Sunday, December 09, 2007

Wonder When I Can Go Back And Meet Up Again...

Another one, but no RM 50, yet! I'll keep on posting!

I like this one, it feels like, watching the Moon and the Stars in a Arabic night, with you.

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7th Dec 2007, KLCC. Jam siao!

Finally, on the 7th of December, at the 7th time, I got to buy seven six of them. And it's now RM 1.80 each!!! Small some more!

Friday night - The pic says it all

These people are working since the evening before till 6am the following day and still, they are working to put up the bridge.

And, YAYA!!! I went to new JJ already and I bought this for my family! Although it's just a short walk, but, love it!

Meet up a few friends on Saturday morning and eat donuts with family in the night. Love YOU all! Muacks~


min said...

aiyer , why ur green tea looks like its covered with alga.. hehe

buttercup said...

swt... ahahah! alga good also la! can forget about eating vege, u can just drink them!

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