Wednesday, March 31, 2010

This Is It.

This is it.

I had got some inspiration last night. And this is where I am heading to now. I need to let go what I need to let go, and concentrate on what I need to focus.

Wish me luck.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Stay Or No Stay?

Hmmm... recently my boss had been hinting me to stay in China.... He had been spreading words to suppliers to find me a girlfriend...

I am not too old, but not too young either. It feels like another junction in my life.

Show me the way.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Code Name: Mouse Hunt

Mission name: Mouse hunt

Suspect code: 1986

Agent in-charged: Buttercup

Mission objective: To observe, snap pictures of suspect's activities tonight and report back to Base by 2130 hours.

Location: WuZhou, GuangXi Province.

Suspect will be attending a wedding dinner at a local restaurant. Observe and get evidence of who 1986 is dealing with and people around suspect on that night,

Mission timeline:

- 25th March 2010, 1900 hours, mission commence
- 25th March 2010, 1950 hours, subject spoted
- 25th March 2010, 2015 hours, subject spoted Agent trying to take picture. Cover blown.
- 25th March 2010, 2030 hours, MISSION FAILED.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Work: Random

Boss coming in today. I wonder if it'll be a stressful and dreadful two weeks. But, never mind. Let's do our best!


Sunday, March 07, 2010

BBQ In Winter!

Today went BBQ with my colleagues and supplier at a park nearby. It is my first time going to this park. I didn't know that the people here actually combine their theme park together with BBQ park. Let me show you some pictures.

1. The building on the left is BBQ Supermarket

2. Entrance

3. Sheltered BBQ House

4. Outdoor BBQ

5. All units are numbered and charged. Ranging from RMB 10 - RMB 30

6. This is how the BBQ stand looks like. I wonder why Malaysia doesn't have facilities like this.

7. It is just a very simple design like this. Just put in the charcoal and fire, with a steel net on top, you can start your BBQ. Very convenient.

8. A view from top

9. Stairways to Zoo. Entrance Fee RMB 5 - RMB 7

10. Sometimes people even BBQ at night. See the way they protect the light bulb from rain. Cheap and efficient


12. Rib bones and chicken wings


14. Waiting for it to cooked

15. One of the facility at the park



18. Still waiting...

19. Honey on the left and oil on the right



22. My colleague. She likes to take picture too. In this picture, I'm teachin her how to camwhore. HAHAHA!

23. Open air Mahjong. Yes, feel free to put your money on the table. Police aren't catching.

24. Husky Puppy!

25. This is the first time I see people BBQ vege! Not bad at all!


That's all for now. My first experience BBQ-ing in Winter. Hahahaa! It's not hot but DAMN COLD!  Ah, it's gonna turn at least 7 degree Celcius tomorrow. T_T

Thursday, March 04, 2010







接着的下一秒,我知道我会珍惜这短暂的三十分钟。。。朦胧的, 短暂的,甜蜜的三十分钟。。。

I thought, I don't love you like I loved you yesterday. But it turns out to be that, I actually love you more than ever....
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