Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Talent Show Competition

There was a talent show competition nearby. So I went to there and do some shooting. Frankly speaking, I'm not too into shooting this kind of events because it's not too-well-funded (but hey, winners gonna go for a bigger event!), poor condition and people DON'T CLAP when people go up or go down the stage.

Weird bunch of people.

Anyway, this is it.

*Only did noise reduction, and a few cropping, framing and wordings. I'm happy because I managed to get the exposures correct this time*
*I don't quite like their setup of the stage. Background red, floor red, stage skirt red, EVERYTHING RED... niaseng... I changed my angle to somewhere else in the later part.*

1. Among the seniors that participated.

2. Their team have got good smile on face


4. Among the kids

5. Noticed this girl keep on looking into the mirror

6. Latin. I did not do well shooting them. See the toe kena cut, the man also kena cut.

7. Judges gave harsh comments and see the guy's expression.

8. (Top) Listening to the judges' comments. (Bottom) Smile and left. They still didn't win.

9. Among the rare male participants, he was doing the MJ thingy. Moonwalk and so on. He has got the courage but there's no life in his performance.

10. Our "MJ" left too.

11. Hmmm.... But she have got good acrobatic skills. She still lost.

12. This girl is the best among her group.

13. This whole group did very well for their age

14. But I think the judges are somehow blind too. I don't quite like these bunch of people. I think they just need to dye their hair golden and they'll qualified 100% for Blondes. If you get what I mean. (Sign reads: Eliminated)

15. This young girl started with this pose while waiting for the music to start playing. She hold in that position for more than 15 seconds, at least. Kudos to the DJ.


17. Little princess listening to the judge
18. Looks like one of my friend, Kiwi

19. I think she must be dancing later on too. Even the way she stand and looking at performance also got style.

20. This is one of the photographers around. Meet Fatty. Blardy brainless selfish people who stand RIGHT IN FRONT OF STAGE, snap snap snap snap and never move back or squad down for audience to see. Dahlah gemuk!

I left there earlier, thanks to Fatty and the rest keep on blocking my view. Went to McD downtown.

21. Notice something missing? It's the MILKSHAKE!!! They didn't have milkshake today. = (  If you noticed the small paper bag, it's chicken wingz ala South Africa. I think taste okay okay.

22. Got this free from buying a large McValue

Are you ready for World Cup South Africa 2010? Well, I'm not. LOL. Not a big fan of football/soccer.

Friday, May 21, 2010

A Lil' Update

Yeap. It had been godzillion seconds since I left my blog alone. But sad to see takrak extra view pun. LOL.

It's okay. So yeah, just a little gist of updates about my life here. I had taken these pictures actually err... 1 or 2 weeks back but yeah, now only I'm processing them and putting them here.

1. This picture shows nothing. I just want to share the flare. LOL.

2. Trying to be artistic

3. A China's kid

4. I think I like to take pictures like this too

5. Sony's SAL1870 sometimes is good enough to give the wide-angle-feel, provided that you manage to capture at the right angle


7. China's mobile service - weather updates. Not only telling you about the weather, but also, it will gives advice to people from time to time what to take note of. Something that I think Malaysia's telco should learn.

8. Something I received from the Land of Mist far away. One of the line it reads, "I know that only you'll appreciate the beautiful artistic picture on the reverse". LOL. Maybe I am. It's a very nice picture! Thanks JX! *Mostar has got great story behind it. Read it here*

9. Can this be the postcard for you? Naw, I think I'll get another better picture. LOL.

Well, that's pretty much of it for now. Another 120 days(approximately) until I'm back to where I came from.

Monday, May 17, 2010

AhBeng and the Interviewer

Interviewer: "Okay, in order for you to work in this company, you need to show me how many trees you can chop down in a minute."

One minute later.

Interviewer: "WOW!!! That's pretty impressive 20 trees!! Where did you worked before this?"

AhBeng:"I was working in the Sahara Forest."

Interviewer:"BULLSHIT.... Everyone knows that there's only Sahara Desert!"

AhBeng:"Well, it was renamed after I worked there."

Sunday, May 16, 2010

China: "Oppps I did it AGAIN!"

This is the first time I'm catching Thomas Cup so close. Every single second. Constantly updating the scores on Facebook and Twitter.

Watching Thomas Cup 2010 really really make me learn something VERY IMPORTANT.

Attitude of players, and that NEVER GIVING UP spirit.

Malaysia's players seriously lacking that. For those who had read, Malaysian players even scolded/commented their supporters back in some social network websites.

I seriously think that, Dato' Lee can win Lin Dan but, he just haven't recover from the last battle with him, possibly.

Indonesia players, on the other hand, put up quite a good fight with China's team. Especially Kido and Santoso really put up some good play out there.

So much I want to see Lin Dan lose but this time, China really deserves to win. They had trained their players well. Congratulations on the winning of Thomas Cup 2010!!

p/s: Malaysia's and Indonesia's players have something in common --- net. LOL. Me too having the same problem. HAHAHAHA.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Married For Four Days!

I had a dream yesterday. A dream that I shocked myself LOL.

I dreamt that I woke up in my dream, seeing a girl lying beside me. I were married! But sadly, I can't get to see her face clear enough.

I only know that she's a Malaysian Chinese, and her parents have a farm back in the kampung.

I was married for FOUR DAYS already in that dream. HAHAHAHAHA. WTFness.

Now, which of you is the girl, please step forward.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

Happy Mother's and Father's Day

We all know that Mother's Day and Father's Day is just around the corner. So, I decided to celebrate these great festivals together, one shot.

I went and bought a cake, a cheese cake actually. Pretty amazing to see cheese cake here in WuZhou lol!


2. And, for every purchase more than RMB 25, I am entitled to apply for this membership card.

3. It's made of love. My love. HAHAHAHA.

4. The portion is actually smaller than I thought.

5. Mom, Dad, since I can't send this back to you both, I'll help you both finish this up.

6. Ah, what is better than having a cup of coffee with a few slice of cheese cake on a lovely Sunday afternoon?

*That cheese cake taste not too bad. Just not cheesy enough. And I'm pretty happy with the shooting today. = )

Saturday, May 01, 2010

The Evil Twin Revealed

*I had this idea in my mind since two weeks ago but I was too lazy to shoot. And now, I have got 3-day break, I think it's time to do something about it. *

Today, I was in the bathroom washing my face... and out of a sudden, The Evil Twin jumped out carrying a butcher knife trying to kill me!

Yeah I know it's a very noob edit. But please, do enlighten me on how to take a better picture of this and Photoshop part, of course. Thanks in advance!
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