Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Yay New Phone!

Yay! Finally I got my own phone with my own extension. Cisco phone! Hehe!

Me camwhoring ler!!

Well, what would you do after a long long day of suffering from extra demanding customers? Very simple....

Ta da!

Yeap! McValue, Double Spicy Chicken McDeluxe! Not forgetting that one cup of Sundae Cup!

OMG!!! Look into the cup!!! Those chocolate chips and biscuit make it even better!

Yeah it's the one! And it's kinda feeling you know? Just that, it's a lil $$$.

People, never hesitate to reward yourself when needed. Life goes on and don't leave your life regretted.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Human IS Changning!

You know how powerful is RM 1? It's powerful enough to turn a man into an animal. Seriously, the taxi drivers here isn't of service anymore. All they see is $_$. Other than that, talk to the hand.

You can just see how rude those drivers giving you less change( for eg. I gave 5 bucks today but he only return 3 to me. Supposingly to be 4.), don't let you get into the taxi if you aren't going into the same direction with him. They only want to fetch people to short distance places, but getting a lot from it.

I've seen with my own eyes that, a few good drivers, who were then peer-influenced by their mates, and turn their back on angels and bow their heads to Satan. Enough said for them... Just speechless, hopeless and God bless their souls.

Back to work.

Hey Rachel, you are not the only one who got praised ok? Today my supervisor suddenly called up :

"Hey, later come to my place. I've gotta talk to you."
"Yes sir.", not knowing what's going to happen.

At his place.

"I've look through the system just now and I realised that you've answered the most calls, and does the most job. You're hardworking and very productive."
"No-lah, where got..."

Wow, that feeling is nice! I've here only for about 2 weeks plus and, this is a good motivation! Later, I was assigned to help out other departments after my job was done.

Today I was assigned to C&C (dunno what does it stands for), and I helped them to do some data entries and clearance. Basically this job is easy, I think, but time consuming. This is a copy-and-paste job.

If you've work for sometime in HP, you'll know that you need a few skills to it. First, planning. Second, speed. Third, coordination of eyes and hands. Fourth, confident. With these four, you'll never have mistakes and I can guarantee you, you'll finish your job a few hours faster than the rest. And I am the proof! LOL!

Ok ok.. enough of boasting already. I gotta go as I OT-ed 4 hours. Just imagine facing the monitor for 12 hours a day. It's much more suffer than DotA overnight!

Sunday, October 28, 2007

OMG Human Barbie And Genki Sushi!

I've been sitting the whole day at home on Saturday watching drama hence I decided to have a day out on Sunday. Where did I went? KLCC, again. Should be the 4th time in 10 days' time.

They hired 2 models to sit in there. That girl is seriously human barbie but due to my camera phone, sorry for the quality. And that guy, damn handsome also, even can attract my attention you know?!

At this moment when I was about to take more pictures of both of them and a video,

"Wei, what are you doing? Why so noisy one?"
"I'm in KLCC."
"What? KLCC AGAIN?! Why always go there? How much money you'll be spending again? Can't you do something more meaningful? Can't you get something and read?" and bla bla bla.
"... ..."

Yeah, thanks for calling all the time when I was relaxing/working/doing something else important and ask me to study. THANKS dad. How great! Just in case if you are reading, let me tell you, you really didn't know me enough. You've always been questioning on my abilities, my mentality and my maturity. FINE, I might not be that mature yet BUT, how many times did I buy something that's really expensive? Name me JUST ONE! Tell me, when did I spend big time money unwisely? Just name me ONE. You ain't knowing me enough. I'm not a kid. I can't even get a good time resting on my own? I'm sorry that I'm not mature enough but to blog that out, I'm really disappointed sometimes. I just can't make my own selfish decision because I care for you guys! I'm sorry that all these while I'm not being good and I ain't filial enough. I'm sorry!

Forget about that people, I shut the phone after finished talking, and both of the models were way gone-dunno-to-where. So I went to Genki Sushi and ate alone.

This tea costing you only RM 0.50

I had 2 of this

Oh ya I like this plate!

1 of this, and it taste great!!

1 of this

1 of this

1 of this

1 of this

A few drops of this

And 1 of this

Met Goldfish and Mii when I was about to leave.
Goldfish: OOi! You alone also can eat ar?!
Me: .....

