Monday, November 12, 2007

KNN a CCB... TMD ar MCH!

Yesterday, there came a taxi driver. The 3 of us went up to the taxi and I immediately noticed that he's charging 40 cents for 3 person instead of 20 cents.

"Err, did you overcharged?"

"You didn't know meh? Petrol now all go up already! The sticker also out already. Just that I didn't buy ma... I'll buy tomorrow and stick it up!"

Yeah, hell yeah! How come the Ministry of Trasportation only informed the taxi drivers that there's a raise but not the people huh? I requested for the receipt.

"No problem." happily he given me the receipt and off he fled.

I checked on the receipt and I laughed. His plate number was HWC 4780 and guess what's on the receipt? HWC 1234. Of course la he happily giving people the receipt all over the place!


Today morning when I was waiting for LRT, I was standing at the most front. Then the LRT came. Once it stopped, an amazingly fast super huge wantan zapped in front of me and gushed in.


*Lunch time*

"How much ar?"

"5 ringgit only... Hehe!"

Feel like punching that fat ass lady in her face.



I took plain rice, with a piece of flat-chested babi meat, and some long beans. Come, let's play Guess It game. Come come.. guess how much.


Nope. C'mon, you can do better than that!


Yeah! It was RM 5.30 ONLY.


Now that there's only a few more hours to go before a new day arriving, be patience I shall. Just a few more hours to go....


Porcupine said...

Be patient you must...
Or cut off their heads with your light saber also can...

buttercup said...

hmmm... the latter sounds like a better idea. oh great porcupineDa... can you show me the way to a light saber?

buttercup fansi said...

sei solou a...
purposely ask me come see title...
funny ma buttercup...

Samuel said...

And I think to myself, Not A WONDERFUL WORLD

buttercup said...

buttercup fansi:

hahaaha! nice ma. no meh?

LOL. world is always wonderful but depend on how you see it. if from the eye of examination, yeah, world sucks!

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