Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Someone Withnessed Hit And Run

*Reading people MSN's personal message*

"Withnessed one hit and run today..." reads one.

So I messaged that guy and asked:

"OMG! So is it terrible?"

"Of course la it is! Feel like puking!"


"The car ran over the body and just drove off!"

"OMFG!!! Is he still alive?!?"

"Of course die already la!"

"OMG! Did you lodge a police report?"

"It's only a DOG..."

"knnccb @%@#%%!$%&#&!#^*!%!@$!&@@%!^! ........."


Samuel said...

I tot dog is also being consider as a life ma.... so should lodge police report.. where is the love man.. human kena hit and run call police... :D lol

buttercup said...

lol! then err.. kindly contact the police when u kill a mosquito ya! keep his m

Porcupine said...

How could you do this Kenny?
I thought you were a person who upholds the laws and princples of society?
You've disappointed young one...

You have a long way to go before attaining Jedi-hood, young Padawan...

buttercup said...

damn! how i wish if i had the emoticons in MSN that i can put here now!
*knock on your head jeff!*
wake up wake up!
dun try to change the topic. u still owe us all a sushi buffet! hahaha!

Jun Xue said...


Samuel said...

Ohya Sushi!... jeff if you don't give us that sushi we will sure hit and run u :D lol

Esther said...

ey. you got dog also rite. people run over your dog and drove off, so you happilly say, "aiyah.. dog only mar, run him over a few times also nvm la. just leave him out there on the road to rot la" izzit???

Samuel said...

Yeah!.. i think they should make a police traffic for dog, so if there is any dog accident, we should lodge the report to him

buttercup said...


lol! A doggy report!


NO no! U are reading wrongly! lines in green are from me!

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