Monday, December 29, 2008

6M Gathering

About a week ago, the Organising Chairman, Mr Gan Chee Shin posted an event on Facebook. It's a gathering for our primary classmate. After some discussion, here we go!

We had dinner at Coconut Flower in Teluk Gong. We had quite a luxurious dinner, not forgetting the Todi of course. I drank 5 full cups of it. Thank God I'm not driving that night! Haha!

Group shot

Then we moved on to Ek Jing's house in Ambang Botanic to have some "small talks". Of course, we had some hard liquor to drinkbought some Coca-cola and Sprite along. Thristy ma!

Not only these

For more pictures, kindly visits here.


Samuel said...

walao.. whisky!...

buttercup said...

Not only that lo. Got white wine (i think, from china one, 52%) then got Sake from Japan, got many more la. forgot liao. haha.

Fc said...

I miss

buttercup said...

yeah yea! It's kinda nice and not bitter. lol!

xodom said...

hey happy new year! visit and link pls?

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