Tuesday, December 11, 2007


Buttercup says: If you fucking want people to join what you'd organised, please provide the fucking exact location and time frame.

Early in the morning I received this mail that is sent out from HP to its employees stating that there is a blood drive in Mazzanine Floor, Block B, 11th Dec to 13th Dec, 10am to 4pm. I made up my mind to donate blood today and adjusted my diet accordingly.

Once I had finished my lunch, I immediately went around and searched for it. I failed. I asked the guards at this building. They've never heard of the floor called Mazzanine.

"Fine", I said and I went on searching. I've searched for 20 minutes and guess what? There's no blood drive around!

I've called up a friend in HP Damansara and asked if his place have any blood drive. "Yes" he replied.

And so, for what the fuck are you stupid-person-in-charge, sending that stupid mail too all people around Malaysia?! What's wrong with you man?! Don't you ever let me know who you are or I'll really slap hard in your face.

You might think why am I so fired up and here's why:

"Dear Valued Employee, The National Blood Bank needs your support!

A blood drive by the National Blood Bank will commence soon and HP Malaysia Sports and Recreation Club with Pusat Perubatan Universiti Malaya (PPUM) would like to invite all HP employees to join in this campaign. We hope that all HP employees will donate to the National Blood Bank during this campaign in the hopes of making a significant difference to those that require the benefits of these donations. Your act of generosity will go a long way towards helping our fellow Malaysians – and possibly a colleague, friend or family member. Blood donation is safe and simple. More importantly it saves lives.

Don't miss this opportunity to do your part. "

And this just really pissed me off! Seriously, I am.


Jun Xue said...

Lol chill man...chill.

Aiya... it's not intentional mar. This is an opportunity for him to learn from his mistake.. people make mistakes.

Chill dude!

buttercup said...

LOL! The thing is, i mailed that fellow in a nice way, telling him that he made a mistake. you know what he replied?

"Go and read your mail properly."

You i will feel like slapping him or not?

Jun Xue said...

Forward back his email and bomb kau him ar... make sure you didn't read wrong.. aahaha then only forward.. hahaha!

want me to help you scold him? I can make him feel suicidal. hahaha!

Samuel said...

i wonder if malaysia got any sperm donation campaign... :D

buttercup said...


LOL! after i reply him for the second time, he never reply alr! hahaha!

LOL!!! ahahaha! i doubt so la! M'sia so conservative...

MyKy said...

Eh wtf? I guess some dudes will be more than happy to jack off and spill the stuffs into a tube. Lol. Kesian nye kenny kena tipu...

buttercup said...

LOL!!! HAha! then u all wait for tht kind of donation la.

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