Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Suddenly Don't Know What To Write!

And yeah, I bet his teacher trained him well. Never give up no matter what!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

A New Day Has Come!

Don't leave the love unspoken.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

OMG School's Reopening Soon!

Buttercup says: One ear in, one ear out at the right time could have save you much of the trouble when you apply it at the right time.

Today Yesterday is kinda a bad day at work. Considered half of normal days calls but it's all difficult ones. Most of the seniors are out for training and only one is available. Many higher-authority-based problems can't be accessed due to lacking of man power.

Being lectured by senior on what to do and not to do but guess what? Everytime is a different thing and they just trying to make things easier and hard for my end of people. But like usual, how can we balance off these kind of situations are simple. One ear in, one ear out.

Nonetheless, today yesterday really gave me a long headache. We just don't have enough of authority to do things, not that synchronised from department to department, and people don't treat you like an adult.

Thanks to various people who had helped me indirectly to pacify my piece of mind. I just gained another level in my patience.

And it's hot today. I wonder how my roommate can sleep. Maybe my deposited hydrocarbon chain retained much of the heat, or maybe, generated them.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Just For Laughs

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Buttercup: Laughter the best medicine!

Never jump on the beds in furniture show house anymore!

Don't you feel shame when animals also know how not to fight?

Dogs are always man's best friend

Prison Break - Panda version, starring SmartAss & DumbAss

*Puuuuuut..... Puuuuuut... * Luckily no one know it was me... Thank God

If you wished to save someone in case of emergency, this could be a good idea. Maybe a bit cruel, but you MIGHT just save a life.


Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Today, there's no food, no delicious food, no very delicious food!

But, it's very very funny! I laughed out so damn blardy loud at my workplace when I saw this!

Enjoy people!

Click this for a good laugh ====> Laugh!

Monday, November 19, 2007

We Are The Champion!

Hell yeah! Today, I can get angry with all the best reason under the sun. Oh well, it's not really a big deal to me actually but, it marked a successful milestone for me to be a better man. Why? Because I don't angry because of I want to feel angry! LOL!

Today, I'm very very very angry and upset with the seniors. They need us to get things done, but they don't assist us in the sense that guiding us in a better way.

Towards the end of the day, I noticed that all my colleague at my place is very very frustrating and very angry towards the same thing. You bet!

It's them! Not all, but that two of them. When have problem, they'll come and talk nicely to you, smile at you, answer your questions. But once they don't need you AT THAT PARTICULAR MOMENT, "Get the hell out of my way you idiot!".

It's really hard to work with people with two face. You know what killed the passions? Seniors who felt threaten. We can finish up their mess twice or thrice their speed. How about that? Will you feel threaten if your juniors having such great potentials?

And for God sake! Monday you telling me A, Tuesday B, and Wednesday F! How the hell am I going to know what is to what? And we are all not updated to the latest information. And when we ask, guess what? Yeah, screwed up in the ass!

Nonetheless, I have all the reason to feel angry today. It's not my fault and everybody feels it. Seniors, time for a change.

always the smarter choice

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Family Comes First

Went for Pizza and 30 Days of Nights with Mini and guess what?! I think that the show is hilarious! You guys should watch if you wanna laugh! And thanks Mini, it was really a nice day out! Appreciate it! And let's wait for Jusco!

And so I was at home, bringing back 6 Stairway To Heavens and of course, not all know how to savour it. Haha!

On Saturday night, my family and I went to Sushi King and I'm the house. Dad's eyes was running wild on those figures but, I told him that it's worth it because not all the time we get to be together and have dinner. The dinner costs only RM 150. And in exchange of fun and quality time with family, I think no doubt it's worth more than it costs.

In return of that "favour" that I've done on the night before, today morning my dad and mom made some breakfast!!! Haha! And they are all delicious!

Appreciate your family before the bond is loose. All the best people, it's a whole new day again tomorrow!
p/s: I wanna watch Heroes, Prison Break, Bleach and Naruto!

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I Salute You Ms L!

One old big time liar customer called up today. Let's name her L. Come and think of it, I was once fell into her silly trap as I believe her as my customer, but not today.

"Good morning, welcome to HP, this is Kenny, how may I help you?"

"Oh, Kenny ar. I spoke to you last time. My name is L.", payback time! "And I would like to know when I can get my computer ar?"

"Hmmmm, L ar... according to the system, I can see that my colleague had already informed you that the delivery will be next week. And can I know what's concerning you?"

"No la, I just want to know if I can get the PC earlier."

"Well, like what my colleague had informed you, there's no way we can expedite as the goods is not here in Malaysia yet."

"But you know ho...", there she goes, "Last time I heard another of your colleague said that I can get my goods by today(Lie 1). And now you telling me this. I wonder hor.... is it that HP is lying to us ar? I so pity those people who are purchasing the computers from you all lar."

"Errm, Ms L ar, normally, our customer called in and asked for order status, we'll inform them about the delivery date. And for normal customer hor, they accept and wait till the delivery day."

"So you are saying I'm not normal la now?"

"Oh no, of course not lah. I know that you concern so much about your computer that you scared HP took your money and didn't send you your goods ma... rite?"

