Monday, April 30, 2007

Whole New Magician!

Well peeps. Something really amazing and amusing! This guy will mostly be the next David Copperfield or David Blaine! Must watch!

And we can all do the magic he perform!

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Tribute To You

Today, my turtle has passed away. I've never intro you to the other people. My bad.

In Chinese beliefs, especially those who believes in Feng Shui, aquatic animal which died in your house, had done a good deed, which is protecting you, by sacrificing themselves fighting the evil forces/spirits.

It has gave up on his life in order to protect us who are in this house.

May you rest in peace, O-Gui.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

UTAR's Special Holiday

Initially I wanted to go to school early morning but, the cool breeze has just made me fell back to my bed and slept for another 2 hours, instead of studying in school.

Woke up again at 10, after preparation, and went to school at 1030. I gotta took a taxi that costs me RM3.00 to be there in school. KNNCCB. So expensive taking cabs alone.

I took my branch in school and I proceeded to the ATM in school. I was trying to withdraw money to pay for me fees next semester. Like usual, I key in all the PINs and bla bla bla, and I chose, "Other Amount" and keyed in RM 4,000.

"You request is denied. This machine can only allow a maximum withdrawal of RM 1,000 at a time."

WTF? Then why the hell you put "Other Amout" there? For fun? To tempt people ar? Siao! And I've got no choice to withdraw the money, 4 times. Until the fourth time, "Your circulation limit has reached today. Please try again." Dang!!!! I just only remembered that I set them to a maximum of RM3,000. Sigh.... Luckily, I got a Maybank ATM card as well to withdrew the last grand.

I headed to the Finance Department. It was pitch black. 0_O||?

I saw one staff from ICTC Department and I went forward to asked him.

"Hi there! Do you know when will the Finance Department open today?"

"Oh, no. It's not opening today."


"Because today is UTAR's holiday!"

"UTAR got special holiday one meh?"

Before he get to say anything, "Oh oh. I know d. Thanks." and I left.

DO YOU KNOW WHY UTAR has a holiday today? It's the dunno-what-what Installation Day of the Paduka Seri Baginda Yang DiPertuan Agung.

It's such a stupid day for me. Going to school such early morning, paying 3 bucks for cab, 3 bucks for branch, and withdrew a 4 grand just to realise that, IT IS PUBLIC HOLIDAY.

Till then.

p/s: Don't attempt to rob me. Robbing me aka attempting suicide. LOLz! Have a nice day peeps!

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

My First Video On YouTube!

It took me more than an hour, more than 50 times of failures, and a ever patience camerawoman, Chia Wuen to help me and get this done! I know it's not that good. Still, it's my FIRST VIDEO on YouTube man! Haha!


Sat for Cell Biology today. It wasn't that tough, as what I've expected. Of course, some of the things that expected to come out, didn't while those questions that you never thought will come out, came out.

However,after sitting this paper and met Dr. Woo today, I've gained more confidence in this time's final! がんばってみなさん!Let's push it high!

p/s: I forgot to do the last question, at the very very very last page. But nevermind, 5 MARKS only mar! Hahahahaha!

Saturday, April 21, 2007

I Found The Spirit

Today I woke up early morning and go to school for Taekwondo. School. Not Uni. School!

Yeap! I went back to STAR and met up with sir and a few seniors. It was a last minute decision to go there but I didn't intended to do training. However, I saw something that I missed for a long time --- focusing pads! Seeing Kim Huat and Hong Yew all kicking, I suddenly felt the buring passion is back on to me!

Not only that, today got a few leng lui juniors come back also lar! So they make my day also! LOLz!

Plan to do some jogging tomorrow. It's time to find back the good ol' me. blek!

Then in the afternoon, I went back to school again to join the new prefectorial board for their Unity Programme. It was not that bad, just that, time management is not that good. Haha!

Guess who I met today during the Unity Programme? I met Ei Ling, Vinu, Jenny, Yoke Leng and not forgetting, our transformed Sim Mei Jie Jie! Her hair so long already lor and has gotten prettier! Haha! ( Hey, you owe me one ar! Blek! )

Just that sorry ya, didn't get to fetch you back as my brother was waiting in the rain.

