Thursday, December 20, 2007

Just A Simple Wish, Santa

Dear Santa,

Kindly drop me a one-billion-dollar-cheque by my bed before Christmas. I'll be treasuring your gift very much. And FYI, I've been a very good boy since I was young. I've not commited crime (vandalising, a few times, maybe) but I'm all good. With that cheque, I can do more good for people and be a better man.

And actually, I have this one more important wish. If you can grant me this wish(and YOU know what it is), I'll be able to sort out the one-billion-dollar-cheque by my own. Just grant me that wish and I Love You, Santa. Let it be a few years later also never mind. Just that.



Samuel said...

to kenny from SAMta...

too bad lo.. my dear kenny boy.. your name is not in m good list.. muahahahahhahha :D

buttercup said...

no no no no! I'm a goodboy!!!!! and check the list properly! it should be written as buttercup!

Samuel said...

nonono.. the buttercup is for the gal created from chemical x in powerpuff gal... hahaha :D

buttercup said...

swt... bad sam! no present for you this year!


AlbertBishop said...

Dear santa

I have been a better boy than kenny. All i ask for is only 10 million dollar cheque and i would do more good than kenny with 1 billion dollar.
My other wish is to know wat was kenny's other wish. Simple rite?
Love you santa. I'll send u porn for ur cold winter~

buttercup said...

ROLF!!!! haahahahaha!!!! I bet Santa will let you have the 10 million dollar cheque and my other part of stories.

p/s: Don't forget to send him the porn.

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