Monday, December 31, 2007

。◕‿◕。 Bye Bye 2007 。◕‿◕。

Something's smelling fishy here. I think someone cooking the salted fish and got burnt.

Ok. Cut those craps. *Thinking deeeeeeeeeply*

Eh? Where was I? Oh ya! Just a few more hours to go, *kick 2007 away* *hugs 2008* and it's 2-0-0-8!!!

Well, there's a few things to flashback in the 2007 and things to look up ahead in 2008:

Things to look back in 2007 :

  1. I went into my first degree year. Got myself into the Biomedical Science and got myself elected as vice-chairman for Student's Council (this one damn cari pasal wei, I would advise you NOT to join if you can).
  2. Got myself into Wataniah and yeah, I've learnt how to work in a team better and I'm sure that I'll survive pretty much better than you all if we are being thrown away like LOST(I don't like LOST by the way).
  3. After telling myself so many times to treasure time to study, but I'm still acting the old me, and hence, got myself a "Fantastic" for Metabolic Biochemistry.
  4. I've learnt a lot this year and discovered that I'm somehow talented in photography. Where's my dSLR? Errr Santa... Aheeem hemm.....
  5. I've learnt what is commitment to one and I've learnt that to love one is not easy in this life.
  6. I've learnt how to love.
  7. I've learnt how to treasure my family more and how should I spend more time with them.
  8. And Santa, I still remember that wish. And I'm still waiting. Time doesn't really matter.

And that's basically about it for 2007.

Now, what I'm expecting in 2008:

  1. President lists all the while.
  2. My dSLR. Santa... Ahem...
  3. Better and clearer mind.
  4. No more Student Council once my term ends, even if they give me free. If tuition fee for free then I'll take it. The fee, not the position!
  5. A whole new year with luck and charm.
  6. Cut down my body weight and maintain.
  7. Train my body so that I can be at least 50% of that guy but you'll need an account to watch it.
  8. And I hope I can do my best to help more people with what I have now and in the future.
  9. And dear Santa, my wish... Muacks~

Now people, just 2 hours plus to go. Be daring to dream. Let me give you guys a few words for new year inspiration.

If you are about to dream, dream big - Donald Trumph

When you think you can or can't, either way you're right - Henry Ford

。◕‿◕。 Happy 2008 people 。◕‿◕。

**I understand. I'm here. All the time***

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Damn Nice Saturday!

Friday was my last day in HP. Took some pictures of it.

Morning sky of Olympia Tower @ 7.26am

This is the tag that have been working with me for the past 2.5 months

And yeah, this is my workdesk

I find that my eyes are sexy and seducing. Just kidding. I rarely camwhore and I find this picture weird

Oh! See that cap? My boss gave it to me as sourvenier

And this is the last refill from HP's water dispenser.

This is part of the lift

Went to back Klang on Friday night and have an unexpected but super-damn-nice Saturday morning. After so long didn't do training properly, I would say that I'm still at a OK-level.

Went to school early morning and met some of the teachers as they are having annual meetings. Met Mdm Chong, Puan Wong, Pn Indira, just to name a few.

When Mdm Chong saw me, she said :"Hey, how are you doing? You've been prosperous it seems."

"Err.. yeah. I am. Lacking of exercise. LOL." (=.="')

In school's training, sir out of a sudden have sparring session. Firstly was one on one, then 1 on 2, and then 1 on 3. And amazingly enough, for me at least, I can still barely handle 1 on 3 Black Belts! Muahahaha! But one thing for sure. It's darn tiring and I can't last long fight, unless I train back. Else, I'll have to end a fight ASAP.

After class, Kim Huat, Wai Loon, my sister, Yvone and me went to Kim Huat's Taekwondo Center to have some sparrring/fighting sessions.

The sparring vests that we are using

Sand bag in Kim Huat's center

Workout equipments

Sparring vests, focusing pads, and so on

Mirror for you to check your stances and movements

The Taekwondo's Way

Boxing - Wai Loon and I

Kim Huat and I, bullied him nicely cause he still no experience in it. But in time to come, might be different story

KickBoxing - Wai Loon and Kim Huat, I can't get to rotate this video T_T

KickBoxing - Kim Huat and I

KickBoxing - Wai Loon and I. I fought well in the starting part. Until the 38th second, I got a kick from him, a super powerful kick that in real tournament, I can be considered as KO-ed. Damn powerful kick

My gloves in red and Wai Loon's in black

Found this cute little rabbit in Wai Loon's house.


