Monday, November 05, 2007

Nice One

Hey peeps, check this out!

And OMG! Today I received a call from customer speaking Hokkien!!! Damn! I was never prepared for that!!! So siao today my Hokkien! Damn long didn't speak Hokkien d! So damn funny la when I talked to him. Haha!


Samuel said...

I know Halloween just over nia... no need to sked me with such video ma.. lol :D... i like the last part, the girl in the mirror... scary :D

buttercup said...

lol! I like tht part also. ahha! but seriously, this vid not tht scary just yet. hahaha!

Samuel said...

huh?!.. got more scary wan ar... lasttime i got see one blog tat oni put this kind of pic and video.. dam keng but after reformat.. i dunno go where d the url.. :D

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