Regardless what was on the call just now, I had a nice meal today. Of course, it burnt a hole in my pocket. Almost my one day salary.

Friday, October 26, 2007

Welcome To My Life

Sometimes, it is rather sad to see that people don't really understand you. I know you people might be reading but I just want to shout it out.

Things really going haywire when the rest of the people don't understand you at all. Even if you turn to some of them, it's like nothing told can be done.

I AM OK, I am fine. Things will work out fine. Life goes on.

And thanks alot for those who had talked to me. I really appreciate that alot. All of you.

Welcome to my life.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

I'll Be Back... Soon

People always say that, when you've done a mistake, you'll learn from it. I do learn from it. But it seems that not all experience that you get will give you back something positive in time to come.

Sometimes, it just make the matter worse. And did I tell you that one of my colleague in HP's gonna get married? Oh, congratulations to her. Guess how she met that guy? Arranged marriage.

Seems to be a good way too. I didn't know that this method still alive. It might probably my turn the next time.

I can now clearly see why some people suffer from mental illness from a simple relationship. Mentality plays an important role. Love the people who you are with now. Don't regret.

Alien From Mars Wants To Learn Venus' Language

Do you always know that most of the time, I feel that I'm a great guy? No rite? Since I was a kid, I've read tonnes of warfare stories, friendship stories and so on, and so was I, taught to be loyal, and sworn to protect my loved ones and those who fight with me together.

Discipline is something that I am always after in my fellow comrades and loved ones. But sometimes, the method that I used might not be correct and things turned into hatred, or even worse, fear.

It is rather foolish to say that, I can fight till death, to protect my comrades and loved ones, but, I was never taught on how to love them enough. Neither on how to be loved. All these while I've been trying to find how to love other people and how is it to feel like, to be loved. But never was I succeeded.

You know, man from Mars, most of the time having a problem to show their affections, passions and love. Ok, maybe not most, but at least, people like me is. Things that we are trying to do to correct the situation, it turns out to be worse. I've seen many couples right before my very own eyes, they broke up due to one same common thing : Men couldn't catch what women wants and women never let men know what they wants.

But, how can an alien from Mars would know the language, body language from Venus? UNLESS, they are given the chance to learn from it, by having Venusian to show or to say it out to Marsian. And I would want to learn that! All I need is just a chance to learn about it.

You know, I'm glad that thing goes on until now, but I'm kind of nervours, uncertain of what to do. It's like, everyday, I'm fear of that you will never return, you'll be away forever. I really don't know what to do even we have the chance to stand right in front of each other. After all, I'm just a twenty-one-year-old-baby.... in love.

I need you...

Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Am Kenny Yeoh

Ladies and gentlemen, babies and elephant. Today, I would like to tell you that, I had failed my metabolic biochemistry. Oh well, it's just a fail rite? Ain't that big deal isn't it?

Next semester, I can't take 2 of the subjects but to repeat Biochem, and only if I have pass it for the second time, then only I can proceed with the other 2 subjects.

Before, during and after, I prayed to You for a passing, You gave me a fail. I understand why You do that, it's because, this is my Take Two and I ain't getting anything from the previous lessons. Thank You for making me realised that, how much time I'd wasted; how much advises I'd ignored; and how much I'd take people around me for granted.

And now, I'm in HP, started to find myself back, and head towards the path that I should've taken long ago. I am gifted; I am strong; I am pretty; I have You and you.

But, this year, I wouldn't say that I've failed, it is rather fruitful. Many things, many people, had made my life even richer this year. I am richer than many many people, physically and mentally, from all around the world.

I'll be strong like always, and head for a new start, starting from HP. I am Kenny Yeoh!

Friday, October 19, 2007

I Dream About You All The Time....

Today I've started to answer calls. And it seems to be that a lot of customers requesting for Mandarin speaking agent and, I'm here! Hehe! Oh well, today is not a bad start after all!

And I'm going to work on Saturday and Sunday for some extra cash! WooooooooooHoooooooooo!

"I'm here without you baby, but you're still on my lonely mind. I think about you baby and dream about you all the time. I'm here without you baby, but you are still with me in my dreams" - 3 Doors Down

Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm So Gonna Cry!

Today is seriously fruitful! We've gone through the softwares, systems, tele-ethics and TCE(Total Customers Experience) and I would say that the TCE benifits me most.

