing the pictures up to here... You might ask: "Hey, where's the guys?". Ok. I did took guys' shots. But I just don't know why, it just can't produce a good picture! It's either the lighting problem, else, it's be the composition of the picture. Anyway, you'll be starting to see more guys now, for the girls.

He sang self-composed song, very nice song!

Models from FES, FAS, FAM, FICT.

Models Posers

I like the 3rd guy's hair. Cool~

Can't... remember her name

Astro Talent Quest 2005 Finalist - Vicky Tham!

She spoted me taking her photos and suddenly poses! Very fast reaction towards camera! Haha!

Vivian from Feeling Cafe. She and her partner guy very good singer. And I love it when the guy sang "One Night In Beijing". The both of them have a very good sense of humour. And they look just like couple.

Lay Theng & Kiwi

Well, that's the end of FEStival for now. Hope to see more successful events like FEStival in UTAR in time to come.


Më| §zë said...

yesterday was fun, but tiring, and we had a feww minor squabbles between us... but overall, everyone was happy..


i like the pic of ken... the guitarist...

theng said...

Hui huih~ thanks for the picts ya~ =)

buttercup said...

tht's a good thing to hear! everyone's happy in the end!

wah so fsat u see my blog d! hahah!

CSCC2008 said...

CSCC2008: hey hey, nice pics! Check out more UTAR FEStival pics here==>
thanks ^_^

MyKy said...

Whoa... so fun wan your event.. One thing for sure is that UTM will never have such thing.

IMO though, i very much prefer the ladies without make-up. Oh la la

buttercup fansi said...

The Vivian from feeling cafe is my friend eh....zzzzzzz
so regret i m not going to the festival...zzzzz = ='''

~K£cќ~ said...

Haha Kenny, as Shri said, I don't think anyone would be daring enough to make another FEStival ... :) Nice photos your got there ^^

buttercup said...

hey.. thanks for dropping by! Nice blog u have there too! Keep it updated ya!

lol.. yeah.. original is still best lol! I think u can be the pioneer, like us! we are the pioneer to do this too!

buttercup fansi:
dai sei! told u to come and buy ticket from me lo! regret or not now?

hey thanks for dropping by! haha! well i think the next one to try will mostly be FAM, despite their location. and thanks for the comments~

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