And yeah, these are only part of the external injuries. Part.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A Few More Minutes

A few more minutes, it'll officially a 17 hours and 30 minutes countdown to my last second in HP.

How is things going to happen tomorrow le?

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Innocent Boy

Am I that innocent?

It seems that lately, people are trying to take advantage(s) on/from me. Even over the phone.

On Monday, I went to that Chinese stall again in order to buy something less oily. I just took a small portion of steam egg and very little vege.

"How much?"

"3 Ringgit only, hehe!"

"So expensive, I don't want.", I left the packet of rice there and I left(*clap clap*, finally I've done it after so many times I say I want to do so!).

"Wah!!! 3 Ringgit only expensive meh?!?! Where got expensive O~~~", while she's showing the packet of rice to her colleague with her big-jumping-out-eye-balls staring at me.

You might think that, "WTF?! 3 Ringgit only also can't pay ar?"

FYI, I went to an Indian stall, taking a slightly more portion and guess how much is it? RM 2.30.

The numbers say it all.


Today in the evening.

A couple on the line. The wife was directing the husband on what to say(and i hear it loud and clear). It's pretty much like the Ms L case, if you remember.

Oh, also got one Malay guy, calling on behalf of the wife also, same gang with Ms L.


Note to myself: Probably I should get HP to have this nomination for Best Actor/Actress/Couple/Story and Best Director.

p/s: I've got myself a compliment e-mail from one of my customer today, too. Finally after 2.5 months, my hard work didn't go to waste. Although I don't think I'll be there for the ceremony, but I'm happy enough. =D

Today, after off duty, in LRT.

"Hey man. How are you today?"


"Which way are you going? Kelana Jaya or Wangsa Maju?"

"Wangsa Maju."

"Oh yeah. You think TAR college still open now? I guess it's closed rite? Do you have extra train fare?"


"Do you understand what is train fare?"

"Yes. I'm using the monthly pass.", while showing off my shiny little *twink*monthly pass*twink* to him.

He shut-ed up-ed and was left behind.


Dear Santa,

It is very/pretty/kinda/totally obvious that I've been VERY GOOD this year and it seems that it's written ON MY FACE and even my charming voice. And the people of the floor had agreed too.

So... My wish... Have you granted it?

Thank you and have a nice day. Hope you're not too tired from yesterday and still able to read my message.


p/s: I can't even sign in to Live Messenger or eBuddy. I wonder if Microsoft's server kena attack or what.

Monday, December 24, 2007

Under A Mistletoe

Hou! Hou! Hou! Merry Christmas!

And yeah people, guess what? I've actually forgotten that tomorrow is Christmas, despite me sending out so many Christmas messages. And I actually thinking of waking up tomorrow at 5 to get ready to work... =.=

And yeah people, have a nice day and enjoy your Christmas Eve and Christmas with your loves one altogether!

Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year!


讓我歡喜讓我憂 (周華健)
愛到盡頭覆水難收 愛悠悠恨悠悠 為何要到無法挽留 才又想起你的溫柔 給我關懷為我解憂 為我憑添許多愁 在深夜無盡等候 獨自淚流獨自忍受 多想說聲我真的愛你 多想說聲對不起你 你哭著說情緣已盡 難再續 難再續 就請你給我多一點點時間再多一點點問候 不要一切都帶走 就請你給我多一點點空間再多一點點溫柔 不要讓我如此難受 你這樣一個女人 讓我歡喜讓我憂 讓我甘心為了你付出我所有

Rang Wo Huan Xi Rang Wo You (Zhou Hua Jian)
Ai dao jin tou fu shui nan shou Ai you you hen you you Wei he yao da wu fa wan liu Cai you xiang qi ni di wen rou Gei wo guan huai wei wo jie you Wei wo ping tian xu duo chou Zai shen ye wu jin deng hou Du zi lei liu du zi ren shou Duo xiang shuo sheng wo zhen de ai ni Duo xiang shuo sheng dui bu qi ni Ni ku zhe shuo qing yuan yi jin Nan zai xu Nan zai xu Jiu qing ni gei wo duo yi dian dian shi jian zai duo yi dian dian wen hou Bu yao yi qie dou dai zou Jiu qing ni gei wo duo yi dian dian kong jian zai duo yi dian dian wen rou Bu yao rang wo ru ci nan shou Ni zhe yang yi ge nv ren Rang wo huan xi rang wo you Rang wo gan xin wei le ni fu chu wo suo you

Saturday, December 22, 2007

28 Hours In Genting

Buttercup says: No matter how long you've sit down, once you won, get your ass out of da chair!

