Monday, June 30, 2008


Yay!! Thanks to Nuffnang, I'm selected to watch Hancock for free next Monday!!! I got 2 free tickets!

But sorry to my family members, I think it's too far and not that convenient for you to come. So, open for the floor. Screening is at 2130 hours, 7th July 2008(Monday), Cathay Cineplexes, The Curve. Anyone?

p/s: I actually don't know how to get back to KL at such hours. As in, after the show.


Riku_sien said...

woi~~~ i can go after work sia!!
HAHHAHAHA......wait..2130 is....9.30pm..wah..late giler..-_-lll

buttercup said...

u really can go? but but... i can't get back to KL T_T.. you'll go back to klang straight rite?

MyKy said...

ARGH!!!! it's on my first day of semester!! niamah....

Jun Xue said...

wah they so bad give you such a time punya ticket.... sadness

Come give me. I shall go ask someone to watch with me. T___T

buttercup said...

hahaha! too bad lo. you can actually stay here and watch with me one. I believe first few days not really many things they'll be teaching rite?

o~ hahaha! if you can come back I can giv u. seems that no one can teman me go watch it T_T.

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