Monday, December 29, 2008

6M Gathering

About a week ago, the Organising Chairman, Mr Gan Chee Shin posted an event on Facebook. It's a gathering for our primary classmate. After some discussion, here we go!

We had dinner at Coconut Flower in Teluk Gong. We had quite a luxurious dinner, not forgetting the Todi of course. I drank 5 full cups of it. Thank God I'm not driving that night! Haha!

Group shot

Then we moved on to Ek Jing's house in Ambang Botanic to have some "small talks". Of course, we had some hard liquor to drinkbought some Coca-cola and Sprite along. Thristy ma!

Not only these

For more pictures, kindly visits here.

Small Gathering For 6AS3

Went to JJ @ Bukit Tinggi to have a small gathering with Kam, Kien Ping, Sook Ling and Siak Foong.

The guys actually ate nothing and came, and hence, we went to McD for breakfast.

Breakfast @ McD

Then we watched Ip Man. It's a damn good show. Rating it 8/10!

Ip Man, celebrated Kung Fu Master of Bruce Lee

After that show, we went to Sakae for lunch lor~


Kien Ping

Siak Foong

Sook Ling

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Vivo @ The Curve

Went to The Curve yesterday night for dinner and some photoshooting with Anne and Shwu Woan. We makan-ed at Vivo.

Camwhore using DSLR with ONE hand le! Geng or not?!

If got people stand under the light much nicer liao, the girls went to toilet at that time




Forgot what is this. LOL!

Creamy Mushroom. Not bad, just that a bit salty

This one also forgot

Group shot

For more pictures, please visit here.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Forgotten

Just done browsing through some of the pictures of mine. And I just realised that, there's actually one last picture I forgotten to post up.

Showgirls from PC Fair

For more pictures, you may visit this and this. Pictures from both links aren't taken by me.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First "Proper" Night View Shot

Suddenly just realised that actually from my place, I can still manage to see the KL town, barely. So, took out my baby and start shooting.

Kuala Lumpur City (Click to enlarge)

Picture that you're seeing above actually, I would considered as 30% Photoshop-ed. Original picture actually have a bit black patch at the right bottom corner because very low residential area. Comments are welcome.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

PIKOM PC Fair December 2008 @ KLCC

Yeap, it's PIKOM PC Fair December 2008 in KLCC. I went there together with Nicky and Wei Chun. My main purpose there is to buy something, and of course, shooting.

Can you see the crowd?!

Now, let's talk less and start looking at the pictures. It's my first time shooting at this kind of event and I really learnt a lot from here. Most of the pictures will be bad so, bear with me ya.

We have 3 Captain ranking chicks here to control the crowd

And we have sexynurses standby, just in case anyone is lacking of blood due to high blood pressure & nose bleed

I just have one picture here for you to see, the rest, imagine yourself. Maxis = green, Celcome = purple, Digi = yellow, Izzi = orange, bla bla bla. It's a colour war.

There's a clown!

And so, I kept on shooting, and suddenly, I saw a damn blardy familiar gang!

Nobita spotted me taking his picture and he turned and blinked at me!

The nurses are actually promoters

I like this one!

Maybe some of you have this little question in your mind, especially the guys but never dared to asked. Let me help you with it. The question is: How come you get to snap those girls looking into your camera one? They pose for you to shoot or you just shoot?

The answer to the question is actually very very simple. I learnt the answer the very long way, and the very hard way. Here's the answer: Just approach them, "Hi there, can I take a picture of you?". If their answer is "Yes", snap and say "Thank you", else, says "Thank you" too.

Again, many of YOU out there has got no balls to ask. Don't deny. I was in your shoes before. I know. So, I told my friend, "If you want what you want, you will have to ask for it". And they did it successfully, every single time. A little tips again for you, snapping pictures of chicks & cocksguys in this kind of event is usually a 99.99% of "Yes" to your request. And only 0.01% of chicks or guys will say no. And one of my friend after successfully taking 3 pictures with different chicks, he fell at the 0.01% at the 4th time. Bah!

We then move on to eat Sushi King at Suria KLCC. One thing very very very odd with this Sushi King today is that, it's conveyer belt is moving WAAAAAAAAAAAAAY to fast today.

See how fast o not?!

Not lying de

And guess who spotted me? Jo Lynn, May Lynn & MyKy

Last but not least...

...Merry Christmas to me

I bought a 1TB External Hard Disk for RM299, the 100 piece Sony DVD+R for RM75 and Karpersky for RM 50. Good deal?
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