Saturday, October 20, 2007

I Am Kenny Yeoh

Ladies and gentlemen, babies and elephant. Today, I would like to tell you that, I had failed my metabolic biochemistry. Oh well, it's just a fail rite? Ain't that big deal isn't it?

Next semester, I can't take 2 of the subjects but to repeat Biochem, and only if I have pass it for the second time, then only I can proceed with the other 2 subjects.

Before, during and after, I prayed to You for a passing, You gave me a fail. I understand why You do that, it's because, this is my Take Two and I ain't getting anything from the previous lessons. Thank You for making me realised that, how much time I'd wasted; how much advises I'd ignored; and how much I'd take people around me for granted.

And now, I'm in HP, started to find myself back, and head towards the path that I should've taken long ago. I am gifted; I am strong; I am pretty; I have You and you.

But, this year, I wouldn't say that I've failed, it is rather fruitful. Many things, many people, had made my life even richer this year. I am richer than many many people, physically and mentally, from all around the world.

I'll be strong like always, and head for a new start, starting from HP. I am Kenny Yeoh!


Samuel said...

Failure is an omen to success... haha.. if failed d ma try again with different strategy lo... maybe is not that u didn't tried hard enough but maybe is study way gua..^^

buttercup said...

haha! i din try hard enuf... it's true. it's my fault after all. haha!

Min Soon said...

Just wanna share some tips I learned from successful people.

When you study for an exam, take away and forget everything else.
Pull out your computer plug and hide it somewhere hard to reach. Take away anything that might be a distraction. Only focus on learning and learning.

Remember the times as a child when you really enjoyed learning and absorbed everything so quickly.

Just try to enjoy what you're learning. See it as a challenge, never see it as an impossible wall.

And always prepare for it. Exams are just a sheet of paper testing your preparation. Predict the questions, read ahead, stay ahead.

It's good that you're still positive about it.

buttercup said...

to mins:-
lol.. the successful ppl u meaning urself?!! lol! hahah! anyway, thanks alot. really, how you've been doing?

porcupine said...

The laptop is a evil device...

And how come the word verification like getting longer and longer one ah?

Min Soon said...

I am almost dead every single day with the number of courseload and work I have. T____T

Doing okay lah enjoying the college experience all I can.

About whether I am successful or not, ask me that again in a year or so when I get a job that pays RM240,000 per year in the average.

buttercup said...

to porcupine:-
hahah! cos u big ma need more letters lo!

to mins:-
i dun care about ur pay dude! come back to Malaysia now! we have a bunch of ppl waiting to welcome u home la! hahah!

JX said...

AHhahha you sure you would be pay that much kar?

Min Soon said...

I just made up that number actually I WISH LAH AHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH.

Probably end up being an intern or something getting fucked sob.

buttercup said...

swt.. so u WERE LYING u blardy mins! haha! wait la till u come back i'll give u 240,000 as u wished!hahah!

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