Took a leave on Friday and got myself to Genting with friends. It's nice to meet up with them after such long time!!!

But my phone's shutter might have a bit of problem and I couldn't take good pictures. All blur blur one... Aih... Where's my dSLR?

Anyway, I'll try to get some of the pics and post them up. Hopefully those files size aren't too big.

Oh yA! I went into the Casino already!!!! And it's actually boring, if you aren't gambling. And the thick smoke, is seriously terrible. And yeah, I got myself 10 RM5 chips and played a little. I lost the first 2 bets but in the 3rd bet, I won RM60! And it was only like, 5 minutes after I sit down?

And I continued playing and dunno for what reason. Lost 100 bucks. Uncle Lim Jr. still very geng... No more gambling unless under very special condition. Forget about me and let's talk about the rest of the uncles and aunties. Those uncles especially, they are damn good gamblers and they recorded down every single game in the whole process and they can hardly lose. Some of them can just simply chipped in 5 RM100 chips in one singel stupid bet and just lost all of them like that. Not mentioning those who are using the RM500 chips.

p/s: Thought of can get a dSLR from Uncle Lim Jr. Mana tau he even took the money for me to buy the casing. Darn!

Friday, December 21, 2007

Stick With You

An old song, but it says all I want to say...

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just A Simple Wish, Santa

Dear Santa,

Kindly drop me a one-billion-dollar-cheque by my bed before Christmas. I'll be treasuring your gift very much. And FYI, I've been a very good boy since I was young. I've not commited crime (vandalising, a few times, maybe) but I'm all good. With that cheque, I can do more good for people and be a better man.

And actually, I have this one more important wish. If you can grant me this wish(and YOU know what it is), I'll be able to sort out the one-billion-dollar-cheque by my own. Just grant me that wish and I Love You, Santa. Let it be a few years later also never mind. Just that.


Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Uncle @ Station

Buttercup says: One shall not be selfish, else, will be "fish-ed".

I almost reached the station and out of a sudden, an uncle in his late 40s gushing through the crowd, pushing people here and there and reached by the door, where I was standing.

"This fellow sure wanna catch the taxi early and hence, so rude to the rest of the people.", I thought.

"Ding Dong! Ding Dong!" The doors opens and I decided to have a lil' game with him. I walked as fast as he was. And when we reached the stairs, I let him go first, and then, I sped up and caught up with him and eventually faster than him. This uncle got nervous and he started to walked even faster.

The moment he touched the ground, as if the 100m dash event started, he ran like a Olympic champion while I'm just walking slowly like nothing happened. He was so happily thinking that I've lost to him and he turned back and laughed at me.

"Jeng Jeng Jeng!!" Something caught his attention. I was tens of meters away from him, and walking slowly. I smiled at him. And not only me. The people behind me were laughing too. And guess what, you can see his face turned like a tomato and again, he is lost in sight.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

CF @ Masa SegiEmpat

And yeah, out of a sudden, made up my mind to go to this CF a.k.a. Comic Fiesta in Times Square. Reached there quite late and met See Wah, and she's cosplaying with Su Sien too! Before going in there, feeling hungry despite the branch that I took, went to Kenny Roger's for the FIRST TIME.

Seriously, being named Kenny, this is my first time here.

This is nice

Welcome to CF 2007

Su Sien, See Wah and their gang posing

See Wah a.k.a. Rinali

Su Sien a.k.a. Rabi

And this is what I like, taking people taking others' pictures

Inoue and dunno-who

And everyone came and see her. She's the center of attraction (one of it)

Then only I realised she's drawing, totally computerised, no papers, no pens, by HP

And this is what it eventually become and it still not completed

And saw that bare-back lady? She's the man! Yes, the MAN.

And I think Pirates of the Carribeans get lost easily on lands

Here we have ANBUs from Naruto

I like this pic, felt so professional! LOL!

And this one too! See Wah's the model

And yeah, attending to a CF is also my first time. RM10 per unlimited-for-one-day-entry. Their costume costs them averagely RM 240, excluding of their weapons. Hmmm, maybe I should try cosplay next year. :p

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Buttercup says: If you fucking want people to join what you'd organised, please provide the fucking exact location and time frame.

