Sunday, January 11, 2009

Photoshooting @ FRIM

First of all, thanks to Lay Theng and Sih Han for becoming my models. This time, we went to Forest Research Institute Malaysia(FRIM) for photoshooting. For those who are interested, kindly write in to FRIM to ask for permission to shoot for free, else, you're gonna pay RM100.00 for photoshooting.

So I was shooting them, then got la some people in the government sector got nothing to do, come by and ask if I have permits and things like that. Definitely I have all the permissions I need from the person-in-charge. Guess what? He forgot that I'm coming today and have yet to clear the security for me. Wasted so much of my time.

Now, back to topic. I must say that both of my models really did their homework very well. They have all kind of unexpected pose, that I had never thought of having. Let's talk less and see the pictures.

1: Lay Theng

2: Sih Han


4: This is new inspiration for Jimmy Choo. Just in case you're reading this, we would like RM100,000 of loyalty and 10% of commision of your annual sales for similar design

5: This is the proof that I'm being "carried" from place to place just to clear the security

6: Sih Han becoming the photographer










16: I think it's a very professional pose



19: This one too! Just like that one from ANTM

20: Have a break!


22: I just love the sunlight at this time!





27: "Cut!! Again again!"






Now, the last five pictures I think, are part of my best shots and I like these few more because it has got some kind of feel.

33: Carpet

34: Do you prefer this one?

35: Or this one?

36: Finally! A picture of me!

37: I like this one best! My current wallpaper!

Comments are welcome. Thanks once again Lay Theng & Sih Han!

p/s: I'm going to Kelana Jaya later. And most probably I'll be spending RM550.oo plus minus to buy something. Stay tuned!


Samuel said...

seronoknya bcup... so good eh.. the allow ppl to photoshoot there wan

loon said...

number 35 is nice...
number 11 is nice...
number 23 is nice....

FC said...

R they trying to kiss each other on 28th? Haha. Anyway, 13, 33, 35 is cool

littleboy said...

go dating wif u chick wif excuse of photo shooting la...

buttercup said...

haha. wat allow? I mean yeah the allow, with a PRICE!

haha. really hard to choose from hundreds of pics to come out with this series.

haha. no la. just show only. in the end din kiss. LOL!

mana ada. lol!

Wingz said...

phuiyooo!!! macam PRO la bang!

Anonymous said...

haha, damn stress from work and i think i'll need to release abit here =P here we go :-
1. i dont really like this one, it could be nicer if u're abit away from the model
2. not bad =)
3. nice nice ~
7. this could be my favvourite if lay theng head wasn't cut off, sih han's expression is perfect in this picture.
8, 9, 10, 11 & 12. not bad
13. Nice angle ! but pose can be better =)
15. x_x
16. nice nice, could be better if the tree wasn't growing from the leg =P
17. good try =P
18. Hair messy dy~
23. i like the greens =D
25. again another good pose
28. -_- ? comPused with this
31. phail =X
32. nice =D could be better also xD
33. one thing about abstract is, it's either you like or you dont. For this i dont =|
34. haha, not bad
35. no

overall consider not bad dy, try to go for more model shooting, and enjoy urself !

buttercup said...

mana ada.. haha.. learning still.. a lot of pics cacat le.

wow! I can see you're very bored! but your comments are very useful to me!

Thank you very much!!!

kennhyn said...

the model need to work harder... cheers

buttercup said...

haha.. they are very hardworking d. and it's their first time! they did a very good job to me!

Riku_sien said...

eh, your photography really improve A LOT wei...need to learn a lot from you liao sifu...!!!

anyway, i specifically loved #16...
it's like, from a shoe ad...
but #17, i feel...the pose is a little bit's just me....
but yeah, the one you said like the ANTM one, really, that's a good pose..!!

#25 is also good...composition is nice!! XD
ok la, i also noob in photography wan la..(model photography i dunno how to comment much..LOL)

the DOF created damn CHUNTED!!!

Marccus said...

the girl in 11 is pretty =)
good work kenny, haha

buttercup said...

nyahh! haha.. thanks alot! next time i can use my newborn to shoot cosplay! LOL!

haha.. interested? UTAR junior o. haha. but ppl not available liao.

Esther said...

facial expressions need more work la. a little blah.

37 is good. but the grey dress makes her blend in with the background, making lay theng the one standing out

buttercup said...

oh ya wo.. haha.. thanks for the reminder. haha!

Samuel said...

you know I hate to say this.. but looking at those picture.. with the britney spears womanizer playing.. kind of like very funny oni:D

buttercup said...

LOL! then then... mute that womanizer lo. and me aint womanizer!! mlm!

buttercup fansi said... time take foto wit leng luiss..but always super super busy when going out wit ma lat lou...aih....friend...aih....

buttercup said...

buttercup fansi:
where got. haha. make appointment ma have d lo. LOL!

Ashley Yeow said...

I'm here now (: haha, very very nice shooting btw! (:

buttercup said...

haha.. thanks o~

-3niGma- said...

i like 23!
abit eerie...
but her expression fits in...
DOF seems beautiful.


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