Sunday, May 02, 2010

Happy Mother's and Father's Day

We all know that Mother's Day and Father's Day is just around the corner. So, I decided to celebrate these great festivals together, one shot.

I went and bought a cake, a cheese cake actually. Pretty amazing to see cheese cake here in WuZhou lol!


2. And, for every purchase more than RMB 25, I am entitled to apply for this membership card.

3. It's made of love. My love. HAHAHAHA.

4. The portion is actually smaller than I thought.

5. Mom, Dad, since I can't send this back to you both, I'll help you both finish this up.

6. Ah, what is better than having a cup of coffee with a few slice of cheese cake on a lovely Sunday afternoon?

*That cheese cake taste not too bad. Just not cheesy enough. And I'm pretty happy with the shooting today. = )


jfook said...

Nice...I love cheese cake too..Happy parents day!!

kenwooi said...

i love cheese cake! and nicely taken pics! =)

buttercup said...

jfook + kenwooi:
hey thanks man! lol. you both seems to be on innit 24/7!!

Anonymous said...

Cheese cake.. nice.. I like the box.. lol..

Jun Xue said...

LOL see the cake so nice manacai you eat yourself hahahah!

buttercup said...

ahaha. yes the box is nicely designed.

HAHAHAHAHA. so far. can't courier back okay? XD

ginny said...

wat la..i thought u will send it back to msia=.=is send into ur pat tor XD

buttercup said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAA.... send back to malaysia too expensive.

dad sure ask me no need waste the money de. XD so i ma eat myself lo. HAHAHAHA

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