Early in the morning I received this mail that is sent out from HP to its employees stating that there is a blood drive in Mazzanine Floor, Block B, 11th Dec to 13th Dec, 10am to 4pm. I made up my mind to donate blood today and adjusted my diet accordingly.

Once I had finished my lunch, I immediately went around and searched for it. I failed. I asked the guards at this building. They've never heard of the floor called Mazzanine.

"Fine", I said and I went on searching. I've searched for 20 minutes and guess what? There's no blood drive around!

I've called up a friend in HP Damansara and asked if his place have any blood drive. "Yes" he replied.

And so, for what the fuck are you stupid-person-in-charge, sending that stupid mail too all people around Malaysia?! What's wrong with you man?! Don't you ever let me know who you are or I'll really slap hard in your face.

You might think why am I so fired up and here's why:

"Dear Valued Employee, The National Blood Bank needs your support!

A blood drive by the National Blood Bank will commence soon and HP Malaysia Sports and Recreation Club with Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) would like to invite all HP employees to join in this campaign. We hope that all HP employees will donate to the National Blood Bank during this campaign in the hopes of making a significant difference to those that require the benefits of these donations. Your act of generosity will go a long way towards helping our fellow Malaysians – and possibly a colleague, friend or family member. Blood donation is safe and simple. More importantly it saves lives.

Don't miss this opportunity to do your part. "

And this just really pissed me off! Seriously, I am.

Monday, December 10, 2007

It Almost Had Me!

Again, woke up at 5 in the morning, and after so long didn't do training, I would say that today's training is a little too much for the fatty here.

There I went to the office, dragging my sleepy eyes and started my day off. Felt kinda powerless today. And in the evening, towards 5pm, I got a call. After asking the customer's name and phone number, I put her on hold, like what I usually did.

I used the few applications that I've always used, key in the data, and then, everything went blank. I was starring at the screen with all the info and I just "went away". When it come to my conscious, it was minutes away already! And I faster picked up the call and answer it. Thank God she's not angry.

And towards the end of the day, it was showing 17:26. I slept. And when I woke up, 17:31.

Off duty.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wonder When I Can Go Back And Meet Up Again...

Another one, but no RM 50, yet! I'll keep on posting!

I like this one, it feels like, watching the Moon and the Stars in a Arabic night, with you.

*No Comment*

7th Dec 2007, KLCC. Jam siao!

Finally, on the 7th of December, at the 7th time, I got to buy seven six of them. And it's now RM 1.80 each!!! Small some more!

Friday night - The pic says it all

These people are working since the evening before till 6am the following day and still, they are working to put up the bridge.

And, YAYA!!! I went to new JJ already and I bought this for my family! Although it's just a short walk, but, love it!

Meet up a few friends on Saturday morning and eat donuts with family in the night. Love YOU all! Muacks~

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Why It Rained Whole Day Today?

Woke up at 5 to do some jogging, after errr... 2 ~ 3 months never jog at all? Sort of tiring but, it's nice to sweat. Really.

After jogging, came back and bath, and go to work. Once I reach my workstation, handsfree is attached to left ear, and walkman is attached to right ear. And since 7 something, I started singing, untill 1730. And that basically explains why it rain non-stop today, if you are around KL/Klang Valley.

For dunno-what-reason, my mood is extremely good today. When people feeling very tired and answering calls non-stop, I can just sing, and dance(I hope there's no earthquake around) at my workplace.

Overall, today is not bad at all! Just that, I didn't get to eat Genki Sushi and RotiBoy in KLCC. T_T

I took one man tou, 2 lin yong pau, 1 tau sa pau and, 1 small packet of Dutch Lady Strawberry flavoured milk for dinner. I so want to eat sushi now!

Tuesday, December 04, 2007

New Challenges!

Yeah! Finally! The new challenges had arrived, for me and fellow seniors.

My whole team and I shifted to the outside, sitting together with the seniors and manager, along with Australia team, Singapore team and dunno-what-team. And yeah, I'm sitting very close to manager. Good challenges ahead.

And my love bite on my lips isn't healing, yet. But I believe it will. Else, salts are on their way.

Saturday, December 01, 2007


Do you know ribbons?

Awareness ribbonList of ribbons
Blue ribbon Red ribbon White ribbon
Yellow ribbon Green ribbon Orange ribbon
Purple ribbon Brown ribbon Pink ribbon
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