Monday, December 31, 2007

。◕‿◕。 Bye Bye 2007 。◕‿◕。

Something's smelling fishy here. I think someone cooking the salted fish and got burnt.

Ok. Cut those craps. *Thinking deeeeeeeeeply*

Eh? Where was I? Oh ya! Just a few more hours to go, *kick 2007 away* *hugs 2008* and it's 2-0-0-8!!!

Well, there's a few things to flashback in the 2007 and things to look up ahead in 2008:

Things to look back in 2007 :

  1. I went into my first degree year. Got myself into the Biomedical Science and got myself elected as vice-chairman for Student's Council (this one damn cari pasal wei, I would advise you NOT to join if you can).
  2. Got myself into Wataniah and yeah, I've learnt how to work in a team better and I'm sure that I'll survive pretty much better than you all if we are being thrown away like LOST(I don't like LOST by the way).
  3. After telling myself so many times to treasure time to study, but I'm still acting the old me, and hence, got myself a "Fantastic" for Metabolic Biochemistry.
  4. I've learnt a lot this year and discovered that I'm somehow talented in photography. Where's my dSLR? Errr Santa... Aheeem hemm.....
  5. I've learnt what is commitment to one and I've learnt that to love one is not easy in this life.
  6. I've learnt how to love.
  7. I've learnt how to treasure my family more and how should I spend more time with them.
  8. And Santa, I still remember that wish. And I'm still waiting. Time doesn't really matter.

And that's basically about it for 2007.

Now, what I'm expecting in 2008:

  1. President lists all the while.
  2. My dSLR. Santa... Ahem...
  3. Better and clearer mind.
  4. No more Student Council once my term ends, even if they give me free. If tuition fee for free then I'll take it. The fee, not the position!
  5. A whole new year with luck and charm.
  6. Cut down my body weight and maintain.
  7. Train my body so that I can be at least 50% of that guy but you'll need an account to watch it.
  8. And I hope I can do my best to help more people with what I have now and in the future.
  9. And dear Santa, my wish... Muacks~

Now people, just 2 hours plus to go. Be daring to dream. Let me give you guys a few words for new year inspiration.

If you are about to dream, dream big - Donald Trumph

When you think you can or can't, either way you're right - Henry Ford

。◕‿◕。 Happy 2008 people 。◕‿◕。

**I understand. I'm here. All the time***


Samuel said...

Happy Too Zero Zero Egg!!....

buttercup said...

wah... so many zerousss... dowan la... hahhaha!!!

Happy new year sam!

sounds like the sam in LOTR

Jun Xue said...

hahaha! Happy new year! To a new beginning!

Samuel said...

Yala... tat Tolkien use my name.. I should sue him for breach of copyright!


buttercup said...


yeah same to you!! ganbade. yeeeeeeeoooouuuusssshhhhhhh!


si pek bhb le you! hahaha!

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