"Yalor yalor! That's why la I now asking. How ar? Anyway you can help me ar?"

*And so, I advised her again to wait for the delivery date, again, again, and again.*
**This call lasts 10 minutes plus.**

"So, is there anything else I can help you Ms L?"

"Hmmm... guess that I have no choice but to wait lor.(Lie 2)"

"Ok then, have a nice day Ms L!"

"duuu... duuu... duuu..." She hung up.

--------------------------- End of Part I -----------------------------------

I sent email immediately after this to all my colleagues, ask them to transfer to me the call whenever they receive a call from her.

And as per expected, she called back. My colleague answered. She transferred to me.

"Harlo Ms L ar, anything ar? Kenny here!"

"Ha? Kenny ar? Aiya! You know what ar? Just now once you put down the phone ar(mind you, she put down the phone first - Lie 3), got this number SMS me already! It's from 2999 (Lie 3)!"

"What did it say Ms L?"

"It says : 'You will die! You will die! You will die!'(Lie 4) like that wo! I received 2 SMSes already(Lie 5)!"

"Wah(sacarsticly), then how ar? You know who sent it ar?"

"I dunno lor! I think must be your senior J or that K.(Lie 6). I know lar it musn't be you course once you put down the phone, I straight away got the SMS already. Sure is not you(I know she want to say is me). How come HP hire people like J and K one? Agent Y told me last time he fired K already(Lie 7). Sure la K revenge now!" took a long breathe, "I called up to Celcom and they checked the number, they said is from HP wo(Lie 8)! They asked me to call mata to lodge a police report(Lie 9)!"

"Oh really ar? Then you faster go to Celcom lar... Ask them print out the report, then you faster faster go lodge the report, then you ma can fast fast ask the mata come here catch people lor!"

"Ya lor, I think I want. Neh neh neh you see! Now I got 9 of the SMSes already(Lie 10)! Jior! Who is this lar?!!"

"Wah, got 9 already ar? OMG! Then you must faster go call mata lor! Ask them come fast fast, we have people here to talk to mata one! We can help them to catch the person who send the sms to you!"

"Must be that K la! I'm so scared now la(Lie 11)..."

"Don't be scared la... Faster call the police lar... I will personally help you to talk to police one!"

"Aiyo! Now you see got 6 SMSes already(Lie 12 - remember it supposed to be 9?)!"

"Eh?! I don't know I hear wrong or what, just now I thought you said 9?"

".....", silent for the few seconds, "You know hor... I must talk to your superior about this already la. I must call the mata also."

"Oh good good. I will help you at the same time. I'll go fill up form now, and get all the calls in between you and HP from the system and I'll hand over to the police. Oh ya, Ms L ar, YOU KNOW THE CALLS HERE ARE ALL RECORDED RITE?"

"Hhhh.... h... Ha? All recorded ar?" Conversation came to a halt. I smiled in vain.

"Ya lor, then how are? When you want the police to come ar? I need to faster tell my supervisor ler..."

"I think no need already la. So ma huan(Lie 13). I will wait lar... Better don't let me receive that SMS again(Lie 14)! Bye!"

"Have a nic...... Ms L", as she hung up. Talk time timed: 20 minutes and 14 seconds.

You know what? I just enjoy talking to her. All the time. Can you see how many lies she created within that little amount of time? And I really respect her for her creativity and her courage to talk big, till I informed her that all calls were recorded.

Desperate people are just damn good in reaching their goals. This is for you, Ms L.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Say Thank You With Your Heart, Not Mouth!

Today is a good day. As I'm getting more patience, and of course, the system aren't down today.

In my department, we have always been doing the same thing everyday. However, I still find that it's fun. Very fun indeed.

You got to talk to many people and you can really see how people reply to you. 99% of them will say "Thank you" while the 1% will just throw their receivers somewhere without saying the magic word. We always get used to the 1%'s behaviour as we know, not many are polite.

I personally think that, I am responsible enough to every single customer that I've got, and I attend to their need all the time and I even OT-ed for them. And of course, you always get to hear the phrase "Thank you" from them. However, how many really meant it?

Haha! The number doesn't really matter. Let me share with you some examples:

I received an email today and this is part of it:

"Until yesterday I called again and spoken to Mr. Kenny Yeoh and was told the delivery will have to wait another few weeks. I complaint to him regarding the delivery and lucky he was helpful enough to ask the person in-charge to keep me posted on the tentative delivery date."

Although this is not considered as formal compliment in my company, I, nonetheless, felt very happy as I know that I've done my part and I somehow helped this customer.

I OT-ed till 7 something. I made the last call of the day. Towards the end of conversation, :

"Ms XXX, that'll all be it. Is there anything else I can help you at it?"

"Oh nothing much already. Thanks a lot Kenny."

"Well then, have a nice day miss."

"You too. Oh ya, by the way, don't work till too late wo. Bye!"

I smiled, "Thanks a lot miss. Bye."