Yeah, this is a lousy blog. ZzzZzzZzZ.

I've found the spirit. All I need now is endurance and preserverance.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I Feel Good!

I Feel Good, NanananaNa!

Last week, it was my turn for presentation. My group was the first to present. We did it ok ok, and there’s one group is seriously not bad. I named the group leader Max ( since his name starts with M ).

After some time, it was his turn. He made his presentation very nice. Including his attire.

And as you can see our attire today, it is what we have in the theme,” As he turned to face his group members, none of them were wearing the theme’s colour like what he has mentioned. He continued his presentation. It was a minimum requirement whereby each group must send at least 2 presenters and guess what he has done? One man show. Fine.

After the presentation, my lecturer gave a comment to him. “You are a bit selfish huh? You didn’t introduce your own group members but only yourself.

Well, of course, tonnes of complements followed after the criticism.

The first time I see Max, I got a feeling. YOU ARE SUCKY MAX! These were all last week’s happening.

Today, he was not in sight. Others presented well and things went on smoothly. Until the last group, after presentation, he appeared in the Q & A session ( to see his coursework marks as well ).

Why is this … Why is that … I don’t see anything there in your slides regarding your topic…..” Max started to asked lots of questions towards the presenters of last group. I can see the anxious look in the presenters. The bombardment went on and the session ends.

Everyone, please stay back. I have a few announcement to make.” After making a few announcements, “This is actually what I want to share with you guys today.” Everyone listened tentatively.

“Like all of us know, there are people who are superb and superior among us in public speaking. Why is it a must for you to show that you are so much superior than others and you need to shoot and bombard people that way? In UTAR, there’s no Number One, Number Two or Number Three. There’s only President’s List and Dean’s List.

So why is it that you want to make others feel bad, getting low marks while you yourself, feeling so good, getting marks that are so much higher than others? You actually feel nice?

This is the scenario that I see. We are only coursemates and we are not enemy. We are not rivals and so, why do you have to make life difficult for other people? All I asked is, we should help each other during this kind of presentation. Instead of bombarding unanswerable questions, why don’t you ask some questions that can be answered by the presenting team, so that they can gain some marks there as well? What’s wrong with helping others that way? Why must make people feel difficult?

That’s all I want to say. You may dismiss now.”

Once I finished speaking, people applauded. There was a kind of honour that I’ve never felt. I actually voiced out people’s voice! I felt like I’ve won an election, just by speaking something less than 2 minutes.

Of course, again, I don’t know if he knows that I’m actually talking about him. But the people know, for sure.

You might ask, why am I doing so. Now, here are the explanations:

  1. Max, I don’t like you when I first saw you. You just too selfish.
  2. Have you ever feel any failure or disappointment in your life Max? This is actually what you are giving to the people.
  3. Have you actually help others, in anyway? Anyway.
  4. Have you ever consider what kind of impact you’ve given to other’s confidence? How much you’d hurt them? Did you KNOW?
  5. You seriously KiaSu Max.
  6. You suck bad. Real bad.

Some of you might ask me, have I ever think of the consequences on him, when I do this “open-shooting” in front of this crowd? Have I ever thought that I might hurt him?


In my opinion, this kind of people needs a lesson. They only look highly into themselves, and call themselves, PREFECTIONIST. You call these sucky attitudes PREFECT huh?

And I got a song for you Max.

I feel GOOD, NanananaNa! I know that I would! NanananaNa!

I feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel GOOD! NanananaNa! Like sugar and spice.


Serve you right, Max! Hope you learn how to respect others better and not to put yourself too high! It's hurt isn't it, falling from your own grace?

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


Yes, it was my birthday. Haha! I went back home on 7th April to celebrate my birthday with my family. Sorry ya peeps in Klang, I don't have time to go out with you guys as I reached home only around 6 something. Went out for dinner with family and I got a cake from my family! And then, came back to Setapak around 10 something cause on Monday got exam.