There are so many kind of real life examples, and all these examples are burning the tears deep in my heart. For example, a dad in Australia called up to ask if he can buy a laptop of certain model for his daughter who's dying, because his daughter are unable to speak and going to go off soon, she wants to send something to her friends before she leaves. However the certain product is EOL (End Of Life - No longer in production), and HP come up with other ideas to overcome this.

The main thing that I'm trying to say is, I'm seriously very touched by all these stories, and they AREN'T CREATED for purpose but real stories. It really somehow burning the hot hot passions in me to start working as soon as possible to lay my helping hand to those who are in need.

I don't really know how to express in words but I can only conclude to you guys that, I started to fall in love in this place and today is really fruitful!

p/s: All newbies got their new ID, seats, PC and telephone line already.... Except for me T_T. Gotta wait till next Tuesday. Sigh. However, ganbatte! Yosh! And I purposely called up Digi to see how the customer service speaks... Why not Maxis? Cos have to pay ma!!

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Day 2

Yeah! Today got to answer my first call. Later, we had a little introduction to our job scope. The stupid training is postponed again.... Arrrghh!!!

However, I've learnt quite a lot today and I'm getting much familiar to the system there. And today is so damn cold!! Haha!

Mostly gotta go sleep early today... Feel like sleeping already. Will update more about HP in the future.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First Day In HP

This is my workplace

This is the sunny day outside the window and...

This is the rainy day outside the window

By the way, anyone know how to cook a microwave? It's written halal here but I didn't know how to cook it. Help, anyone?

Oh my! It's not bad at all! As a starter, HP gives their employees breakfast every morning. And I tell you, the pantries in HP are just damn nice.

They layout in the office is nice as well, creative, colourful and it's relaxing. There's one cafeteria on the 3rd floor but really, expensive like hell! Can go pok kai just by eating at there.

So, basically what I've done today is just watching and listening. By just listening, you can really see how one behaves like, somehow. One of the call I tapped on, the customer was very angry, and he can scold everything he wants. The other one, the father bought a PC for his kid but HP's forwarding partner had some delayed. This dad called 3 times already since the morning and at the 4th time, he cried. That child must be some kind of treasure to him. And, another guai lou called. He was very very very VERY VERY VERY FRUSTRATED as well. However, you can get to hear how civilised he is. The words that he used, language that he used, no flaws, no fault words and yet he can deliver his anger in a damn bloody good manner. I don't know how to explain to you guys but it's really damn nice.
Today is an eye-opener to me. In U.S. international company, really, they don't really care about your attire, as long as it's not too revealing. They don't really care about what you are doing during your working hours, as long as you get all your jobs done. And we are allowed to surf the net, MSN, YouTube if there's no calls and nothing in hand to be done.
I just started to fall in love with this office. Oh, did I tell you what I'm working as? I'm working as the Customer Support SPECIALIST. Canggihnye the name! Haha! However, it's still just customer service. It's a very challenging job because, we need to talk on the phone, do some typing and at the same time, using minimum of 3 computer applications at the same time to record down details and data.
This is one worthy trip I believe. I'll try to answer some call tomorrow. Haha!

Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm Not Rotting Anymore... Hopefully!

So that day Esther and Ee Von told me that this thing would kill you if you smell it too much and I believed in them. How stupid!

And this door, I'm going to step through you tomorrow!

So, today I went out early to find out my workplace and to do some shopping in KLCC. I bought myself 3 shirts, 2 for RM59 in P.D.I. and 1 forgot-what-shirt for half price and total, less than RM100. Amazingly, this time I'm able to shop for my clothings without much hesitation. Hehe!
And so after shopping, I visited some of my friends who are working in KLCC. And one of them in Mediaplex, and do you believe that I'm actually sitting in front of their HDTV, holding PS3 console, and have a first hand face-to-face with PS3!!! Not bad after all! PS3 is really powerful device, if you are able to stand the figures $_$!
I'm employed, BUT, I dunno what I'm working as you know? I can only know tomorrow when I reach the office. Haha! It's the worst unplanned thingy I'm doing in my life!
Ok ok!!! Lousy post I know. Just wish me luck ya for these few months working in HP. I still got some ironing and unpacking to do.

Tuesday, October 09, 2007

This Is Fun But Kinda Time Consuming! I've Gotta Seach The Whole Library For This!!!

