Thursday, October 25, 2007

Alien From Mars Wants To Learn Venus' Language

Do you always know that most of the time, I feel that I'm a great guy? No rite? Since I was a kid, I've read tonnes of warfare stories, friendship stories and so on, and so was I, taught to be loyal, and sworn to protect my loved ones and those who fight with me together.

Discipline is something that I am always after in my fellow comrades and loved ones. But sometimes, the method that I used might not be correct and things turned into hatred, or even worse, fear.

It is rather foolish to say that, I can fight till death, to protect my comrades and loved ones, but, I was never taught on how to love them enough. Neither on how to be loved. All these while I've been trying to find how to love other people and how is it to feel like, to be loved. But never was I succeeded.

You know, man from Mars, most of the time having a problem to show their affections, passions and love. Ok, maybe not most, but at least, people like me is. Things that we are trying to do to correct the situation, it turns out to be worse. I've seen many couples right before my very own eyes, they broke up due to one same common thing : Men couldn't catch what women wants and women never let men know what they wants.

But, how can an alien from Mars would know the language, body language from Venus? UNLESS, they are given the chance to learn from it, by having Venusian to show or to say it out to Marsian. And I would want to learn that! All I need is just a chance to learn about it.

You know, I'm glad that thing goes on until now, but I'm kind of nervours, uncertain of what to do. It's like, everyday, I'm fear of that you will never return, you'll be away forever. I really don't know what to do even we have the chance to stand right in front of each other. After all, I'm just a twenty-one-year-old-baby.... in love.

I need you...


Samuel said...

well.. like you say.. you are Kenny Yeoh ma.. just do what your heart feel is rite, i think that is the best way :)

buttercup said...

haha! sometimes, when we do what we feel is rite, it's still wrong. hahA! nvm! life's like this.

Samuel said...

so kenny... working in HP ar?? does that mean you will get discount on any off HP item you purchase from any of their shop??

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