Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Say Thank You With Your Heart, Not Mouth!

Today is a good day. As I'm getting more patience, and of course, the system aren't down today.

In my department, we have always been doing the same thing everyday. However, I still find that it's fun. Very fun indeed.

You got to talk to many people and you can really see how people reply to you. 99% of them will say "Thank you" while the 1% will just throw their receivers somewhere without saying the magic word. We always get used to the 1%'s behaviour as we know, not many are polite.

I personally think that, I am responsible enough to every single customer that I've got, and I attend to their need all the time and I even OT-ed for them. And of course, you always get to hear the phrase "Thank you" from them. However, how many really meant it?

Haha! The number doesn't really matter. Let me share with you some examples:

I received an email today and this is part of it:

"Until yesterday I called again and spoken to Mr. Kenny Yeoh and was told the delivery will have to wait another few weeks. I complaint to him regarding the delivery and lucky he was helpful enough to ask the person in-charge to keep me posted on the tentative delivery date."

Although this is not considered as formal compliment in my company, I, nonetheless, felt very happy as I know that I've done my part and I somehow helped this customer.

I OT-ed till 7 something. I made the last call of the day. Towards the end of conversation, :

"Ms XXX, that'll all be it. Is there anything else I can help you at it?"

"Oh nothing much already. Thanks a lot Kenny."

"Well then, have a nice day miss."

"You too. Oh ya, by the way, don't work till too late wo. Bye!"

I smiled, "Thanks a lot miss. Bye."

I don't know if you get the moral of the story or not. All I want to say is, a few lines of words that comes from the bottom of your heart can make someone's day. It's just a simple few lines. Especially when the customer told me "Dont work till too late", it totally melt my heart off and let me know that my OT is worth it for this customer as people know how to appreciate.

Do say words of appreciation if needed. People like me might get tens of hundreds of complaint calls a day but just this one customer at the end of the day had made my day worth it all.

And enjoy the following clip by Vitas the Fake.


Porcupine said...

99% said thank you ah?
Already considered not bad liau eh...
When I was working as a waiter last time, I think only 9% thanked me...
And only 1% left tips...
That also a few cents nia...

On a different note,
Keep up the good work you shall, young padawan...
For the road to jedi-hood requires diligence and patience...
May the Force guide you...

Samuel said...

I think I know the main reason jeff get only 9%.. because he always go around speaking like yoda!

Samuel said...

btw... I really.... really.... extremely... got the big urge to kill that guy in your that video!!!

buttercup said...


OMG! sure they see u suey dowan to say thank you to you la! haha! I'm better than Jedi already... hahaha! And we got no tips!


yeah i have the same strong feel. The first time i saw the vid, till second 22, I close it. I got goosebump all over my body! HAha!

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