Tuesday, October 16, 2007

First Day In HP

This is my workplace

This is the sunny day outside the window and...

This is the rainy day outside the window

By the way, anyone know how to cook a microwave? It's written halal here but I didn't know how to cook it. Help, anyone?

Oh my! It's not bad at all! As a starter, HP gives their employees breakfast every morning. And I tell you, the pantries in HP are just damn nice.

They layout in the office is nice as well, creative, colourful and it's relaxing. There's one cafeteria on the 3rd floor but really, expensive like hell! Can go pok kai just by eating at there.

So, basically what I've done today is just watching and listening. By just listening, you can really see how one behaves like, somehow. One of the call I tapped on, the customer was very angry, and he can scold everything he wants. The other one, the father bought a PC for his kid but HP's forwarding partner had some delayed. This dad called 3 times already since the morning and at the 4th time, he cried. That child must be some kind of treasure to him. And, another guai lou called. He was very very very VERY VERY VERY FRUSTRATED as well. However, you can get to hear how civilised he is. The words that he used, language that he used, no flaws, no fault words and yet he can deliver his anger in a damn bloody good manner. I don't know how to explain to you guys but it's really damn nice.
Today is an eye-opener to me. In U.S. international company, really, they don't really care about your attire, as long as it's not too revealing. They don't really care about what you are doing during your working hours, as long as you get all your jobs done. And we are allowed to surf the net, MSN, YouTube if there's no calls and nothing in hand to be done.
I just started to fall in love with this office. Oh, did I tell you what I'm working as? I'm working as the Customer Support SPECIALIST. Canggihnye the name! Haha! However, it's still just customer service. It's a very challenging job because, we need to talk on the phone, do some typing and at the same time, using minimum of 3 computer applications at the same time to record down details and data.
This is one worthy trip I believe. I'll try to answer some call tomorrow. Haha!


buttercup fansi said...

ooi...the working place is confidential da...cannot let outsider noe de lo...it is written in the contract jo da...if it revealed hv to pay RM 500 for penalty...u sei la... =.="

buttercup said...

hahahhah.... u dun bluff me la. me not stupid de. plus, i'm doing promotion for them, they should pay me more! ahaha!

AlbertBishop said...

I think it is confidential.. my place also confidential but maybe mine abit crazy la.. but urs also maybe.. so u beter bkful!!

And also, i might call HP to kacau u, then if i'm still bored I'll complain a worker named kenny yeoh there. Weeeee fun.

Die biatch

buttercup said...

hahahaha.... i also dunno the number tehre yet ler... hahaha... hmmmm... then ma confidential lo... T_T

Samuel said...

Kenny.. u so hungry until wanna cook the microwave oven^^... haha ur office very song yah...

buttercup said...

lol!!! ahaha! it's really fun there ma!gives me so much of enthusiasm!

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