Monday, October 15, 2007

I'm Not Rotting Anymore... Hopefully!

So that day Esther and Ee Von told me that this thing would kill you if you smell it too much and I believed in them. How stupid!

And this door, I'm going to step through you tomorrow!

So, today I went out early to find out my workplace and to do some shopping in KLCC. I bought myself 3 shirts, 2 for RM59 in P.D.I. and 1 forgot-what-shirt for half price and total, less than RM100. Amazingly, this time I'm able to shop for my clothings without much hesitation. Hehe!
And so after shopping, I visited some of my friends who are working in KLCC. And one of them in Mediaplex, and do you believe that I'm actually sitting in front of their HDTV, holding PS3 console, and have a first hand face-to-face with PS3!!! Not bad after all! PS3 is really powerful device, if you are able to stand the figures $_$!
I'm employed, BUT, I dunno what I'm working as you know? I can only know tomorrow when I reach the office. Haha! It's the worst unplanned thingy I'm doing in my life!
Ok ok!!! Lousy post I know. Just wish me luck ya for these few months working in HP. I still got some ironing and unpacking to do.

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