Thursday, January 01, 2009

Countdown Welcoming 2009 @ The Curve

Bye bye 2008 *kick* and Welcome 2009 *hugs*! So how did your new year eve went? Everything ok? Hope everything is fine and perfect!

Hello 2009

Do you have a new year resolution? This is my resolution/target of 2009 and in 7 years to come. It's all in numbers. Can you understand it? So far, only 1 girl, out of many "contestants" got a few correct.

So, on the 31st December 2008, a few friends together with me, we went to The Curve for countdown. Of course, before countdown, sure la go cari makan first!

We went to Dragon-i to makan

O~ these peanuts damn nice can?

Mei Chien & Yi Hwang

Mei Chien, Yi Hwang, Shwu Woan & Anne

They have people who is taller than Yao Ming there. They are close to 3 meters in height

Yi Hwang with his custome made mask

So I was snapping around and keep on snapping, turning front and back, left and right, and out of a sudden, someone tapped me on my shoulder. Guesss who I saw?

Mei Lin & Julie from Klang!

The Devils are listening

Can you feel the heat of the crowd!?

And among the crowd, seriously, many many many many of them are like that guy in circle. They thought I'm photographer from somewhere. Haha! But I really enjoy being a photographer!

Definitely, when there's fun, and there's spoiler. I mean, real spoilers. Those people are at damn front and close to the stage, a bunch of them start to carry people and starting doing their thing. And tens of thousands of people from the back can't see a thing. How GREAT!

I also met Wen Jun there with his Nikon D80

Shwu Woan & Anne with her Sailormoon pose

Oh, we also have massive snowfall in The Curve itself

After some time, people started to fall back into lines and get closer to the stage

And see see! Who I saw and took her picture? It's Belinda Chee!

She's just so hot! And forget not, she's VERY FRIENDLY! Really!

3...2...1... *BANG*
And this is what the crowd are waiting for!

Seriously, this is one of the best fireworks I've ever watched LIVE. I feel like I'm witnessing the birth of a new star in the galaxy. It is just a superb experience!

They have some people dancing on stage as the closing, and many people started to leave

I took this advantage to do some camwhore and obviously, I'm really not good at it. Must practice more!

Right before we are leaving, we saw Belinda from far again.

"Hey, you all want to take pictures with her or not? I can get her to come here!"

"Sure or not?", "She looks so busy~", "Can or not o?".

"Can one, come come follow me", and so they did. I waited patiently. Suddenly Belinda turned and face to us again. I immediately waved at her. But... T_T.. she didn't see me.

"Hahaha... You so fish!", said someone.

"Haha... You give me one more moment! I'm sure I'll get her to take pictures with us!"

And thank God, she turned again! This time, she saw me. She actually came out from the restricted area for me, and for us! I love you Belinda! LOL! *just in case you're reading this, by any chance, you're really great Belinda!*

And if you were there and see the expressions of the people around us, they were like O.O in disbelief! We were so proud to have you there Belinda! Really!

Wen Jun, Mei Chien, Belinda, Yi Hwang, Shwu Woan & Anne

We saw this on our way back to carpark. People still hanging around dancing, clubbing. And this is only a small portion of the crowd

And definitely, typical Malaysians. I think it'll take Malaysia some 20 centuries to educate its kids

My last shot in 2008, "I love you"


anne said...

swt. it's not a sailor moon pose...
it's The Vulcan sign...

buttercup said...


Apa itu Vulcan sign? sounds like Vulture to me. lol!

永遇乐 said...

Pretty Belinda
Lucky Buttercup ;p

kennhyn said...

next year I should go curve to check it out... I like Belinda...haha...Happy New Year!

buttercup said...

hahah... next time u go also ma. hahaha.

buttercup said...

haha.. certainly you should. the fireworks yesterday was amazing!

hwang said...

thanks a lot for asking me to go for this countdown, else i will miss all the fun
thanks again for asking Belinda over to take photo with us

buttercup said...

Dr Tai:
LOL! it's all back to Belinda! hahahaha!

loon said...

sorry but, who is belinda???

buttercup said...

LOL! Belinda is 8TV's host.

marccus said...

no wonder so many car going there that night. haha

I also just know who is Belinda, wakaka XD

Happy 2009!!

Yagru said...

Kenny u idiot obviously the Vulcan sign means "Live Long and Prosper" !

If u watched Star Trek before u would know this. Spock did that sign so many times liddat also dunno.

Oh BTW anne is so cute. Is she ur sister ? Same eyebrows, glasses, faceshape, lips and nose ley, with much more beautiful skin and less fat.

buttercup said...

LOL! seems that many people don't know who she is wo. Haha!

hahha.. I really dunno le. hahaha. now i know. haha.. Anne's my friend, not sister. haha.

and and.. how come u know my name? may i know who you are?

anne said...

haha you're so knowledgeable. Thanks for explaining to buttercup. =)
arr.. and for the compliments. *blush*
but i didn't know we look alike.. >.<

ohoho luckily there's someone backing up so that I wasn't misunderstood as doing something so silly as u thought. ish.

buttercup said...

LOL! we where got look alike lol. u look nice me macam barrel le. haha.. and and.. i think i really remember that sailarmars or sailor mercury did that! LOL!

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