I don't know if you get the moral of the story or not. All I want to say is, a few lines of words that comes from the bottom of your heart can make someone's day. It's just a simple few lines. Especially when the customer told me "Dont work till too late", it totally melt my heart off and let me know that my OT is worth it for this customer as people know how to appreciate.

Do say words of appreciation if needed. People like me might get tens of hundreds of complaint calls a day but just this one customer at the end of the day had made my day worth it all.

And enjoy the following clip by Vitas the Fake.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Mother Earth Is One Of The Most Beautiful Thing I Ever Had

ButTeRcUp says: In everything you do, reserve a room for disappointment, no matter how perfect your plan is. Something might just go wrong and you'll have room to grieve for it.

Last Sunday went to a pasar malam in Kepong and my friends introduced me to this.

Hell yeah! Really aroma across a thousand miles. I'll never eat it again unless it's the last food on Earth!

Sky in Melati Utama never let me down

Your are no longer the flower that I once raised with my heart, tears and blood. I gave you water, I gave you sunlight, I gave you love. All I got in the end is, nothing. However, you did shine that short period of my life.

Monday, November 12, 2007

KNN a CCB... TMD ar MCH!

Yesterday, there came a taxi driver. The 3 of us went up to the taxi and I immediately noticed that he's charging 40 cents for 3 person instead of 20 cents.

"Err, did you overcharged?"

"You didn't know meh? Petrol now all go up already! The sticker also out already. Just that I didn't buy ma... I'll buy tomorrow and stick it up!"

Yeah, hell yeah! How come the Ministry of Trasportation only informed the taxi drivers that there's a raise but not the people huh? I requested for the receipt.

"No problem." happily he given me the receipt and off he fled.

I checked on the receipt and I laughed. His plate number was HWC 4780 and guess what's on the receipt? HWC 1234. Of course la he happily giving people the receipt all over the place!


Today morning when I was waiting for LRT, I was standing at the most front. Then the LRT came. Once it stopped, an amazingly fast super huge wantan zapped in front of me and gushed in.


*Lunch time*

"How much ar?"

"5 ringgit only... Hehe!"

Feel like punching that fat ass lady in her face.



I took plain rice, with a piece of flat-chested babi meat, and some long beans. Come, let's play Guess It game. Come come.. guess how much.


Nope. C'mon, you can do better than that!


Yeah! It was RM 5.30 ONLY.


Now that there's only a few more hours to go before a new day arriving, be patience I shall. Just a few more hours to go....

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Riot In Masjid Jamek!

Oh ya Oh ya! Today I passed by Pasar Seni and Masjid Jamek, and I saw many people in red and yellow. And guess what? Yeap, you got it right!

It happened on the very road that I used to travel everyday to work! THAT VERY ROAD!


Today I had a small reunion dinner with my NS friends in Times Square. It has been 3 years since then. We went to Gasoline to get pumped up. Bad lighting in there. No pictures taken by my phone. T_T
And thanks to Ray and Chia Wuen, I got this!

And this one I bought them on my way back from TS. You MUST TRY "Stairway to Heaven" from Bread HisStory. Oh, I also realised that, there's actually another shop by the name of Bread History. Don't go to the wrong shop. It's Bread Story.

The 2 long long ones are the Stairway to Heaven. Damn nice!

And that traitor that I've eyed on damn long ago till now, is my stupid mouth and stomach. The main culprit will be the eyes and the nose!

Just imagine, Genki Sushi, Pavilion, Ichiban Ramen, Big Apple, Starbucks, Gasoline, J Co, and now, Bread Story.

Damn BIG TRAITORS to my wallet.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

Pavilion One Day Trip

Damn!! Stupid Google got problem and I can't fully upload all the photos. Never mind, the main course are just right below so those appetitezers, forget about them.

Went to Pavilion with Ray and Chia Wuen, and I'm the brightest and biggest spotlight ever. Pavilion is really big, to me at least. It's really a heaven for shopping but definitely, not for dummies like me. There are 7 stories if I'm not mistaken and the 7th floor - Seventh Heaven is ONLY for ladies, but too bad it's not open yet.

A lot of shops here are double stories, such as Burberry, err... err.. forgot already. One whole stretch is double storey shops selling all kind of brands of outfit.

Pavilion's restaurants(majority) basically, stick to one concept.

Such big crowd... What's happening?

They'll have their cook to cook in front of the audience/customers.

Took our lunch in Ichiban Ramen

These people really work non-stop

Ray ordered ramen

This is my Onagi Set

Here we have the breakdowns:

The Onagi

Pickles, egg and fried brinjal

The Salad that makes you feel like you are chewing on grass

The rice

The soup

The fruits

And they're all gone!

When I thought that I had finally finished my meal and reading on the shopping guide, here came the steam egg with prawn and mushroom! Not bad!

And as promised Mini, here's your donuts..

Oh not forgetting the Mocha Pxxxxx Frapuccino (or something like that)

*burrrp* 6 donuts and 1 Starbucks

Siao meh? Finished all one shot. Of course la leave some for tomorrow ma!

p/s: We saw J Co but, the queue is killing. It's just like a super long toilet queue after a 3.5 hours movie from the cinema. The queue is really scary.
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