Saturday, November 24, 2007

OMG School's Reopening Soon!

Buttercup says: One ear in, one ear out at the right time could have save you much of the trouble when you apply it at the right time.

Today Yesterday is kinda a bad day at work. Considered half of normal days calls but it's all difficult ones. Most of the seniors are out for training and only one is available. Many higher-authority-based problems can't be accessed due to lacking of man power.

Being lectured by senior on what to do and not to do but guess what? Everytime is a different thing and they just trying to make things easier and hard for my end of people. But like usual, how can we balance off these kind of situations are simple. One ear in, one ear out.

Nonetheless, today yesterday really gave me a long headache. We just don't have enough of authority to do things, not that synchronised from department to department, and people don't treat you like an adult.

Thanks to various people who had helped me indirectly to pacify my piece of mind. I just gained another level in my patience.

And it's hot today. I wonder how my roommate can sleep. Maybe my deposited hydrocarbon chain retained much of the heat, or maybe, generated them.


Anonymous said...

this chap is mad, he almost jump into the pool at 3 something in the morning. not only that, he gives ppl quiz at this ungodly hour where ppl r fast asleep. lol. but hes a good alarm clock, very punctual :p

word verification again....zzz

buttercup said...

=p Haha!

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