Wednesday, February 28, 2007

A Surprise

Hmmmm... What's with these pictures?

Errr? What's in this picture?

Take a closer look


And yeap! That's ButTeRcUp's picture, featuring The Lizard and The Kuihs

I submitted this photo two days ago. And I hope that the editor will choose my picture to be posted in the newspaper. Yesterday, I look into newspaper. Nothing.

Today morning, timed at 0804, ButTeRcUp went to library again, and pick up the freshly delivered Star Newspaper. I flipped over the pages and then, I saw something very familliar.

Although I am not RM50 richer, still, I'm at cloud nine.

Of course, the bossy me, announced it to almost everybody. In return, I got praised, and I got wet blanket. However, I'm still very glad to all of you(including those that gave me the wet blanket), I'll work harder to post something better, something more worth to be shared, nationwide. Muacks~~Haha!

Well, for those who wants to know further, read on. I sent this picture, entitled "Kampung's Delicacy" and with the caption "I ate two of these before I realised that there was a lizard, alive, in it. For kampung people, biasa-lah!".

And as you can see, how strict the editor is. Not a single word is used. Journalist is not simple. Treasure your newspapers and articles.

Click me to see the thumbnails in The Star.

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Again... Happy & Blur & Dissatisfied

Went to Hitokiri-san's house on Saturday and celebrated her birthday. See how cute is her cake? Yeap. She's 21.

Doraemon cake

Me after a can of Carlsberg. Hmmmm.. doesn't looks very much different huh? They said I'd look like Guan Gong!!!

Oh, was in Platinum for Yee Sang. Thanks to Rachel's aunt

There... you can see the tham sim & tham jiak faces

So delicious....

After lou-ing... Hmmm.. Hitokiri, if you are looking at this, reminds you of your Yee Sang?

As usual, ButTeRcUp the trash bin --- everything else goes into his stomach

And today, PTPTN came to gave the offer letter and agreement for us to sign. I'm now RM40,500 richer BUT, I can't use any of the money besides than academic purposes.

See how many forms we gotta fill in?

Guys one side, girls one side... Hmmmm.. discrimination? LOLz

AND!!! I sparred with one fellow today. I would consider him a fighter. And you know what's wrong with a fighter? They never know how they will die when facing a stronger opponent(not that I'm bragging about myself... read on). For dunno-how-many times I stopped my leg in front of his face, doing my very best not to give him a blue black or even a K.O. to him, and guess what he did? He just pushed my leg aside and kicked me back, powerful ones.

Just imagine how ButTeRcUp's gonna stand him? Some more giving me that "Yeah, I won!" face. ... ... Speechless. Give face no more to this kind of fighter.

And, Dr. Tai's new playmate --- smarterchild.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

A New Milestone! I've Grown Up!!!

Yo people!!! Guess what? This is a milestone for me! Guess what I've done???











Haha! Ok, it might sounds stupid but, errr.... I think it's something good rite? LOLz! My friends said that I looks like Guan Gong after I drank and all I felt is, hot, hot, and hot. Thanks to Hitokiri-san! Tanjoubi Omedeto Gozaimasu Hitokiri-san!(if and only if you are reading this! LOLz)

Friday, February 23, 2007

CNY In Penang

So, I went back Penang for this Golden Piggy Chinese New Year. I went back on Friday, right after my class. It was seriously tiring because I drove a portion of the journey before I passed the car back to my mom. I slept a while in car and after I was awake, I took some of these:

My dog fell asleep in car. It has never been in car that long... LOLz!

Every cloud has its silver lining. I think I can add in something else.

When you see this moutain, you can expect yourself somewhere around the town of leng luis, Ipoh

Saw what was inside it? I ate two of the cake before I realised. Was in my gradma's house, kampung people, biasa-lah!

Chicks that my grandma had

I took this when she didn't notice. It was after years since my last time holding a chicken little

The backyard of my granma's house. There are geese, ducks, chickens, and turtles. And a watchdog, of course.

Something familiar? Yeap, it's Mickey! Was arranged that way when I noticed it.

Took in Penang, in my uncle's place. Notice those white coloured dots on the hill? It's a cemetry. But I like the background very much too!

My cousin brother, Keat Kean.

Paid a visit to Aunt Anny in Penang too, and this bread is superb! After how many years, I finally get to eat this again! *Drooling...*

It contains of minced meat, mushroom, garlics and err.. forgot. But so so so so delicious! You can eat is as proper meal because you have everything you need in it

Taken this from my cousin's condo, located 22 storeys high in Penang.

Another "Platinum Hill" huh?

They have slides for kids

This dart is special. From Korea, a magnetic one. First time I saw.

See view from her house

Walking into the microorganism's world

Having Dim Sum in Simpang Ampat, Perak. Treated by my mom's brother. The shop's name is Green House. And it's really green.

These are birds nest. On the left. it's for male and the right, the female. I'm NOT KIDDING! It's hollow in the middle for both, and for the female's, it has a larger compartment to store eggs.

See that bells? It was hang in my grandma's house and guess what? I've knocked into it for more than 10 times in less than 3 days

Back from Penang already. Mom asked my to wash the car and the washer require me to drive it up there. Can you imagine? A little deviation will cause your pocket a hole. JPJ should have put this as part of the driving test instead of the side parking.

Oh, this one. My junior in my house during CNY and she was onlining.

Well, although this trip to Penang doesn't make any profit to me, but, it does brought back lots of my fond memories. Enjoy the pictures ya!
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