Saturday, December 01, 2007

TheStar Called Up!

TheStar called up just now and asking me some of the details of below pic. Hopefully it will be published by tomorrow, if it is chosen.

Down, but not down. I'm still functioning here!

I realised someone vandalised my pic, and given me the title

Luna/Sailormoon/Pao Ching Tian

And then... I saw this!!!

Son of the Sun - I think he from the X-Men too



min said...

lcly say cheese la :p

buttercup said...


Samuel said...

haha.. another syok sendiri king... keng wor... did u get the RM50?? faster belanja then.. wakaka :D

buttercup said...

hahah! i still dunno ler. still waiting. hahaha!

Esther said...

hahah.. luckily they didnt put some lightning scar (harry potter), i'd die laughing la. i think it's justice bao, u got no sailormoon punya stail also. lol

and ur last pic, so "kan"

buttercup said...

LOL!!! harry potter also greawt idea! lol!

hey, i have the heart of sailormoon! LOL!

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