Four rounds of food and these are among them

See how much food my friends prepared?

This is something special that I got... Haha! I'm not that old rite?

See what this pole is for in the LIFT?

We went to Green Box today!!!

Eat all you can!

Wah, so red!!!

See, yeng or not?

This is the present from my friends here! Thanks alot!

This is my 21st birthday! Haha! Once in a life time! Thanks alot ya people!!! Appreciate all these alot! Muacks~


Thursday, April 05, 2007

Almost Lost My Chance Serving The Country

It was a fine day when ButTeRcUp prepare to go to school. He took some pictures as he first time wearing so sexy to Uni.

Fuiyoooh... Sexy arms!!!

::A few hours before today morning...::

"You should wear this.... That!!"

But of course, thanks to Rachel, ButTeRcUp got lots of complements today. (^^,)

She insisted to take a pic before leaving the lift

Derek together with WaWa, Bulat-bulat, Timun, and Sheng Jye pay a suprise visit to the Pent House


This is the hectic part! Read below:

I was having my breakfast nicely in the canteen while suddenly, 2 of my friends showed up and asked :"Hey, you are going to the camp later rite?"

o_O !!!!!!!!! OMG!!! I totally forgotten about it as I thought it was cancelled! Dang! And guess what am I wearing? My sexy clothes (refer above pictures)!!! I don't have a proper attire for me to carry out the medical checkup! But with no choice, I removed the sexy T-shirt there and wore only my jacket to the camp (because must have collar). This time, we go to Kem Wardieburn to do the checkup. Everything was doing fine. Until.......::Flash back::
Senior: "Last time we only do three rounds of jogging. That's all!"

"Okey! Masa untuk jogging. Lari di car park ini sepuluh round saje."

The girls have their eyes opening wide (did I tell you that there are a lot of girls joined! And got 2 leng luis ler!). But to me... "Aiya, 10 round only ma, sap sap water lar!", and off we go.

Phewwww... Finally after ten rounds. "Sila buat tepuk lalat 3 kiraan 1, 10 kali."

*Seniors eyes o_O*

We did.

"Sila buat star jump 10 kali, kiraan saya."


"Ok! Nampak semangat nih!!! Tekan tubi, 10 kali. "

"I sure can do this", I told myself.

"... Kiraan saya!"


Now this is problem. I've wasted so much energy at the jogging part, thinking that only ten rounds, but, now, all this! Plus, I has got a minor, long-term injury at my elbow. Dang!!!! But luckily, I still get to finished all the tekan tubis.

This car park not that big rite? Sap sap water lar! (Your head!!!)

It was seriously a good experience to be at that camp, after such long time. Mostly, I'll pass my checkup. The only thing left to pass is, my FINAL EXAMS! Than I can go for my "vacation"...

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Dissapointment In Myself

It has been really hectic, tired, and mentally exhausted, for porr ButTeRcUp. It has been a few weeks in row, together with anger, frustration, dissapointment and disability to control the lazy me.

Today I had skipped a class. Public Relations tutorial. 2 reasons why I didn't attend the class. First, for the first time I didn't do this subject's tutorial. Secondly, I'm really exhausted. Trying to hide myself from reality.

I really regretted that I skipped the class, and making myself avoiding realities. This is not me. Give me some time. I'll change. I really need time for that.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Towards Adulthood, NOT!

Errr.. I think I need to improve more...

This is a gel tank which we used to do DNA analysis

Well, it's just tea, not Tiger Beer

Having a hair cut in a saloon

Dyed my hair...

This one not bad

When on the way back to Setapak, my mom, brought along my sisters and I, went to Pyramid to do some shopping. They bought me a jacket, the shirt above and a pair of errr... trousers? Thanks to them! Haha!

And I did my hair! Finally I dyed my hair. But to most of them, I look more Ah Beng and Ah Fei and LaLa in that hair. Oh well, never mind. Get some critic once in a while is fine. Blek!

Happy April Fool's Day, fools!
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