Sunday, May 16, 2010

China: "Oppps I did it AGAIN!"

This is the first time I'm catching Thomas Cup so close. Every single second. Constantly updating the scores on Facebook and Twitter.

Watching Thomas Cup 2010 really really make me learn something VERY IMPORTANT.

Attitude of players, and that NEVER GIVING UP spirit.

Malaysia's players seriously lacking that. For those who had read, Malaysian players even scolded/commented their supporters back in some social network websites.

I seriously think that, Dato' Lee can win Lin Dan but, he just haven't recover from the last battle with him, possibly.

Indonesia players, on the other hand, put up quite a good fight with China's team. Especially Kido and Santoso really put up some good play out there.

So much I want to see Lin Dan lose but this time, China really deserves to win. They had trained their players well. Congratulations on the winning of Thomas Cup 2010!!

p/s: Malaysia's and Indonesia's players have something in common --- net. LOL. Me too having the same problem. HAHAHAHA.

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