Was tagged by Esther and ShinD for this for a very long time. Sorry ya, internet access at home isn't easy. =p So, let's get things started.
The most recent pictures of yours:
When was this taken: 24th September 2007

Who took it: Chicken Little~

Where was it taken: In a cable car no. 100 (Really, I'm not lying!), way to Genting obviously.

A picture of you making a peace sign:

Is this picture in colour: Yes (Eh wait, that's not my hands. But never mind la, can't find d.)
Are your nails painted in the picture: No

A picture of you with a friend:
Who are you with: JC

A picture of you at a weird/random place:Where are you: On the road to Tmn ChiLiung, Klang, about 3 am?

Who took the picture: Wai Loon I think.

A picture of you in black and white: Did you edit the picture to black and white or you take it that way: Took it that way.

Do you like black and white or colour pictures better: Colour

A picture of you with your hair up: (this one consider rite?)

Do you like your hair up: Hmmm.. If you mean this, NOOOO!

Is it in pigtail, ponytail, etc: Hey, bias!!! It's just up! No tails! Haha!

A picture of you with a weird face:

Is your face funny or straight up scary: Funny gua..

A picture of you wearing black coloured shirt:

A picture of you wearing red coloured shirt: (This one took me more than 10 minutes to find!!!)

A picture of you wearing a green colour shirt:
A picture of you with your Halloween custome:
A picture with your mouth open:
Why is your mouth open: Rachel and I were trying to take some pictures to make into .gif file. She's stabbing me!!!!

Saturday, October 06, 2007

It's Gay's Rights!!!

Yesterday went to Jusco to watch "I Now Pronounce You, Chuck and Larry" with Esther and Ee Von. That show was not bad and hilarious at the same time. It somehow shows the righteous of being homosexual and I think it's worth the money. However, I don't know that is it that the three of us got siao or what but, it seems that other audience didn't laugh that much and not as loud as we did.

Oh well, never mind. Malaysian ma... A lot of wantans also. Oh by the way, that show was classified as 18PL. But it is still funny! Haha!

Then the training today in school, really makes me feel like I'm starting Taekwondo all over again, like a baby. I'm lacking damn alot of stamina, damn alot of flexibility and not forgetting, accuracy. All I have is brute force, which is not that good for those Taekwondo exponents who are supposed to master their kicking skills, not hands. It made me think twice if I should take my time to do the training and go next year or, I shall go straight this time... Scary-nye. Can't imagine me kena whacking kao kao inside there.

And the message you sent today morning make my day. Thanks~

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Same Old, Same Old...

Finally, that boy has reached his home, after so long. Just about five minutes on the road from Setapak, the Mother asked:

"Got girlfriend already ar?"

"Haha! Not yet."

I wish that I can give them a different answer in time to come. But for now, I'm sorry that I don't have one... Haha!

Ja mata!

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

The Secret Of The Chambers

Oh well, sometimes we should just practice what we've learnt before didn't we? And that's what I'm trying to do.

Fucking Inconsiderate Cina Bitch, ok, it somehow rings a bell that I actually need all of your supports throughout all the time. I might look tough on the outside but sometimes deep in the four chambers, it's hollow and lonely when you people are not around. Even if the chambers are flowing with blood every single day, it is just blood. Without you guys, I ain't complete. Thanks for the reminder Alex Yoong.

Anyway, I'm here to introduce you the Yahoo!'s This Week In Photos. It's really very good photo shooting job from people all around the world and I just don't get enough of them. If you like to travel around the world when seeing the real things that are happening, go find it. It helps.

And my upgrading is so near!!! I wonder if I have enough of time to build up that much of chakra and reiatsu and skills to pass with flying colours, this time.

Time to go. Tomorrow I'm having Metabolic for exam.

Good day/afternoon/evening/night(tick the correct answer) people.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007






Are you aware of it?

Monday, October 01, 2007


Akhirnya, subjek Mathematik untuk BioSains telah lalu. Hanya tinggal satu sahaja, iaitu Metabolik Biokimia. Isha Allah, semuanya akan berlalu dengan selamat.

Kalau kamu tanya saya kenapa saya tulis saya punya blok dalam Bahasa Melayu, saya pun tak tahu. Mungkin Raya telah dekat kot. Blek.

Jumpa lagi.
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