Thursday, October 18, 2007

I'm So Gonna Cry!

Today is seriously fruitful! We've gone through the softwares, systems, tele-ethics and TCE(Total Customers Experience) and I would say that the TCE benifits me most.

There are so many kind of real life examples, and all these examples are burning the tears deep in my heart. For example, a dad in Australia called up to ask if he can buy a laptop of certain model for his daughter who's dying, because his daughter are unable to speak and going to go off soon, she wants to send something to her friends before she leaves. However the certain product is EOL (End Of Life - No longer in production), and HP come up with other ideas to overcome this.

The main thing that I'm trying to say is, I'm seriously very touched by all these stories, and they AREN'T CREATED for purpose but real stories. It really somehow burning the hot hot passions in me to start working as soon as possible to lay my helping hand to those who are in need.

I don't really know how to express in words but I can only conclude to you guys that, I started to fall in love in this place and today is really fruitful!

p/s: All newbies got their new ID, seats, PC and telephone line already.... Except for me T_T. Gotta wait till next Tuesday. Sigh. However, ganbatte! Yosh! And I purposely called up Digi to see how the customer service speaks... Why not Maxis? Cos have to pay ma!!


JX said...

Man.. sigh. I kinda pity them. Aih, my friend told me that I pity people too easily, and apparently some people don't like to be pitied at all. Aih... life is complicated.

Anyway, it's good to hear that you really enjoy your work.. very nice.. ahhahaha Gambate!

buttercup said...

really... just imagine ppl come and call you, telling u their loves one are going off soon and they need the goods to be delivered asap... how can u not help them???

feel like i'm giving a mission from God to help these ppl. hahaha!

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